Intricate Details of HIV

HIV Test

Intricate Details of HIV

Human immunodeficiency virus infection and acquired immune deficiency syndrome, commonly known as HIV, is considered as a virus. This virus is considered to attack the cells which are present in the human body. A human body needs to have a strong immune system as it protects the body against all sorts of illnesses.

HIV is considered to destroy the white blood cells in the immune system, which are called ‘T-helper cells’ which are commonly known as CD4 cells. Once copied, the virus tends to make copies of itself into these cells.

Need to Get the HIV Test

Every individual needs to get herself or himself an HIV test as, if neglected, could lead to serious issues. It is important to get the HIV PrEP due to the following reasons:

  • At the initial stage, the medicines can help the infected person remain healthy for a longer period.
  • There are multiple ways to stop the spreading of HIV to others. The most common ways of stopping to spread are the use of condoms of taking the relevant HIV PrEP
  • In case a pregnant woman gets infected with HIV, then this could be a serious issue. Proper medicines shall be taken to prevent the passing of the virus to the baby.
  • Another basic reason to get yourself tested is to keep your peace of mind. A negative result of the virus can be a huge relief one can get and live life smoothly again.

Ways to Get Yourself Tested for HIV

There are multiple ways for an individual to get himself or herself checked. Rather the government has made an immense amount of arrangements so that each individual gets himself or herself checked in time. Here are the various ways of how one can go for an HIV test, such as:

  • Ask the concerned and experienced doctor to test you.
  • One can go to the local community center health care to get it checked. At this, the prices will be subsidized and cheaper as compared to private hospitals.
  • One of the most ways is to visit the National HIV and STD training resources where you can find the testing centers around you.
  • The individual can even call on the toll-free emergency number to find out the various HIV testing centers around your area.
  • Lastly, one of the convenient ways is to get the required tests and do them at home.

Many centers of testing out there provide the HIV tests for free of cost. Hence, we advise all the individuals to first ask the fees of the test before getting tested. As per the government rule, in many states out there, one does not need the consent or permission of the parent to get himself or herself tested for HIV. One has access to even buy the test at the pharmacy without the consent of a parent.

In case an individual tests positive for the test, then these results are sent to the local or the state health department, and only the insurance company will have access to these confidential results.


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