Install Multiple Versions of QuickBooks Desktop on One Computer

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QuickBooks Desktop, as we all know, is amongst the top-notch accounting solutions applications. It’s easy to use and has many features to assist users with their day-to-day accounting work. For example, one can easily create invoices, track transactions, and calculate & file taxes with the help of QuickBooks Desktop.

Sometimes people are used to working with a particular version of this software, and even after updating to the newest version, people like to go back to older versions to perform several tasks. However, one doesn’t need multiple systems to use different versions of the same edition; instead, one can install multiple versions on the same computer system. So, we’ll look at the step-by-step procedure to install numerous versions of QuickBooks Desktop on one computer, along with specific pointers and facts that one should consider while moving ahead with the process.

Pointers To Consider Before Installing QuickBooks Versions

Take note of the pointers mentioned below before you move forward with the installation of QuickBooks Desktop Version on a single computer system:

  1. You can operate different versions of QuickBooks at the same time on your system.
  2. You can install the same version of QuickBooks Desktop Pro or Premier or Enterprise on your desktop.
  3. The QuickBooks Desktop uses duplicate installation files to store data of various transactions.
  4. You can install only one industry-oriented edition of QuickBooks for each software version.
  5. While installing different versions, you can use a virtual machine or hosting web service if you need to create multiple regions on your system.
  6. It’s impossible to share data or company files between QuickBooks Desktop enterprise and pro or premier.

Steps for Installing Multiple Versions of QuickBooks Desktop on One Computer

Follow all the steps mentioned below in sequence to install multiple versions of QuickBooks Desktop on one computer:

Step 1

Get a CD for installing the QuickBooks Desktop on your computer. A CD is the most comfortable choice for installing multiple versions of QuickBooks on your system.

Step 2

Wait for some time until the Installation Procedure commences. Then, if there’s some error or unexpected delay in starting the procedure, you can begin the installation method manually.

Step 3

When downloading and installing the same version of QuickBooks Desktop of a different edition, choose a different location for the installation file from the previously installed software version.

Step 4

Manually, click on the “Browse or Change” icon and opt for a new folder or different location to save the latest installation files on your desktop.

Step 5

Click on the “Next” button to proceed with the installation procedure.

Step 6

Follow the set of instructions and directions displayed on the screen & follow each one of them in chronological order for installing QuickBooks Versions successfully on a single desktop.

Step 7

QuickBooks Desktop will create a desktop icon at the end of the Installation Method. Double-click on the icon to launch the desired version of the QuickBooks Desktop software.

Essential Points to Consider While Installing Multiple Versions of QuickBooks Desktop

Here is some pointer for your reference while you are attempting to install multiple versions of QuickBooks Desktop:

  1. While installing different versions of QuickBooks Desktop software, note that they have the same name for their installation files and folders. So, make sure that you save them at different locations.
  2. Various versions of QuickBooks Desktop can be installed on your Desktop device.
  3. You won’t be able to merge the data files of one version with another. So, while operating QuickBooks Desktop, do not try to interlink files of two different versions.


In the end, we hope that now you’ve figured out the possibility and method to install multiple versions of QuickBooks Desktop on one computer system. Take note of all the precautionary points mentioned above and the steps to download and install various QuickBooks Desktop versions.

If you are not able to install different versions successfully, then immediately connect with our QuickBooks desktop support Team, or you can also establish contact with technicians too by calling them at 1-800-615-2347.

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