Interior Design Career Paths To Become An Interior Designer

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Interior Design Career:

If you’re creative, meticulous, and have a keen eye, you might want to work toward an interior design career. According to, interior designer salary is $50,224 per year on average and the median salary is at $43,000 while the field continues to expand. But, with so many different types of job options within the field, what path is tailored most toward your skills and goals? Choosing a career path in interior fit out company in london will help you determine which courses of study to pursue, which interior design certifications to apply for, and which interior design jobs to apply for.

Degree programs don’t just teach you theoretical concepts but also the business side of things – getting new clients,

As with many other professions, as an interior designer, it may be a smart career strategy to find a niche and specialize in it, learning all of the ins and outs to better help your clients. This article will help you to choose the right interior design career path for you.

Although many with a flair for design launch their careers as interior decorators for which they do not need any accreditations from CIDA, it is worth knowing the theory behind an interior designer’s work. Concepts like color theory, rhythm and repetition, proportion and scale & harmony are not entirely subjective. Students would do well to take up such a course before kickstarting their career as interior designers

Residential Interior Design:

Perhaps what most people think about when they imagine an interior design career in residential interior design. Have you ever watched those addicting TV shows like Extreme Home Makeover? Sure, everyday work as a residential interior designer may not be as exciting as what may appear on HGTV. But, if you’re someone who loves strolling through IKEA and looking at their pre-designed bedroom ideas, then you might be suited to become a residential interior designer working on exciting interior spaces.

Residential interior design encompasses all aspects of home design, such as making living spaces aesthetically pleasing, comfortable, and functional. In contrast to other career paths in interior design, residential interior designers’. Priority is to make spaces livable for each individual client. For example, a family with young children and pets will need to consider different factors than a pair of childless newlyweds (you don’t want expensive decorations anywhere close to where it may get knocked over!). You will also learn how to work with vendors, retailers, and procurement personnel.

 Commercial Interior Design:

Have you ever walked into a hotel lobby and felt like you were a movie star? That feeling of awe might just be the work of a talented commercial interior designer. While residential interior design caters to a particular client’s needs, commercial interior design should poise a business to attract customers. Interior fit out company in london is best for the interior designer.

For example, would the client’s hotel make a better profit if it were designed with ten large, luxurious rooms, or twenty small, economical rooms? With an interior design career in the commercial field, you may work with hoteliers and architects, among other design projects.


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