Key tips of how to buy your next pair of glasses

pair of glasses
pair of glasses

If you need to purchase new glasses, the smart thing to do is to come up with your budget before you start shopping. It’s easy to get carried away and fall in love with a pair of glasses you can’t afford. So with this in mind, have a good think what you need from the pair of glasses and then have a good think of what brands there are out there. For example, there may be a discount brand that makes very similar frames to some of the more premium brands out there. After all, it is likely you will be using the frames every day so it is key for you to choose them well.

Make sure the glasses are measured correctly

If you have ever been and bought glasses before that just didn’t feel quite right, it may have been because the measurements were not taken properly prior to the glasses being made. Other than having a refraction, or prescription for glasses from your eye doctor, there are several measurements that need to be taken to ensure the glasses are made to your unique eyes and how the glasses sit on your face.

One of the more common measurements is the pupillary distance or PD. This refers to the distance between the pupils and varies depending on whether the glasses are intended for distance or more up-close tasks. There are many other measurements that are important as well, and you cannot measure these yourself. This is why ordering glasses online can result in the glasses feeling like they’re not made quite right. This can be even more the case if you have a higher prescription or wear progressive lenses.

Back to the point on budget, make sure you have a spare pair

Glasses are great but you never know when you may need a spare pair. For this reason, you may want to consider buying a second pair. If your budget only allows for one, that’s fine, but having a second pair is always a good idea. You may lose them temporarily, scratch them, sit on them, or forget them at work or home.

Assess whether you need any coatings added

If you plan on wearing your glasses every day, you may also want to consider adding special coatings to your glasses. This deals more with the lenses rather than the frames, but it’s just as (if not more) important. Adding a coating can be helpful if you want to reduce glare, reflections, and even protect your eyes. It can really help you while you work on the computer. Talk to your eye doctor or optician about the various options available. From here you will be able to see what may be right for you. At the very least, anti-glare protection makes sense because you won’t squint in the sun as much. If you spend a lot of time working on the computer, you may want to look into this option as well.

Buy a pair of glasses that are up to date

Putting on an old pair of classes is similar to putting on an old shirt with holes in it. It may still fits you but it can perform the function its supposed to. The last thing you want to do when getting a pair of glasses is getting an out of date prescription. It won’t be able to serve you as well as it could. Most adult prescriptions are valid for two years, whereas kids’ only last for one. Just to be safe, an eye exam prior to your purchase is an absolute must. Eye exams are a great way to benchmark how your glasses are helping, or the doctor can help update your prescription to better fit your needs.


Unfortunately, glasses are even easier to break than they are to buy. Finding the right pair of eyeglasses is exciting. You you may be ready to stroll out of the store without any more thought. It is worth noting that there are a couple more things to consider first. Many people purchase a hard-shell case to help protect their glasses. They do this as well as a microfiber cloth to keep them clean, and even a backup pair. If you’re making an investment for your eyes, it only makes sense to keep that investment as nice as possible. Make sure to take good care of your classes because they’re an investment that you want to make worthwhile.


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