Landlords: Use Innago for Easy Property Management

Landlords Use Innago for Easy Property Management

Landlords: Use Innago for Easy Property Management

Property managers have a lot of responsibilities to juggle. From marketing and lease signing to rent collection and maintenance requests, sometimes there’s just not enough time in the day. Thankfully, Innago’s property management software is specifically designed to make your job — and life — easier. Below, we go over some of the many reasons why landlords should use Innago for easier property management.

Online Rent Payments

Rent collection is central to the operation of any real estate business. It’s absolutely crucial that landlords receive payments on time and for the correct amount every month. To help streamline your rent collection process, Innago allows landlords to collect rent payments online. You can customize rates and due dates to match the terms of your lease agreements. You simply connect your bank account and have your tenants do the same (they also have the option to connect their credit/debit cards). The payments will then deliver automatically to your account after one business day.

Innago also enables tenants to set recurring rent payments. This way, you can rest easy knowing that your payments will automatically deliver into your account each month. And if tenants are late on rent payments, landlords can easily enforce their late fees. You simply customize your rates and grace periods, and Innago takes care of the rest.

Online Lease Signing

Lease signing can be a time-consuming process that requires you to coordinate busy schedules. When you can sign leases and other documents online, however, the process becomes much simpler. Innago provides some basic documents or landlords can choose to upload their own. Their templates can be used over and over again to simplify the signing process.

Once tenants are approved, both parties can review and sign any required documents all through Innago’s platform. Innago also stores leases and other important documents so that tenants and landlords can easily access them whenever they need.

Tenant Screening

Efficient management starts with great tenants, and great tenants start with effective screening. Innago allows you to easily manage applications and run comprehensive screening reports. Innago’s screening service grants landlords access to comprehensive, national data on an applicant’s criminal history, credit history, and eviction history. With instant reporting, you can quickly and effectively understand whether or not your prospective tenant will be a good fit.

Maintenance Requests

The quicker you respond to maintenance requests, the happier your tenants will be and the less damage your property will incur. With Innago, tenants are able to upload photos, videos, and descriptions of their maintenance concerns to a designated portal. Landlords are instantly notified as soon as requests are submitted, and you can respond to tenants just as quickly. You can also track the status of requests to ensure that they’re handled in a timely manner.

Tenant Management

Clear and effective communication is a necessary component of any relationship — including a tenant-landlord relationship. To assist you in managing your communication with tenants, Innago sends regular and automated reminders to tenants for things like rental due dates, expiring leases, and maintenance updates.

Tenant management goes beyond communication, though. Innago also enables landlords to update rental rates, change lease dates, and screen new renters from your mobile phone, tablet, or computer, whether you’re in the office or out on the job. For tenants, Innago provides a dedicated portal, a hub from which they can view important documents, pay rent, submit maintenance requests, and communicate with you, their landlord.

Support and Security

You don’t have to be a tech wizard to navigate Innago’s platform. But if you need some assistance, their support team is there to help. Innago offers full phone and email support, as well as a dedicated account rep for all landlords. The account reps are familiar with their landlords and their businesses. They are also available to your tenants if they need help troubleshooting, too.

Many landlords are hesitant to try out property management software out of a fear of threats to security. Innago knows this, which is why they take security seriously. Innago regularly reviews and refines their security practices to ensure that your data is as safe and secure as possible. Data is transmitted and stored using complex encryption, and their platform is hosted in the cloud with multiple layers of protection.

Simpler Communication and Reminders

Responding to tenants emails, texts, and calls can take more time than you have to spare. When you add on the time it takes to send out payment reminders each month, you’re looking at a serious drain on time. Property management software allows you to set automated payment reminders to send out at key times before your tenants’ due dates. Most platforms also provide organized communication portals so that all of your tenants’ messages can be managed in one location.


Innago’s software is free to use. They don’t charge setup fees, there are no monthly rates, and they don’t require contracts or subscriptions. The few features that do come with a fee are incurred by tenants, not landlords. You can find details about those fees on Innago’s pricing page. All ofInnago’s features are entirely free to landlords.

The Best Fit for your Rental Business

The benefits of property management software for landlords should now be clear. The only question that remains is choosing the best platform for your rental business. Shop around and find a software provider that offers all of the services your business needs for a price that you can afford. You’ll be glad you did.


It should now be clear that Innago stands to make property management easier for landlords. Many of your tasks can be automated and customized, and those that can’t are streamlined for maximum simplicity and efficiency.


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