In which ways does hair transplant surgery perform to get a positive outcome?

Hair Transplant in Punjab

Hair loss is enhancing day by day among individuals of all ages. They may lose their confidence in front of their loved ones. But now, you do not need to feel embarrassed because the Hair Transplant in Vizag invented new methods to give you permanent relief from this issue of baldness. The Hair Transplant in Punjab already treats thousands of individuals suffering from the problem of baldness.

In addition, the Hair Transplant Cost falls in different ranges according to the patients. No doubt, in earlier times, it was too expensive. It was not a cup of tea for the people of all classes. Now due to the advancement of technology, the masses can easily afford this treatment and say bye-bye to their falling hair.

How was hair transplant surgery invented and performed to get positive results?

Scientific research shows that the invention of hair transplant surgery began many decades ago, but it developed in 1857. It had many loopholes. Hence it was not that successful. Later on, in 1930, Japan built a new technique that was powerful for growing new hair but still had many problems. With the running time, after having more research, the modern technology allows the invention of hair transplant surgery with efficient methods without having harmful side effects. It first came to use in New York, the United States. In the starting days, the cost of this treatment is very high, but later on, it becomes a walk in the park for everybody.

What are the effective methods to perform hair transplant surgery?

Hair transplants will allow the bald scalp of the headcovers with new hair. These hairs grow until a person dies. It looks more natural and pretty if planted one by one. There are the three main methods to perform hair transplant surgery:

FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction): FUE is frequently used nowadays. During this process, your hair surgeon will take donor hair from the backside of your head and plant it on the bald scalp. It gives a more authentic and natural look because of its plantation in the form of groups. Each group consists of one to four hairs. After the treatment, it is very difficult to identify that a person has had a hair transplant or natural hair. People adopt this method compared to others because it does not require any significant incision and cuts to perform the Follicular Unit Extraction procedure.

FUSS (Follicular Unit Strip Surgery): During this process, the hair is extracted in strips from the donor area and transferred to the wrong place of the scalp. After taking hair from the donor area, it is closed with stitches that will acquire several weeks to heal. This treatment comes into action while grafts will plant in one session.

Scalp Reduction: It is an infrequent technique in which the whole bald area of the scalp eliminates from the head and a new plastic scalp of hair stitches in place of the original scalp. The scalp reduction technique has a massive risk factor and is threatening to the internal organs of the head. It will also die the hair grafts that will never grow again.

If you have any problem associated with hair, you should visit the Profile Hair Centre to consult all your queries with well-qualified hair experts who will also help you with which method you have to go.


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