List of Dab Rigs’ Accessories

Dab rigs

Imagine consuming a full smoking joint with one hit! Dab rigs offer this capability. 

Dab rigs are devices, mostly made of glass, that are used for dabbing cannabis concentrates. They are the fastest way to ingest highly potent cannabis. This article looks at the setup of a dab rig.

Dab rigs’ accessories.

Most dab rigs have three major accessories:

  1. A bong/ water pipe
  2. A nail 
  3. Dab tool

The bong/ water pipe ensures the vapor cools down as it moves through the chambers. It also has a water percolator that filters, cleans the vapor before you inhale it.

Dab rigs users use a dab tool to load and manipulate the cannabis dab concentrates. This tool is usually made of 

The dab rigs’ nails heat and vaporize your concentrates. They come in different varieties. Each variety has a unique property.

Most dab rigs come with a torch lighter that is used to heat/ activate the nail. Nevertheless, some manufacturers recently came up with a unique type of nail called E-nail. Instead of using a torch or lighter, E-nails are activated using a battery or charger.  

Other components of a dab rig include:

  1. A carb cap (it covers the dab while it is vaporizing).
  2. Cotton swabs (used for cleaning the other accessories of the dab rig)

Type of nails found in dab rigs?

The nail is the most essential part of the dab rigs. The several types of dab nails include:

  • Borosilicate glass (it is the least expensive dab nail, but its glass nature makes it very fragile. They need to be replaced regularly).
  • Ceramic nails ( this type of nails are good at retaining the heat for an extended period. Ceramic nails are cheap, but can break easily).
  • Quartz nails (they are more strong and durable than glass and ceramic nails. Quartz nails are also renowned for having a faster heat-up time than the other nails. They also don’t overheat, which lets you have a decent dabbing experience.

Quartz nails have one downside that is they retain heat for short periods; thus, they don’t create much vapor).

  • Titanium nails (this type of dab rig nails are the strongest and most durable. They also heat up rapidly and retain their heat better than the other types of dab rig nails.

However, titanium nails can overheat easily; hence, they can burn your concentrates instead of vaporizing them. Vapor with a “burnt taste” is harsh to your throat.

Domed dab rigs vs domeless dab rigs.

Unlike domeless dab rigs, domed dab rigs feature domed nails, which make them more attractive. Domed nails also hold a great vapor level and have a shorter heat-up time (they are smaller).

On the other hands, domeless dab rigs can look less attractive, but some manufacturers prefer them because they are very user friendly (easy to use) for their customers.

Male vs Female dab rig nails.

Male dab rig nails are placed inside the intake pipe/tube while female dab rig nails are placed outside the intake pipe/ tube. The gender of the dab is essential in determining the type of nail you need. Most dab rigs use male nails.

Tips on the safety of dab rigs.

Dab rigs that use torches can be dangerous if not used properly. The torch can cause burns or fire. When using the torch and the dab rig and dab rig, you should not keep moving around. Instead, you should find a secure spot, where you can sit down. Do not be in a hurry.

Since dab rigs require you to load the concentrates onto the nail while it is red hot, you should always use the dab tool/ dabber. Do not use your hand or any other device.

Domed nails cool down faster than domeless nails. You should not touch the nails immediately after using the dab rigs. Give the nails enough time to cool down.

You should always clean your dab rig regularly. Otherwise, a residue will build up on the nail, which can prevent your dabbing. Reheating this residue can burn it and cause a fire. Fortunately, you can purchase premium concentrates that will not create a residue on your dab rig nail.

Key takeaway.

Dab rigs come in different sizes, shapes, and designs. Thus the dab rigs’ setup varies greatly according to the manufacturer’s design. Consequently, manufacturers include a user manual that will guide you through the whole dab rig’s setup. The manual also has a guide on how you can use the dab rig properly, including the best way to clean the device. Always be keen on the user manual.

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