Looking for the best beach resorts in the world?

beach resorts in the world

The world is slowly opening up to the magic of travel. It is taking time to readjust, but it is happening no matter what. As a result, the travel plans are rampant, the itineraries are unique and people are splurging more than ever. As if they saved the past few years to invest it all in travel and luxury. Lock down inspired our minds to travel to places that we never imagined to put on our bucket list. Imagination can surely do that. But to our surprise, most travel lovers have taken it upon them to make these rare dreams come true. 

There are those who love the mountains, some who enjoy the cities, and then there are those who love the depths of the deep blue oceans and seas. Can you imagine the sand-kissed beaches, the dizziness triggered by the salty sea breeze, the cool drinks, the sost, soothing sound of the waves, exciting and calming all at the same time. With so many countries opening their arms for tourism, offering a warm welcome to domestic and international travelers, this is the right time to plan a fabulous trip to the never never lands of the world. 

Indulge in a luxury stay

Whether your personal preference is the gorgeous beachside accommodation, a rustic-style stay, or a well-equipped apartment, you can choose from the best beach resorts in the world. They come with utmost luxury. Now how would you define luxury? Isn’t it a relative term, just like ‘love’? What we understand by luxury, however, is anything that lets you be you, just a bit better, and pampered to the hilt. Imagine relaxing spas, lavish spread of food, unparalleled hospitality, gorgeous sunset views, and hours and hours of undisturbed, unadulterated fun. To you it might mean hours of sleep, to others, it could be the disconnect from the busy life. 

Now add to that the lure of the turquoise waters begging you to swim, the palms waving to grab your attention, the brilliant reef adding to your excitement, and the verdant islands insisting that you stay back forever.

Most exclusive beach resorts

To take in the destination, the best way is to find the loveliest accommodations. We suggest the most exclusive beach resorts that come with an array of amenities to enjoy. You can choose from a gamut of luxury villas for a private stay, or even entire private islands if you may. The best part is that such properties will come with amazing pools (think infinity), personal chefs, well-stocked bars, restaurants serving exotic global cuisines, hot tubs and perhaps helipads too. They redefine luxury for you. 

If you think that you have experienced one high end beach resort, that is what you can expect at the rest of them, you are wrong. These properties come in variety, can be theme-based resorts with lazy rivers, can be over-the-water villas with private swim-up suites, can be a sun-drenched property allowing you to bare your body and relax. No matter where you choose to stay, consider the best beaches around the world.

Top beach destinations in the world


Closer to the equator, located towards the south of Sri Lanka and India are the islands of Maldives. Spread over 500 miles is the definition of beauty in the Indian Ocean, a land blessed with pristine beaches, crystal clear waters, extraordinary underwater life, and unparalleled luxury resorts. The best time to visit this part of the world is between January and April as the weather remains fabulous offering exceptional views and opportunity to enjoy the outdoors. It is definitely the peak time for tourism, and the prices are higher, but it is worth paying the price to experience the best. 


Nature’s bounty that you witness here makes Seychelles a heaven on Earth. An archipelago consisting of 115 islands, dotting the Indian Ocean, Seychellois beaches proffer unrivaled beauty, and exquisite white-sand beaches complemented by sparkling turquoise waters. For those that crave for a melange of natural shades, the palm fringed hills and the gigantic rocky boulders make a difference for sure. October through April is the right time to visit this destination to experience the balmy weather, the charm of the views and to evade the rains and storms.


Leave alone the fascinating views that consist of towering cliffs, deep forests and active volcanoes, Hawaii boasts of some of the world’s best beaches. Some of these beaches exhibit a spectacle of intense crashing of waves against the lava rocks. These spectacles can only be viewed on a helicopter or watercraft ride. Hawaii is a haven of secrets to be unleashed by discerning visitors who journey to find the gems of the world. If you want to relax, chill out at the Maui and Kauai beaches. Don’t forget to stay at one of the best beach resorts in the world. Plan a trip during spring or fall. The weather is enchanting. And the oceans call for a rejuvenating kind of time on this part of the world. Winters are usually wet and cloudy and must be avoided. Pro tip: this helps you avoid the touristy crowds as well.

Turks & Caicos

If you have a penchant for exploring the world under water, this is perhaps the right destination for you. Beach or deeper, Turks & Caicos is a definition of beauty, leisure, adventure, and relaxation. The turquoise waters call for a calming experience. The powdery sand of the beaches entice you to dig in your toes. And the coral reefs begs you to dive into the cool blue ocean. The exceptional luxury resorts here are worth a chance, only for those who love to experience opulence of nature and the exoteric. If you want to enjoy the destination without the throbbing crowds, you can plan a trip here between April and May. But it is best to avoid visiting during the rains, hurricanes etc that threaten peace between June and November. 

French Polynesia

With a whopping 118 islands, French Polynesia offers some amazing beaches. Dotted in the lovely blues of the South Pacific Ocean, only 12 miles from Bora Bora, this beauty showcases some awe-inspiring lagoons kissing the shores of white sandy beaches. When you plan to visit this idyllic beach destination, do check out the options for the interesting over-the-water bungalows perfect to spend some time floating in the calm of the ocean. Travel here during the dry season, which ranges from May to October. Although tourism is at peak, the weather is supportive and rain is hardly experienced. November through April can be bad considering humidity reaches an all-time high. And storms and strong winds can be on the radar as well.

Northwestern USA

This part of the world boasts spectacular beaches, wild and beautiful. Second Beach in Olympic National Park is perfect for a beach-loving traveler as it proffers miles of long sandy beaches. This is, however, not your regular tropical paradise. But it promises a perfect backdrop of rainforest and occasional ‘hello’ from the whales at the horizon. This is perhaps a great destination for those who want to stay closer to home. If you do not enjoy the torrential rains, travel between July and August. Temperatures are warm and the sun helps lift the fog during that period. 

There are fantastic options to stay in the world’s most awesome beach destinations. The idea is to choose wisely so that you can access the amenities you are looking for in your accommodation. 

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