Kotlin- The Future of Android App Development

Kotlin- The Future of Android App Development
Kotlin- The Future of Android App Development

Since Android app development began, Java was Google’s official programming language. However, the authority position is now held by Kotlin. When it made its I/O keynote address in 2017, Google announced Kotlin to become its official programming language used for programming Android applications.

With Google itself turning Kotlin-focused, a lot of developers are embracing Kotlin, and the fact that a lot of Java applications are being written in Kotlin right now is an indication of its being the future of developing Android apps. In the same way that Swift ensured the demise of Objective C Kotlin is now ready to remove Java from the Android app development language ecosystem.

Kotlin has forced many developers to look at their strategies for creating applications in light of the fact that Java has been the base of new products that are designed specifically for Android users, developers, and coders for quite a while time.

Kotlin- The Future of Android App Development

Significance of Kotlin for Android App Development

Kotlin was invented in 2011, by programmers from an enterprise for the development of software products known as JetBrains in Russia and later augmented by open-source developers. In the year 2019 Google made Kotlin the top software development language.

It is an untyped programming language that runs within Java, which is a Java virtual machine. It is an open-source, multipurpose and practical computing language that incorporates functional and acquisitive features in the hope of speedier compilation.

Kotlin is still relevant since it is open-source software and has a wide range of features for mobile app development. It’s been solving Android developers’ issues for some time. It addresses the issues that arise in Java and gives developers the freedom, security, and clarity as well as tools support.

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Design Challenges Faced by Kotlin

The design problem that Kotlin programmers first faced was the problem of the nullification type system. The solutions proposed by Kotlin programmers proved to be too complicated. After many iterations, the Kotlin app development Team came up with platform types. It’s the latest version Kotlin is using.

Kotlin has sorted out many of the issues that plagued Java in Java. Kotlin has fixed a lot of the issues that plague the Java language.

For instance, the null references within Kotlin are controlled via the Type System. Kotlin app development is a proper function type but it does not have basic types. The arrays used in Kotlin have invariance. Kotlin also doesn’t include checked exceptions as Java does.

The Key Benefits of Adopting Kotlin

Many organizations are embracing Kotlin to meet their requirements for development. It is a language that can be used to write Android application language codes. Moving to Kotlin app development is among the most effective decisions an organization can take. Here are the top advantages of Kotlin:

1. Kotlin Offers Brevity

One of the major reasons that developers use Kotlin in place of Java is the simplicity that Kotlin app development provides. Java seems quite repetitive in comparison. The simplicity of Java means there are fewer mistakes in the code. This also means a more rapid speed of development.

2. It is an Open-Source

From 2012 onwards, JetBrains announced Kotlin as an open-source software project. Being an open-source programming language, developers can count on quality development at all times and receive a lot of support from Kotlin’s  Slack team.

3. It is a mature Language with an IDE that is Great Support

Kotlin was initially developed to be used in 2011 and was finally released for its official launch in the year 2016. It underwent several phases of beta and alpha enhancements before the final release.

This means that prior to the release of Kotlin app development, it was employed in a variety of projects. It’s practical, with tested capabilities of other languages, and has top-of-the-line IDE support. The IDE plugin is a part of the context of Kotlin and supports a variety of Java’s most popular features.

4. It Provides a More Natural Way to Develop Android Apps

Kotlin app development is a basic but effective language when compared to other languages. In contrast, Java is plagued by rigidities as Scala is a different programming language. Scala is heavy and has a long completion time. The required library to create an Android app using Kotlin is small and doesn’t add to the number of methods used.

5. It is a Swift Language for Android App Development

Kotlin app development is compatible seamlessly with Android Studio, and this allows it to be fast. A Kotlin development can be made to run in under 10 minutes even for the first-time user.

Android 2.3 needs a plug-in in order to connect with Kotlin and Kotlin, while Android 3.0 is compatible with it. Similar to Java it is able to work with the IDE. It is also able to debug without glitches. The features of Kotlin can be used with other capabilities that Java can do.

6. It is Reliable Due to its Developmental Process

One of the reasons Kotlin began to exist is that its parent organization JetBrains had specific specifications for a language they planned to employ for their own products. Kotlin also provides practical benefits to its parent company which utilizes it for its products. It also makes them curious about continuing to develop it. With Google’s support, two of the most innovative businesses are working together to further their goals of development.

JetBrains has not just made significant efforts to develop the concept of the language, as its past history suggests, but is also making significant changes to ensure its continued success. Features such as those of the Kotlin Android Extensions and libraries such as Anko Continuous optimization of library size, and build times indicate JetBrain’s dedication to the continued advancement of Kotlin to support the Android app development language.

7. Developers must move away from being obsolete

When developers begin using Kotlin it becomes apparent that the use of a modern language can make their processes more efficient and their brains more imaginative. Java was around for years and, in a sense, it has become outdated.

Modern languages allow thinking in different ways that are essential for a developer, as it manifests in their work. The developer is also more flexible as their ability to understand and use similar programming languages rises. These elements enhance the profile of a developer.

8. It’s Much More Secure than Java

Kotlin is a safer alternative to Java. One of the main issues with Java is the design of the language which results in more work. This means more time and money dedicated to the project.

For instance, nulls are among the most problematic points when working using Java. Bug managers are faced with 90% of their errors, with the most common being caused by the Null pointer exception. In Kotlin Nulls are not allowed to exist, unless stated otherwise.

A variable cannot by default be set to be ‘null’ by Kotlin. If a developer wishes an object to be able to accept nulls then he must mark the type using an ‘?’.

The compiler will instruct the programmer to check for the value of ‘null’ prior to making any changes to the variable. This is why Null Pointer Errors do not happen in Kotlin.

9. It is Easy to Learn

Similar to many other Java-supported languages, Kotlin is easy to master. It is easy to read by someone who is not familiar with the language since the code is simple to comprehend. It also helps to protect from mistakes.

The language is one that is similar to the language that is what a Java developer already knows. The only unique part of Kotlin is the parts that Java does not have. Kotlin app development offers opportunities for developers to be more innovative and tackle problems.

Top Companies Using Kotlin

Kotlin will not go away Businesses must consider it If they haven’t done so yet. So, selecting the right mobile app development stack is a vital stage for developing apps for every business. Kotlin offers a viable solution thanks to its agility, speed, speed, and stability it gives to address complex business problems.

Kotlin has been embraced by a variety of major companies like Prezi, Basecamp, Amazon Web Services, Pinterest, Coursera, Netflix, Uber, and more. Developers such as Expedia, Flipboard, Square, and many others are also making use of Kotlin particularly to create the development of their Android productions.


Kotlin app development is completely compatible with Java It is easy and feasible for both large and small businesses to effortlessly transition to Kotlin. The programming language offers a variety of advantages for Android app development companies as well as Android application developers. a few of which are outlined in this article.

Numerous companies are adopting Kotlin app development as their official language for programming, so the rise in demand from Kotlin developers is likely to happen in the near future. Kotlin is a sociable language for developers and helps them develop new solutions to everyday issues. If you choose to change to Kotlin be sure to do your move in a planned and well-planned process using the expertise of developers. If You have any queries about this topic you can feel free to contact our Android app Development experts.


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