Mirrors in decoration: understand how to use this item in the bedroom

Mirrors in decoration: understand how to use this item in the bedroom

If there is a decoration item that never goes out of style, it is the mirror, it is able to provide elegance and personality to the environment and also increases the luminosity and the feeling of spaciousness of the room.

When it comes to bedroom decor, there are several ways to include mirrors in your project, whether as furniture upholstery, on wardrobe doors, over the bed, among many others. 

To help you decide the best way to use mirrors in your bedroom decor, we have prepared some tips that may be valuable for you.

Mirror position in the bedroom

Choosing the right place to place the mirror can make all the difference, depending on the effect you want to have there is a correct place to place the item , you can use this guide from forsimplytech it will help you. 

Several factors need to be taken into account when making this decision, remember that having too many mirrors in the bedroom can make the room confusing so plan carefully the best place to place the mirror in the bedroom.

Next, see the most interesting options for places in the bedroom to position a mirror.

On a free wall

A mirror on a free wall can add a lot to the decoration of the room, by reflecting the space it will still increase the feeling of spaciousness. You can opt for a multi-mirror composition, a single mirror, and even a full-wall model.

On top of the dresser or dressing table

When the purpose of the mirror is for you to get ready, placing it on a dresser or dressing table can be the best choice, as this way it is close to hair, accessories and makeup items and makes it easier for you to get ready. to quit.

On top of the bed

Placing a mirror over your bed can also be a very elegant way to decorate the room, it can be placed along the entire length of the wall or just over the head of the bed.

On the sides of the bed

An interesting variation for those who do not want to place the mirror on the bed is to position it next to the headboard, in this way you get a modern visual effect and add a lot of functionality, as the mirrors will serve a lot in everyday life. 

You can choose to place a mirror only on one side or even place one on each side symmetrically.

Where not to place the mirror in the bedroom

Some places, such as in front of the bed and on the ceiling, are not recommended to place mirrors, because they are places of a lot of eye contact and can end up getting tiring.

mirrored furniture

A very interesting alternative for those who want to add a mirror in the bedroom is to opt for mirrored furniture, there are many models of wardrobes that have one or all of the doors with a mirror, but it is not the only option, you can also invest in bedside tables or mirrored dressers.

If you want to decorate a room from scratch or make some intervention in the decor that has already become old, small details can make a big difference, such as placing a mirror, changing the headboard, adding differentiated pillows or a new blanket.

To stay on top of home and decoration trends be sure to follow our blog, here we always have tips and inspiration for you to decorate your home.


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