Is Your Google Ads Account Optimization Rate Really Worth?

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There’s no denying that recommendations about missing certain extensions can actually improve your click-through rate. In addition, depending on the state of your campaign, they can improve its performance.

On the other hand, be very vigilant. Always try to understand the different elements mentioned and their impact so as not to make mistakes.

Applying suggestions without understanding them or thinking about them is not necessarily a good thing.

If you are outsourcing the management of your campaigns to an agency, do not focus solely on the optimization rate to judge the work of your provider especially if you have an affiliate site build on bespoke CMS.

To get a more concrete idea of ​​reality, go into the details of the recommendations and / or ask for an explanation of the choices retained or eliminated.

Search the Internet or take online training .

Regarding my example mentioned above, the recommendations were not implemented.

Indeed, our own experience allows us to estimate the quality of a campaign.

Always ask yourself the following question: is the risk of an auction change in line with the potential returns it could generate?

How do you know if a recommendation is reliable?
It is sometimes rather difficult to estimate the reliability of a recommendation.

It’s even more difficult if you’re new to Google Ads or practice the platform from time to time.

Although it should be done on a case-by-case basis depending on the state of your campaigns, in general, I recommend that you pay close attention to the recommendations that offer:

A change in auction strategy,
The integration of new keywords (especially in broad query),
A budget increase to obtain additional clicks,
To carry out automated campaign tests, especially if you do not really understand them.
All these changes strongly impact the configuration of the campaign. Consider the risk of distorting your account, or even altering your performance.

On the other hand, it can be interesting, in general, to apply recommendations of the type:

Setting up a responsive ad ,
Installation of missing extension,
Increase Max CPC on your top keywords when you aren’t visible for the top spots and can afford it.
The elements mentioned above are obviously to be carefully considered before any change. But if you find these small changes to be beneficial, it’s worth doing some testing.

A 100% optimization rate should not be a goal

All this brings us to the next question:

Is a 100% optimization score a good or useful goal?

I say no.

In general, most of our accounts have an average optimization score between 60% and 80%, which we think is fair.

Of course, you can try to exceed these scores. But our experience shows that your advertising investment will become much more substantial.

However, this does not mean that Google’s optimization rate is useless. He can give helpful tips with out-of-the-box suggestions, which is already great.

The main point to remember here?

As always, whenever Google recommends something, don’t trust it with your eyes closed. Try and test as always in Digital Marketing. This strategy is not only adopt by individuals but the digital agencies also.

Because even though Google’s artificial intelligence is powerful, it doesn’t know you or your business.

In addition, Google’s goals are not always the same as yours . Google wants you to maximize your bids and you want to maximize your profits. Sometimes these goals are in harmony and sometimes not.

Conclusion on the optimization rate of a Google Ads campaign
As we have seen, not all recommendations are good to take.

My advice : focus on what is most likely to positively impact your business.

Some recommendations require a big budget increase, others are free.

Finally, some have more impact on the optimization rate, others much less.

It is very important when you experiment with Google Ads to take all of these criteria into play.

Finally, recommendations based on the optimization rate are generated by artificial intelligence.

It is therefore normal to confront it with your own intuition because of the risk of becoming the puppet of the search engine.

Are they to be rejected for all that? Certainly not, but a score of 60% is not a disaster either.

And if you see poor performance, look to your account structure instead .


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