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Do you own a business that requires loads of storage? It might not be easy at times to find a container to put in all they hold. Isn’t it? Especially for people who work in industries such as food, agriculture, wood, fertilizers, minerals, plastic-based sectors, pharmaceutical industry, construction, steel, etc., it’s a necessary part of their job to store a massive amount of product in something. It often gets hard to find a container that can take all in it, and buying the wrong size can frustrate you. In such cases, FIBC bags or the Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers become the saviors.

Many people don’t know about the FIBC bags because the common term used for such bags in the industries mentioned above is jumbo bags, bulk bags, or big bags. Be it a food product or some other hazardous materials, good-quality jumbo bags can store them safely and ease traveling with bulk packaging. However, these industries often get disappointed with manufacturers due to the poor quality of products. In such a condition, if there can be a manufacturing company that provides the best quality product will be nothing but a blessing. Mahira polyglobal is one of the finest Jumbo bag manufacturer in the market. Moreover, along with FIBC bags or jumbo bags, Mahira polyglobal is also a famous screw barrel manufacturer.

Many of us have heard the term screw barrel but don’t know what the uses of a screw barrel are. There are several vital applications of screw barrel such as Plastic Extruder Machine, Injection, Moulding Machine, Recycling PP PE Pelleting Film Extruder, Blow Moulding Machine, Mono-Filament Machine and many more. However, there are various types of screw barrels for different applications, and surprisingly, Mahira polyglobal manufactures and exports a wide range of screw barrels. People often get confused about the variations of screw barrel extrusion. Still, if they have some to-the-point information about the products and how manufacturers make them, it will be more comfortable to understand the right one for their job.

If you don’t have good knowledge of these FIBC manufacturer or screw barrel manufacturer and you often spend money on the wrong ones with poor quality, this article is the right place for you. A reliable manufacturing company will always understand and value their clients and deliver them with the best quality products instead of making them waste their hard-earned money on useless products. This article will find all small details on how these jumbo bags or screw barrel extrusion works and how Mahira polyglobal manufactures them. It will always be better for anyone to verify several aspects of a company before purchasing products in bulk. Here are all you need to know about the company and, most importantly, about creating the product, the processes they go through to understand the longevity and quality of the product they want to purchase. Here is a brief discussion on the FIBC bags and Screw barrel individually from one of the best FIBC bag manufacturers and Screw barrel manufacturers, Mahira polyglobal.

FIBC or Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers bags:

People who work in industries such as Agriculture and Food Industries, Chemical Industries, Construction & Steel Industries, Pharmaceutical Drugs, Wood Industries, Fertilizers & Minerals, and Plastic based industries require jumbo bags to store products or ease traveling with a massive load of materials. Many people question why don’t these industries use the huge bags available in the market to store or carry goods. As we can see in the first line of this para, various industries require jumbo bags. Regular big bags are not a good option because FIBC bags provide reasonable flexibility to fit products from different industries. Moreover, these jumbo bags are more comfortable to carry.

Making of FIBC bags

What makes Mahira polyglobal one of the most popular FIBC bag manufacturers is the quality of the product. They use pure polypropylene granules to produce these jumbo bags with the flexibility to store or lift more comfortably. However, it’s not only about the material they use to manufacture the FIBC bags but also about the process that includes several parts. The process to prepare a good-quality jumbo bag is long and satisfying. The first step of manufacturing a jumbo bag is extrusion. After extruding the raw materials, it goes through various steps such as Weaving, Lamination, Cutting, Webbing, and Sewing. Sewing may seem to be the last step, but unfortunately, it is not. After completing sewing, there is a testing process to ensure safe storage or safe lifting capability of the jumbo bags.

Once the bags get approved in the testing step, it means they are now ready for the customers to use them.

