Law Firm On The Gold Coast Australia

Law Firm

In Australia, a lawyer is a graduate of law who holds a certificate to practice law that includes solicitors, barristers, corporate counsel, and judges.

MBA Lawyers is a law firm on the Gold Coast with more than 50 years of knowledge and expertise in all areas of law. We take pride in our excellent client/lawyer relationships and our team of professional lawyers offers complete legal advice on all types of legal issues. They work directly with each and every client to provide legal advice, perform legal tasks according to instructions, and negotiate settlements on their behalf. Our lawyers are all Accredited Specialists in law to help people achieve maximum success in minimum time. At MBA Lawyers the welfare of our clients is of paramount concern to all members of staff.

How Can an MBA Lawyer Help You?

When you have a legal problem, you need a law firm you can trust. Our expert lawyers and solicitors can assist and offer advice on a wide variety of legal issues from personal to corporate. We specialize in five key areas of law including:

– Family Law

– Business Law

– Corporate Law

– Property Law

– Litigation

We deal with legal matters in every court including Magistrate’s courts, District courts, Supreme, and Federal courts. Whether your legal dispute is a civil or criminal defense matter, our solicitors can offer you the knowledge and expertise they have gained over many years of experience in dealing with liability and professional negligence claims.

Civil Lawyer

The area of civil law is extremely complicated and if you find yourself in a position where civil action has been taken against you or the actions of another party have caused you damage, it is critical to hire a civil lawyer to represent you in court.

Family Lawyer

Suppose you are involved in any family-related legal matter like a divorce that involves custody over children, or a binding financial agreement. In that case, you will need a top-rated family lawyer to represent you.

Criminal Lawyer

If you have been charged with a criminal offense, hiring a criminal lawyer is crucial to ensure that you achieve the best level of justice you deserve. Lawyers who specialize in the field of criminal law understand how the criminal justice system works and are capable of achieving the best results for your particular case.

With our wide range of legal knowledge and skills, we are able to provide you with the right legal service to ensure a successful outcome.  Communication is highly important and we ensure that you are kept informed at all times throughout the entire legal process. We take the time to listen to our clients and ensure that they understand the legal process before commencing with procedures. We regularly communicate to inform them of our progress. The focus is firmly on providing outstanding service and client care with high levels of trust and confidence in our ability to deliver the best outcomes for our clients.

If you need a lawyer in the Gold Coast area you can trust our team of professional lawyers to come to your aid in time of need.


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