MBA in Supply Chain Management- Why this underrated specialisation is coming of age

MBA in Supply Chain Management

MBA in Supply Chain Management- Why this underrated specialisation is coming of age

Everyone knows an MBA is crucial in terms of helping your career move to the next level. However, a lot also depends on the specialisation you choose.

One specialisation which has gone under the radar is becoming popular again. You must be wondering what this specialisation is.

The name of the specialisation is Supply Chain Management. Let us give you more details about it.

What is an MBA in Supply Chain Management?

An MBA in Supply Chain Management is a 2 year postgraduate management degree. It helps you learn the ropes of logistics, from raw materials to finished goods.


While the exact eligibility criteria to be fulfilled varies with individual colleges, the basic criteria is as follows-

  • You need to be a graduate.
  • You need to have 50% average aggregate marks minimum during graduation. (For SC/ST it’s a little less.)
  • Final year graduation students can also apply.
  • Candidates must have appeared in one or more MBA entrance exams- CAT, MAT, CMAT, state entrance exams or any other recognised exam.

Why Supply Chain Management is becoming popular

The economy is picking up again post pandemic, and the manufacturing sector in particular is doing very well. The concept of work from home has given rise to e-commerce giants, and this has led to increased significance for an MBA in Supply Chain Management.

People want fast delivery of products straight to their homes so the need of the hour is improving the efficiency of logistics and supply chains.

Scope of an MBA in Supply Chain Management

Organisations and companies across the world are in dire need of managers who can keep track of stock and inventory, manage raw materials and maximise output. In fact, entire new departments are being set up for supply chain management so you will never be short of work options.

Job Opportunities

After completing your MBA in Supply Chain Management, you can choose to work in the private or public sector. Because of the nature of the specialisation, you will have to be present in the field for most of the jobs.

Some job profiles available to you include-

  • Supply Chain Manager- Dealing with the supplier, mediating between the company and supplier and ensuring cost effectiveness will be your responsibilities in this role.
  • Logistics Manager- You will be in charge of distribution of goods, maintaining efficiency in delivery and planning operations.
  • Project Manager- Heading a project means taking care of everything right from the start to the end keeping in mind all factors.
  • Transportation Manager- Coordinating and deciding on the delivery routes to ensure the smoothest and fastest delivery.
  • Industry Analyst- Conducting market research to find trends, predict future events and developing models. 

Global MBA

Another advantage of pursuing an MBA in Supply Chain Management is it’s increased demand abroad, which makes it an even more potent combination once you pair it with a Global Immersion Program.

You must be wondering what a Global MBA and Global Immersion Program is.

Well, a Global MBA or Global Immersion Program is an expedition to another country for a specified duration during your MBA. This expedition is undertaken so that you can gain an international perspective and widen your horizons.

A Global MBA program is extremely beneficial for the overall development of your personality as it lets you network, gain knowledge and much more.

Sunstone Eduversity is an higher education provider which offers a Global MBA as part of their Global Immersion Program. They give you the option of going on a 10-day expedition to Dubai, SIngapore or Malaysia during your MBA.


An MBA in Supply Chain Management is an excellent choice for your postgraduate degree, and if you get the chance to avail a Global MBA with it then there’s nothing better!


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