Know about the Top Benefits of Van Strip Lights

waterproof led lights for motorcycles

LED strip lights which people also refer to as ribbon lights or LED tape are increasingly becoming popular due to their compact design and flexibility. People use them for industrial, residential, health care, and retail domains, and also for vans’ interior and exterior lighting. LED strip lights are easy to energy-efficient and therefore, people find them a better option to use for lighting their cars, unlike other lights. Below are the benefits of van strips lights;

van strip lights

1. Energy efficient

Many people now prefer using strip lights for their van because they are more than 90% energy efficient which is the opposite of other lighting options. Strip lights have low wattage and require very little power to operate. They, therefore, do not stress your car battery as much as other sources of lighting.

This is a great advantage since your car battery will last longer when you opt to use strip lights over other lighting options. Strip lights over time save you money because you don’t have to charge or replace your car battery more often.

2. Long-lasting

Durability is among the main benefits and reasons why more people are now adopting this method of lighting. Both their diodes and LED lights have a long life of about 100,000 hours. You can use the strip lights continuously for around 11 years without failing.

Is that a good thing? If the lights are not in operation continuously, it means that they will last longer than this. If you have LED strip lights for your van interior or exterior lighting or both, you are sure of using them for a very long time without requiring replacement unless you want to upgrade to better LED strip lights or want to change the design.

3. Resistant to shock, external impacts, and vibrations

Unlike other lighting options, van strip lights are made from rugged, sturdy components which help them resist external impacts and last longer. This feature makes the LED strip lights the best lighting option for vans that are mostly driven off-road or in muddy places. If you are a person who loves adventure and you are always driving on rough roads, then strip lights are the best to use for your van.

4. Environmental friendly

LED strip lights are more environmentally friendly than other sources of lighting. The strip lights do not contain hazardous materials such as lead or mercury like halogen or florescent lights. you can also recycle strip light bulbs.

Most bulbs are made of materials such as plastic that are easy to recycle This means that in case the lights can’t function anymore, instead of throwing them away, you can take them to a recycling company near you. This will, in turn, reduce pollution levels.

5. Dimmable

In your car interior, you may intend to use strip lights as a source of lighting but not necessarily to provide bright light. Strip lights are dimmable. They come in two types which are; analog and pulse width modulation (PWM). You can dim Analog LEDs by increasing or decreasing the current to regulate the level of brightness.

On the other hand, pulse width modulation LEDs switch themselves on and off simultaneously, and it happens so fast that it’s hard to notice, but the light will be dimmer. With this feature, therefore, strip lights are easy to operate.

6. Variety of colors to choose from

Van strip lights are available in many colors. You have so many options to choose from according to the designs that you want and the result you want to achieve. Some strip lights are only available in one solid color, while others can provide different color combinations.

For drivers driving during the night or during bad weather conditions when it’s rainy and misty, strip lights are the best option. Installing strip lights that have multiple colors will make sure that other road users are able to spot your van from a far distance, and it will help prevent collisions.

7. Flexibility

Strip lights are more flexible than other traditional lighting options. It’s easy to install strip lights on curved surfaces or corners. You can even mold them into various shapes. This feature makes it easy to attach the strip light to your van’s interior surfaces.

If, for example, you want to brand your van using strip lights, you can easily form any letters or shapes. Combining different colors while branding will attract many people’s attention, and they will get the information that you intend to pass on to them.

8. Easy to see

Strip lights emit high-quality light. The light is very easy to spot from a distance because they produce light in a straight line. You don’t require reflectors or mirrors; thus, the light is not scattered. If you are using your van during bad weather seasons, you can consider using strip lights to make sure other people spot your car from far and avoid accidents.

9. Waterproof

Most van strip lights available in the market are waterproof. This means that you don’t have to worry when they contact water. During rainy seasons you’ll have the confidence to drive in the rain because water do not damage strip lights, unlike other light sources. Also, cleaning the car is very easy as you don’t have to skip areas with strip lights. You wash your entire space.

10. Easy to install

Strip lights are very easy to install. Most come with an adhesive backing, and you only have to stick it to your car surface and plug it in. In the same case, if you want to remove your strip lights and replace them with new ones, it’s quite simple as well.

However, some strip lights may require you to cut them and join them together to be able to form various shapes and program them. Most manufacturers will provide a guide on how to do it yourself, and if you are not sure, you can always hire an expert to assist you.

11. Enhanced safety

It’s much safer to use LED lights as compared to other lighting options. The fact that strip lights only require very little power supply to operate means that they emit very little or no heat. In case there is an accident, low-wattage systems are safer. When you use strip lights for your van interior, it is safe for kids and pets.

12. Cost efficient

Although it may be a little bit more expensive to buy LED strip lights than other lighting sources overall, van strip lights are a bit cheaper. This is because they don’t require a lot of power energy to operate, meaning that your van battery will last longer, and you will not have to replace it more often, as would be the case when using halogen or fluorescent lights.

Also, the fact that strip lights last longer, you’ll not require to buy new ones every now and then. Strip lights are easy to install, and in most cases, you don’t require to hire an expert to do it for you. Being waterproof ensures that when the strip lights contact water, you don’t have to worry about spending more cash getting new lights as they will continue to operate effectively.

The above numerous benefits of using van strip lights as compared to other sources are what has made many people prefer strip lights. Waterproof LED lights for motorcycles are energy efficient, low cost, very flexible, waterproof feature, and easy to install, program, and customize. It is upon you to weigh the benefits and decide if it’s worth buying them.


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