Types of FIBC bags

When we talk about jumbo bags, we picture a large load with great flexibility for ease of use. However, there are some vital things people must know and understand before purchasing them. Even though many clients already know about this, it will be better to discuss the type of FIBC bags you can get from Mahira polyglobal FIBC bags manufacturer. There is a wide range of jumbo bags available in the company, such as 4 Loop FIBC Bags, Standard Bags, Circular Cross Corner FIBC Bags, UN Bags, Type A, B, C & D bags, Heli bags, Q Bags/ Baffle Bags, Ventilated Bags, Liner & Conical bags,1 & 2 Loop FIBC Bags, Tunnel Loop FIBC Bags, etc. All these bag types have unique features. For example, ventilated bags have a unique design and ease of fabric that lets the air pass inside to keep the freshness of the stored items. Ventilated bags are primarily helpful for the food industry as you can store potatoes, onion, firewood logs, etc., in these bags.

On the other hand, there are liner bags specially designed to store moisture-sensitive products. Heli bags are the ones specially designed for helicopters to lift products stored in a heli bag. Among all types of FIBC bags, baffle bags are different in shape, and these are square. The unique square shape feature helps provide free movement to the products inside the bag and maximizes the space usage in the warehouse and shipping. You can also get bags with UN certification from the Indian Institute of packaging to ensure the safety of the products.

Furthermore, the options don’t end here. Due to the difference in industries, clients often require unique features in their products for particular uses. Mahira polyglobal being a trustworthy and honest FIBC bags manufacturer ensures customization of the bags and manufactures them with various segments based on their requirements. You can ask the company to manufacture jumbo bags with various top features such as Open top, full skirt, filing spout, conical top with filling tap, top flap, top flap closed with a zipper, box top with filling spout, filling faucet with star closure and bottom features such as Flat bottom discharge spout, conical base with discharge spout, discharge spout with star closure, open bottom system, bottom flap, discharge spout with IRIS closure, Double discharge spout.
Above all, these FIBC bags are long-lasting, durable and flexible, moisture resistant, available in coated, uncoated, printed, with or without pocket options, comfortable load, unload, economical, and reduces waste flows.

Screw barrels :

Screw barrel is an essential part of many applications when we look more profound in the industries. Several applications include plastic Extruder Machine, Injection, Moulding Machine, Recycling PP PE Pelleting Film Extruder, Blow Moulding Machine, Mono-Filament Machine, PP Film HDPE Film Machine. Furthermore, it is also necessary for XLPE Cable & PVC Cable Making Machine, LLDPE Tubing & HDPE Pile Machine, ABS Profile and PVC Profile Machine that require extruder screw barrel. If you work in any of these industries, you already know the importance of screw barrels. Extruder screw barrel is the tool or equipment necessary to enhance every device you use regardless of the industry.

Maintenance plays a vital role in keeping an extruder screw barrel work longer. Mahira polyglobal, one of the most popular screw barrel manufacturers, has gathered enough experience and knowledge to manufacture screw barrels that will last longer with less maintenance. However, various industries require some exceptional features in their extruder screw barrel. Due to the client’s requirement, the company manufactures a vast range of screw barrels such as vented & injection molding screw barrels, extrusion single & twin parallel screw barrels, bimetallic &SS screw barrels, etc. The list of screw barrels doesn’t end here. You can get extruder screw barrels in different designs with unique specifications according to your requirement.

If you are looking for the best extruder screw barrel, then Mahira polyglobal can be the best option. Mahira polyglobal being one of the best screw barrel manufacturers, their manufactured screw barrels come with various features. Features include smooth finishing, durable, long-lasting, comfortable installation, anti-corrosion, rust resistance, the robustness of the extruder machines, wear resistance, heat treatment, customizable options, and most importantly, rich quality with good performance.


Whether you want the best quality FIBC bags or the best screw barrels to improve the functionality of the machines, you can trust Mahira polyglobal. With years of experience and knowledge of industrial requirements, they manufacture the best products for their clients. Their vast range of manufactured jumbo bags and extruder screw barrels will help you find the best one to match your needs.

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