Key factors to consider while deciding about Custom Pie Boxes Packaging

Pie Boxes Slice
Pie Boxes Slice


Pies that consume bakery items are one of the most frequent. Like all consumable food items, pies also require protection. And also preservation from environmental factors. To keep the food item fresh for a longer period, packaging was utilized in pie boxes. These custom pie boxes are available in various sizes. And styles as per the different pie styles and sizes. Bakers also use these wholesale pie boxes in dynamic colors. To enhance the beauty of their product and entice a customer to make a buy decision immediately.

Use Packaging materials for the longevity of your products

Pies are the most common bakery items. That bakers make in the most unique ways concerning normal use or special occasions. Like all food items, pies are also vulnerable to a longer life. And perish quickly due to different environmental factors. Custom pie boxes play a crucial role to protect the safety of colorful pies. And increase the longevity of the product. These custom pie box packaging added an extra layer of protection from harmful environmental factors like heat, dust, etc. Thus by packing pies in these wholesale pie boxes, bakers delay the impact of variation in product taste for a certain period. Due to this extremely important factor, you should also consider high-quality custom packaging wholesales for your food items. And Orchard packaging is alongside you to achieve this goal.

Try nature’s way of protection for your healthy food items

Packaging boxes provide a natural way of protecting natural food items. These custom pie boxes make with natural wood material. And provide great protective material. As these materials are from natural items, these also increase the natural look and ingredients of food items. This custom pie packaging wholesale reduces the chances of the inclusion of harmful chemicals in food items. If you are also worried about the natural ingredients of your food. And want, your product protection from harmful industrial chemicals. Orchard packaging is available for you as well. All the packaging boxes produced are free from harmful chemicals. And created by using bio-degradable, recyclable materials. Arrangement of our machinery and process also ensures maximum environmental protection. And the reduction of machine chemicals improves the overall wholesale pie boxes at all levels.

Pie Boxes
Pie Boxes

Key factors to consider while deciding about Custom Pie Boxes Packaging

Numerous key factors must be considered while deciding and selecting packaging material for your food items. Some are as follows:

  • Durability: Packaging durability is the major deciding factor. As your pies must travel for longer distances sometimes. To protect them from transportation wear and tear. Your packaging durability should be high-quality.
  • Costing: Costing plays a key role in deciding about the packaging for your Pie Boxes. Low-quality packaging with high costs may endanger the complete business and brand value.
  • Eco-friendly: Product packaging should be environmentally-friendly as well. Packaging material utilized for creating pie boxes should be bio-degradable and recyclable. And also reusable to ensure minimum wastage from packaging material.
  • Reliability: your custom pie boxes should be reliable. And never loses their shape due to the pressure of product items easily. Reliability is another key factor as your product may lose its shape before reaching the hands of customers.

Printed Pie Boxes with product descriptions to guide customers

Consumers nowadays require information of all kinds. And like to have any or complete information about the product. Any kind of information provided to them which help them make a better and smart decision is highly appreciated from them. Custom printed pie boxes are another way to provide product-related information. Product description or usage guide or ingredients helps them to select products as per their needs. Apart from just proving product description. These custom pie boxes can be decorated with brand-related information and brand logo as well. Another major feature for custom printed packaging boxes is to enhance the beauty of pie boxes. Simple packaging wholesales without any graphics or printing is not enough. To enhance the quality and make it eye-catching, requires lots of printing on these pie boxes. You should also consider this significantly to make your packaging attractive.

Custom Pie Boxes
Custom Pie Boxes

Try Pie Boxes Packaging customizations to match your product appetite

Pie bakers bake their pies with unlimited variations, styles, and sizes. To match these variations, they also want equally eye-catching custom pie boxes. Orchard packaging is here to help you out when it comes to the matter of creating custom pie boxes packaging. We offer you a variety of styles and designs. We also create pie boxes in a variety of colors. You can add some window-cut as well as Window Pie Boxes to entice customers with a product packaged inside. Eye-catching colors can also add to match the color of pies. Extra spaces options are also available to protect the pies inside from the wear and tear of a product during transportation as well as piling on one another in a warehouse environment.

Look nowhere else than Orchard packaging, when it comes to packaging for your product

Custom pie boxes packaging is available in various varies and price ranges from everywhere. As these are regularly available with numerous suppliers, sometimes bakers make wrong choices in the selection of packaging material for their products. This small cost-saving for time being may seem great initially but in the long-term, this may cause severe damages to brand and customers loyalty. Orchard packaging is available for your support and guidance when it comes to the matter of high-quality packaging for your custom pie boxes. Our vast experience staff knows their game very well. They design custom pie boxes packaging as per your desires and aspirations. They keep continuing working with you until you are satisfied with the results.


Pie boxes are highly-attractive and orchard packaging further enhances their attraction by creating them with creativity. These custom pie boxes are highly-attractive and easy to use. Pie boxes packaging is very effective in protecting and prolonging the freshness of the product. Investment in good quality packaging material is a crucial investment for the protection and safety of your food item.


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