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In this digital era, large or even small companies do not wish to keep hard copies of their important information with them. They like to have access to those documents at any time from anywhere. The document management system or record management system is that kind of process that makes the digitization of hard copies easier. PDF is an example of a document management system by which one can have an access to the content for viewing, publishing & even printing it at any place & at any time.

The document management system is known as a content management system & this is related to managing efficient workflows, record management, digital asset management, etc.

This article is written to mention such top record management software that is used by an organization to track & manage their electronic documents.

  1. Templafy

Templafy is known for document creation with the best custom templates. It is efficient & decent document management software that collects & stores all the documents in its library so that they can access easily with just one click by the users. They can even collaborate with others & track the changes with their other team members.

Templafy also provides its users with the ability to create a wide variety of documents with their custom templates. This software automatically creates crucial documents, i.e., HR contacts, NDA’s, customer service emails, etc. Thus, help to create complex business documents that would have taken a much time otherwise.


  • Centralize document management system
  • Automatic document creation
  • Custom templates
  • Advanced search function
  • Auto-fix inconsistency & errors
  1. M-files

M-files is best known for providing a comprehensive document management system with workflow automation. It is considered as intuitive document management software that helps to combine security & top-notch automated software that offers efficient tools. The software also brings business documents across different departments in its robust archive.

That fully electronic archive helps your team to get instant access to the information whenever they need it. M-files also ensures that it only stores the most up-to-date files & makes available only one relevant version of files to access.


  • Connects document across departments of the company
  • Workflow automation
  • Stores most recent relevant copies
  • Implement encryption protocols & advanced permission
  1. Papersave

Papersave is best for streamlining business processes & smart document captures. It is a user-friendly smart tool that allows businesses to manage their documents well. The tool offered by paper save has a state-of-art document capture feature that will allow companies to capture documents in a hassle-free way.

Papersave collaborates with leading CRM & ERP solutions so that users can capture documents from the user interface. It also emphasizes strong data security which allows users to monitor & keep track of all the changes that happen to the documents.


  • Integrated with leading CRM & ERP solutions for seamless services.
  • Smart search function launched so that retrieval of information becomes convenient.
  • Consistency in workflow
  • Reliable in case of data security irrespective of the capacity & volume.
  1. LogicalDoc

LogicalDoc is one of the cross-platform document management software that is compatible with multiple hardware & OS devices. It has a cloud-based functionality for which you can access anytime & anywhere

As record management software, LogicalDoc delivers on almost every front. It also allows you to store & upload files in its secured repository. It also can index the files so that they can easily be retrieved if needed.


  • It can efficiently capture & scan the documents
  • It lets you share & edit the files on the cloud
  • Follows regulatory compliance
  • The software works across multiple hardware & software devices
  1. DocuWare

DocuWare is cloud-based document management software that can serve a variety of different purposes other than the core function it is meant to serve. The tool is used for employee management, invoice processing, marketing & sales, etc.

If you consider it as DMS software only, it can help you to capture the files in any form & digitize them as per your need. However, you can save the files in secured electronic archives. Apart from the mentioned benefits, the software automates workflows & makes complicated management processes easier.


  • It automates workflow
  • Scans & captures document efficiently
  • Cloud-based sharing
  • Easy collaboration of files
  • Efficient invoice processing
  1. Seed DMS

Seed DMS is open-source document storage software. It is user-friendly & based on MySQL, PHP & SQLite 3. The software served as a fully developed enterprise-ready platform for storing, sharing, tracing & accessing documents.

The document storage is also considered the next version of LetoDMS. The software is also fully compatible with it. You can edit your documents in this document management software in HTML format. It allows you to prepare online preparation & lets you do a real-time collaboration.


  • User-friendly
  • Based on MySQL
  • Real-time collaboration is available
  • Compatible with LetoDMS
  • Edited document available in HTML format
  • Search Option
  • Application Integration
  • Application Sharing
  • Applications Management
  • Document Storage
  • Workflow Management
  • Collaboration
  • Email Management
  • Print Management
  • Dashboard
  1. Alfresco

It is an enterprise deal with content management & document management system that aims at making your workflow streamlined & smooth. Alfresco is a digital business platform that lets IT develop a modern solution for efficient workflow.

This is a digital business platform that ensures an application development framework & an open-source API.


  • Integrated with major applications like MS office, google drive & salesforce, etc.
  • Availability of process services
  • Allows business process documentation management
  • Availability of content services
  • Ensures better collaboration
  1. Digital Drawer

This is a record management service that is a secure digital filing & on-premise software used by many small & medium businesses. The digital drawer is mostly used in the retail, realty, and manufacturing & education sector.

It is user-friendly & cost-effective software designed for enterprises so that they can manage their documents electronically.


  • user-friendly
  • on-premise document storage
  • strong security
  • ability to scan the document
  • imports multiple documents at a time
  • Recognizable File and Folder Structure
  • Different File Cabinets
  • Adaptable File Cabinets
  • 25 Customizable Search Keys
  • Windows-Based Folder Tree
  • Watchword/Metadata Search
  • Report Text Search
  • Programmed Text Indexing (OCR)
  • Forestalls Unauthorized Access
  • Windows-Integrated Security
  • Staggered Administration
  1. OnlyOffice

Onlyoffice is the document storage system that focuses on becoming your “Only office” outside your real one. You can upload documents, presentations, or spreadsheets from the computer directly to the web app.

It is project management that includes task tracking, time tracking, report collaboration & Gantt charts, etc. It supports various documents like DOC, HTML, CSV, TXT & PDF.


  • CRM capability
  • Email aggregation
  • Calendar integration
  • Document management
  • Effectively discover the docs you need
  • Store and access documents from anyplace
  • Unite every one of your docs
  1. Nuxeo

It is an open-source system that manages your content flow through its business cycle. This is a proven system that helps reducing time consumption that is essential for content search & retrieval. It also provides numerous ways to capture the content along with scanning.

It also serves as a rich set of API & maintains projects. However, it is quite tricky & may not seem user-friendly for beginners.

  • Instance customization is a bit complex
  • Audit logging is available
  • Easy customization available
  • Maintenance of project is easy in its robust platform

Document management software is diverse. Each tool mentioned here has its benefits based on business size, industrial use & other factors. If you are still unsure which one to choose based on your requirement, you might need to take professional help or a tool to compare products for you to address your specific needs.



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