Incoloy 800H Rods Stockist

Incoloy 800H Rods Stockist

One of the most versatile and widely used Inconel grades today is Incoloy 800H Rods. The corrosion resistance and strength at high temperatures are maximised in the majority of higher temperature materials. Iron, Molybdenum, Chromium, Nickel, Aluminum, and Titanium alloys make up Incoloy 800H Rods. It has good corrosion, pressure, and oxidation resistance because to the inclusion of these alloys.

These rods are exceptionally corrosion-resistant, especially in acidic environments. In the petrochemical industry, Incoloy 800H rods are particularly useful for high-temperature equipment. Because the alloy employed in these rods does not generate an embrittling sigma phase after a lengthy period of exposure at 1200-degree F, they are used in such situations.

Pressure vessels, heat exchangers, dampers, reformer output pigtails, and manifolds, among other things, all require these rods. Process pipe, heating element sheathing, carburizing equipment, nuclear steam generator tubing, and other applications call for these rods.

WNR 1.4876 Rods and UNS N08800 Rods are commonly used in industrial furnace components and equipment, petrochemical and chemical processing, heat-treating equipment, pressure vessels and heat exchangers, hydrocarbon cracking, and other applications.

Inconel 800H rods are extremely bendable and ductile. These rods come in a variety of sizes and characteristics. These rods have a tensile strength of 75000 psi and a yield strength of 30000 psi. These rods have an extremely high heat-bearing capability of 1149°C, in addition to their strength.

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