Live Content – Experiential Marketing On Facebook For Getting Likes And Followers

Presenting you with a new marketing strategy i.e. experiential marketing, it is a blueprint that enhances the brand relationship with the customer lifetime value by helping them to experience the brand and get the maximum of the benefits of products under the label. With the Facebook live feature, the platform offers you the deal to go for experiential marketing and multiplies the chances of getting the likes and followers.

Every brand /business holds a story and this is the ground on which the experiential marketing works on. The customers who get the concept of the thematic background of the brand, make a strong connection with it and hence the marketers achieve their goals of getting the likes and followers. Immersive brand experience is the real deal that is offered by this format of marketing. Experiential marketing helps marketers to have vivid goals and potential outcomes and sound ways to achieve them. Marketers need to devise creative, thrilling, and impact activation to enhance online engagement through social media and other preferred channels. Real-time marketing or experiential marketing is said to be the most effective to increase customer acquisition and results in customer retention and adds a huge number of Facebook likes and followers to your business profiles. According to the statistical report by Event track, it is claimed that about 70% of prospects become regular and loyal customers via experiential marketing.

Marketing On Facebook Now let’s combine the two aspects i.e. Facebook and experiential marketing. Just as food for thought, think in the way that the customers when get attached to the brand in real life, they would definitely stop and engage with the content of the brand on social media. This not only increases brand engagement rather multiplies the brand value and allows the customers to convert in leads and gets the likes and followers. When considering the ad campaigns on Facebook, experiential marketing can be shaped out in terms of events and gets the name of event marketing.

Here mentioned are three of the potential ways via which the marketers can get the maximum out of both i.e. Facebook and event marketing and achieve their milestone of getting the apt number of Facebook likes and followers to make the profile stronger across the platform.

1- When you are ready for any event regarding brand awareness or portraying the new range of products, the rule is to create the buzz before the event. The more you build curiosity, the more you would receive the anticipation of viewers and customers. It is estimated that about 60% of the audience gets more engaged via this method. They leave likes and start to follow your brand for further updates.

2- Facebook live is the option for you

3- Make sure you are going to offer something unique as viewers are there to know about something new and exciting.

Hence, experiential marketing is getting the fame as a trendsetter in the corporate world where businesses and brands are thriving this powerful tool to promote their labels and get the ravishing number of likes and Buy Facebook followers.


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