Life Advice for the Struggling Adult



The experience of adulthood can vary from person to person. Some might be living their best years, while others are going through a tumultuous time. We all face tribulation at some point in our lives. There is no shame in admitting when a problem might be too much for you. In fact, seeking out help and advice is your first step towards solving that problem. Regarding the various setbacks that people experience, here are some bits of advice for their solution.


Money problems are the most common source of headaches for most adults. During these trying times, it really is tough to make ends meet. It feels like there are more bills than your income can handle. I know that this phrase is cliche, but cutting down on your expenses can indeed help. 

Check your bills and see what you can do to reduce them. There are various things you can do to lessen your electric bills. Cancel subscriptions that you don’t need and haven’t used for more than a month. You can also lower your food expenses by learning how to cook simple meals rather than getting take out.

If you have kids, getting them a proper education can be one of the most costly endeavors you have. Tuition rates for private schools can get to mindblowing figures. And that’s not mentioning the other expenses you’ll incur for your child’s projects and lunch money. Fortunately, there are other options open to you for your child’s education. Public schools and online charter schools don’t charge tuition. Instead, they only charge fees for textbooks and other requirements for your child advice. 


As you grow older, the pressure of finding a life partner increases. Most single adults are constantly under pressure from themselves and society to get married. Even those in a long-term relationship face this problem.

Whichever case you belong in, you must understand that only you get to dictate when it’s time to get married. You don’t need to pay and heed to what others say about you need to get married soon. Review your current situation and see if marriage is a feasible option for you. You may want to get married but will be unable to if your finances and social status say otherwise. However, you don’t have to wait for the stars to align before deciding to pop the question. You can do so once you and your bank account are ready for the commitment. 


As we grow older, we will start to notice changes in our bodies. No, I’m not talking about puberty. I’m referring to aching knees and a sore back. These are typical symptoms of a worn-out adult. Spending the whole day sitting at work in front of a computer and eating fast food for lunch can have a heavy toll on one’s health. If this keeps up, aches and body pain will be the least of your worries.

A lifestyle change can make dramatic improvements to your overall health. Try to include simple exercises in your daily routine. Spend an hour jogging during the weekends. Also, take it easy with fast food and instead go for healthier options. You’ll be amazed at the meals you can make at home that are cheap, easy, and nutritious.

Work and Career

A lot of people have experienced going through a career crisis at least once in their life advice. Toxic co-workers and feelings of unfulfillment can take the motivation out of your career. 

Regarding your co-workers, try to spend some time getting to know them. Perhaps the reason they are giving you such a hard time is that they barely know you. Or perhaps they are simply a bad person with a rotten personality, in which case you have to report them to human resources to stop their harassment.

Dealing with a lack of fulfillment in the workplace can be tiring. Feeling like your career is going nowhere is a heavy burden to have. Usually, the prospect of a promotion or a raise can help motivate you and neutralize your doubts. However, when none of these is an option, then perhaps it’s time to make a career change. 

In both cases, leaving your company is a perfectly viable option. If you’ve exhausted all your options at trying to make things better, there’s no shame in walking away to opt for better opportunities.

We all face problems in our lives. Whether small or big hurdles, they will ultimately lead to our personal development and growth as a person. Don’t shy away from your problems. I truly hope the advice listed earlier will help you to overcome your current predicaments.


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