Make this Christmas Memorable by Gifting Your Loved Ones through Money Exchange

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What would be more exciting than sending cash or forex travel card on Christmas day through currency exchange? It would be highly beneficial for especially those who are stuck in a foreign land with a financial crisis or staying there for an academic persuasion. The sector of Money Exchange in Chennai is the best option to bring a wide smile to the faces of your near and dear ones overseas on the holiday of Christmas. 

What does come to our mind when we talk about sending Christmas gifts?

Christmas is a delightful time for almost everyone around the world. People celebrate with the togetherness of their families and friends, and by exchanging gifts with each other. When it is about sending gifts on the joyful occasion of Christmas. People think about something that brings instant joy to the face of the recipient. Some of the gift choices for your beloved ones staying abroad would be – 

  • Photo frames with a picture of you with the recipient
  • Jewelleries
  • Personalized accessories
  • Sweet treat
  • Dinner or launch at the recipient’s preferred destination
  • A short-term tour

All these aforementioned gift ideas came from the concept of making the special person elated as soon as he/she receives the gift. Talking about bringing instant joy, another great Christmas gift option besides the aforementioned ones would be converted currency or travel credit cards. It would be innovative, helpful, and would come to some real use on this special day. 

How can the money exchange help you in sending the best gift?

If your children or any other loved one is staying in a foreign land and have to stay there for a good number of days. Then you can send a forex travel card or money so that they can buy anything they want on this special holiday. Instead of sending any gift item to them. One can certainly think about giving them the freedom and money to buy an item of their choice. Or spend the holiday the way they want. On the other hand, sending a travel forex card to your loved ones. people who are overseas for education will help them in finding much comfort in buying and doing things they have wished to do but could not afford before. Travel credit cards are useful cards that help in making a smooth transaction and lower the risk of carrying liquid cash in a foreign land. 

What are the benefits of sending forex travel cards as a Christmas gift?

  • The person will be able to buy things without investing any liquid money
  • The card will be a safe option to carry rather than carrying cash in hand
  • Money can be credited into the account anytime from anywhere in the world
  • If you are buying the forex travel card from reputed concerns like RRSB Forex then you are getting several extra benefits with reward points. Trusted and reputed forex dealers and banks for forex services offer varied offers including – free meals, free tickets to different amenities, and many more.

How can these two unconventional gift options make Christmas memorable?

As mentioned in the very beginning, money in a foreign land especially for the students is one of the most useful gift options. They can buy things as per their choice. On the other hand, travel credit cards would do the same thing for them as well. In fact, instead of money, a travel credit card would be a better option since the recipient does not have to worry about carrying liquid cash. People might feel that sending money can never be considered a thoughtful gift option. On the contrary, currency exchange does stand out to be a relevant gift option for those who are residing in foreign lands and facing a money crunch. 

How to send money or a forex travel card abroad?

To have a smooth online currency exchange and send the amount to your beloved living abroad. You have to opt for a registered and reputed organization. Either go for an RBI authorized forex dealer who is doing business for more than ten years in the market. You can choose a company that is authorized by any bank (that has registration power from the RBI). If you are convinced that there is no better place for currency exchange and money remittance than the banks, then you might be wrong. Banks surely offer trusted services but their charges are higher than that of the fees charged by forex brokers. Since money exchange and international wire transfers are not a bank’s primary source of business, they charge exorbitant prices. For many that are not affordable.

On the other hand, if you are choosing an RBI authorized forex broker. you are getting the service done within a shorter period of time as well as in an affordable range. For example, reliable RBI authorized companies like RRSB Forex offers same-day wire transfers. Besides, other authorized forex companies take two days maximum for international wire transfers. If you are hoping that the cash amount should reach the recipient within or before the Christmas holiday. Then you should look forward to the forex brokers and money remittance providers online. 

What things should be done for money exchange and money remittance?

Before going for money exchange, make sure you have the current updates regarding the currency exchange rates. You should know that the currency exchange market is vulnerable to change because they rely on different economic and political factors. Currency rates can even change within minutes as per the records. Especially, in the time of big international holidays like Christmas, the currency exchange rates can differ frequently. Hence, keep an eye on the updates regarding the money exchange market. 

If you are sending travel credit cards, then make sure to go through the benefits the card will provide before actually sending it. The banks and authorized brokers of Money Exchange in Chennai offer varied added benefits with currency conversion and forex travel cards. Avoid unscrupulous authorities and check registration.

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