Indian Traditional Outfits For Men Inspired By Bollywood

Bollywood has always been inspiring people. Most of the outfit and fashion trends come into existence or become famous only after they are featured in some Bollywood movie. Bollywood not only inspires women but, it also inspires men’s fashion trends to a great extent.

As the wedding season is around, the most preferred outfits are the ethnic ones. Be it a man or a woman, everyone is looking for the best traditional outfits to rock the wedding season.

Whether the groom or the groomsmen, everyone loves to make a remarkable presence by their fashion styles. Moreover, as in our country, there are festivals almost every month, traditional outfits become a mandate in our cupboards.

So, here we bring the most inspiring and dashing men’s traditional wear inspired by some of the most famous Bollywood actors.

Kurta Pajama


Kurta Pajama has been a part of the Indian traditional outfits for men for ages. We have always seen our fathers owning one for all the festivals and even for weddings. Moreover, kurta Pajama has always been one of the best traditional outfits for Indian wedding guests.

However, this trend has become more popular and has got many fans after being worn by Bollywood actors. From Varun Dhawan to Ranbir Kapoor and whomever you name, all the Bollywood actors are seen slaying in Kurta Pajama at least once in their career.

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Kurta pajamas are an amazing choice if you are planning to attend a wedding or some function and don’t want to go wearing something western. They are so simple and sophisticated in their look. You can add a waistcoat over it or you can go solo without a waistcoat, a Kurta Pajama looks amazing in both ways. Pair it up with some nice shoes and you are surely going to win all hearts.


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When we talk about Indian traditional outfits for men, Sherwanis top the list undoubtedly. From the groom to the groom’s men, from Diwali to Holi, Sherwanis are suitable for every person and every occasion.

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The craze for this centuries-old Indian outfit exaggerated, even more, when our Bollywood stars started rocking in Sherwanis. Be it wedding scenes in Bollywood movies, award shows, Diwali parties, or the weddings of B-town, sherwanis are on the priority list.

Nowadays, sherwanis come in all unique patterns, designs, and fabrics. Subtle colors and patterns for simpler occasions and heavier and more royal looking ones for bigger occasions; sherwanis got it all covered.

Pair them up with waistcoats if you like and a nice pair of traditional juttis and you are going to look remarkable.

Pathani Kurtas


The elegant and royal outfit, a Pathani Kurta is one of its kind. The style and charm that it gives to a man are irreplaceable by any western outfit.

A Pathani kurta is usually worn with loose salwar pants. However, many people also wear short Pathani kurtas with jeans, trousers, or pants on ordinary occasions.

Pathani kurta styles were seen in many Bollywood hit movies like Bajrangi Bhaijaan (by Salman Khan), Jab We Met (by Shahid Kapoor), Raees (by Shahrukh Khan and the list is endless.

So, if you are looking forward to an occasion where you are planning to wear a traditional outfit, then Pathani kurta can be an amazing option for you.

Nehru Jackets


The garment that got famous by the name of our first Prime Minister, Jawahar Lal Nehru who wore it and made it history. Nehru jackets or what we also call, the Jawahar blazer, surely vanished for a while. However, the trend came back with all the fire and became a favorite for many people.

Bollywood has always been evident in how much a trend is successful. Hence, we can easily say that

Nehru jackets are in the trend and that too in the hit list. Many Bollywood stars have been spotted wearing Nehru jackets on red carpets and other occasions as well.

Pair up a matching Nehru jacket with your kurta pajama and the grace of the outfit will reach another level. A plain kurta pajama with a matching floral Nehru jacket, a plain kurta pajama with a contrasting Nehru jacket, a Nehru jacket paired with basic shirt pants, are some of the trendiest options.



Mixing up Indian traditional styles with western styles has always been a trend. One such amazing trend is to wear a blazer over a kurta. This combination of western and Indian outfits looks exceptionally beautiful when worn properly.

Many Bollywood actors are spotted at different times wearing a blazer over an Indian style kurta. You can pair it up with pants, salwar, churidars, or jeans; the choice is totally dependent on your personal preference and comfort.

Embroidered kurtas


Another seems to be the favorite outfit of our B-town stars is the embroidered kurta style. Many actors have nailed an embroidered kurta at red carpets, weddings, and parties in full-on swag.

Embroidered kurtas look simple and stylish at the same time. They look neither too simple for an occasion nor too extra for one. Embroidered kurtas, in short, are perfect to wear anywhere anytime.



Wearing a monochromatic look is very much in trend nowadays. For women, solid-colored monochrome suits and sarees are in show business.

Similarly, for men, monochrome color looks are all in. Wearing ivory over all-white kurta pajama with the same ivory white waistcoat or Nehru jacket is an example of this trend and that too a very handsome one.

Many of our favorite Bollywood stars were seen wearing these styles on many occasions and we surely gave our hearts to this style.

You can add a hint of another color to break the monochrome and attract all eyes. For this, you can add a contrasting stole or a belt, or a shoe that stunningly breaks the monochrome.


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