Kegel exercises for both women and men to improve your love life

Kegel exercises

You don’t require any equipment or a gym for Kegel exercises. They are simple, discreet, and can interestingly enrich your love life.

How are Kegel exercises done?

The principle is straightforward to manage even for those of us who are not told about sports. First of all, find out what muscles you will train. These are the lumbar musculature muscles (known as the PC muscle, the pubococcygeal muscle, the Kegel muscle) – you contract it when you want to hold the urine stream when urinating. Tighten and relax the aforementioned muscles at regular intervals and try not to move other muscle groups simultaneously. Keep your hips and abdomen relaxed. Do not forget to breathe calmly (through the nose to the diaphragm) – resist the temptation to hold your breath.

What interval is best for Kegel exercises?

Regularity is essential in Kegel exercises. Do them every day, after 10-20 downloads, 2-4 times a day. Hold the muscles tight for 10 seconds, then relax for 10 seconds. Initially, the interval may be shorter (e.g., 5 seconds). At the end of the workout, you can contract the muscles 3-4 times and relax quickly, without a break. Find your rhythm and tempo that suits you, and after a few weeks, you will see the results.

What are the benefits of Kegel exercises?

They help women strengthen the pelvic floor, which improves arousal and genital blood flow; a woman enjoys love better and reaches orgasm faster. They are an excellent exercise for women trying to get back in shape after giving birth or suffering from incontinence.

Kegel exercises are also very suitable for men, especially those who suffer from premature ejaculation or Get Fildena 100 or vigora 100 (a man can better control his organ and thus improve his physical stamina). Thanks to the better blood supply to the pelvic area, a man achieves an erection more efficiently and keeps it longer. Exercise also has a positive effect on prostate health and helps against urinary incontinence.


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A replacement for Kegel’s exercises? Pissing in the shower!

Kegel exercises help both women and men. But do you know in what specific way these exercises are helpful for both men and women? Have you heard of Kegel’s new exercise – peeing in the shower? Please read our article until you even find out more!

What are Kegel exercises?

Kegel exercises have been known since 1948, when they were first introduced to the world by the American gynecologist Arnold Kegel – as exercises to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. Initially, they were prescribed for postpartum women to help them repeatedly shrink and narrow their vagina. However, they are also very beneficial in the recovery after prostate surgery. They also help in the treatment of incontinence or leakage of urine.

They excite, help to culminate, and improve orgasm.

Kegel exercises are recommended when it is necessary to increase the excitement – as a tool to make it easier to reach the climax and better supervision of orgasm. Exercise helps to improve the love life of both women and men. Also, they eliminate several personal and health problems.

Help for women.

For you, women Kegel exercises mean better wetting of the mucosa, better rhythmic contraction of the vaginal muscles, the better grip of your partner’s organ during intercourse, or stronger experiences and pleasures during love.

Helping men.

For men, Kegel exercises mainly include stronger and multiple orgasms, longer and harder erections, improved blood flow in the some part of body, improved urine retention, more challenging and healthier organ, and enrichment of ejaculate pressure volume.

Pissing in the shower – Kegel’s new exercise.

Have you heard of Kegel’s new exercise? That pissing in the shower. He is also recommended by an American expert, trainer, and bodybuilding specialist. It is said that this Kegel exercise is excellent for pelvic muscle training.

However, we do not understand much about its effectiveness, and there are no reputable studies available to confirm whether to disprove the effectiveness of this exercise. You will need to test for yourself whether this exercise is effective or not.

Kegel exercises – a few facts

Just to repeat, we will summarize a few facts on which to base ourselves. In their original essence, they were created to adjust the vagina’s width after childbirth. Since a female doctor invented them, this is a very logical explanation.

Gradually, however, they became popular with men, who can better control their erection and premature ejaculation, which are perhaps the most desirable reasons why many men choose to practice Kegel exercises. Women may have a narrower vagina and better vaginal lubrication, so orgasm may not just be an unattainable goal. But let’s not forget about urinary incontinence. For a better overview of Kegel exercises’ effects, we have prepared them for you in an overview list.

You don’t just stop ejaculation.

Kegel exercises will also help you enlarge your organ, which you will achieve through better blood circulation. For example, with an exercise called Jelqing, you can combine the mentioned exercises, and the effect will appear in several areas. Women should exercise Kegel exercises mainly to strengthen the pelvic area and improve the functionality of the vagina. So you can pull the vagina more, and it’s excellent for both!

How to practice Kegel exercises

The effectiveness of this exercise depends primarily on the correctness of the exercise. It is not just about the exercise itself, but it is also about preparing and concentrating on the whole technique from start to finish. At first glance, Kegel’s exercises are trivial, but many men and women make so many mistakes during them that they completely devalue the exercise itself.


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