Most Popular Esports Games in 2022

You need to improve right away if you want to play video games professionally. The best esports games that may set you on your path to gaming glorie have been evaluated by us.

Your parents are either a) out of touch or b) blind to the future if they ever criticized your passion with video games as a tremendous waste of time.

Although it may seem unnecessarily harsh, this point of view has some validity. The competitive gaming division of the video game business, known as esports, has collected enormous audiences, enormous prize pools, and sponsorships that allow top players to turn their hobbies into successful jobs. In fact, according to research company Newzoo, esports will bring in $1.79 billion(Opens in a new window) annually by 2022.

Unfortunately, the current COVID-19 epidemic will probably have an impact on that sum. Despite the fact that many esports games have substantial online components, the big tournaments themselves are often conducted in spacious locations that don’t encourage social isolation. For instance, the 2019 Fortnite World Cup made its premiere at Arthur Ashe Stadium in New York City and attracted close to 20,000 spectators. Naturally, the 2020 competition was canceled, and Epic Games will not be hosting any live events in 2021. Similar to that, The International, a Dota 2 tournament, has been postponed indefinitely by Valve.

The Esports Games

Games from a variety of genres, both well-known and obscure, are included in esports. Do you like shooters? A rival playing Counter-Strike: Global: Offensive may be popped with some caps. Are you in the mood for an epic battle royale? You may play PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. Like sports? The NBA and Take-Two Interactive, producers of the wildly famous NBA 2K video game franchise, teamed together to establish the NBA 2K eLeague, fusing the two worlds together. Everyone may find a video game and associated scene in the esports world.

There may be too many options. The market is flooded with competitive, multiplayer video games, making it frightening to start playing or even just watching professional video gaming. Thankfully, our list of the top esports titles is here to point you in the right path. Every game vying for that delicious esports cash isn’t worth your attention, after all. There are a number of those as well.

The Criteria

The crew at PCMag has examined numerous esports-worthy games that are included in this list and highly suggests playing them. In fact, many of the games that we recommend playing are included in our roundup of the greatest PC games, but we also throw a few console gamers a bone or two.

A game just has to have official tournament support from its publisher to be taken into consideration for this guide’s inclusion. Despite the fact that we like many of the smaller, community-supported projects, like the amazing Tecmo Super Bowl community, we had to establish a cut-off point lest pretty much any competitive game considere deserving.

That’s all, then. If a well-known esports game is mentione here, it implies we haven’t reviewed it yet or didn’t give it a high enough rating to qualify. However, you can discover some of the top esports games played by amateurs and pros in 2021—and probably beyond—below. Dig in. And most importantly, enjoy yourself.

Apex Legends

Developer Respawn finally received the recognition it always deserved after producing two fantastic but underappreciated Titanfall games with the help of the wildly popular battle royale shooter Apex Legends.

In Apex Legends, which takes place in the Titanfall world, you may command agile soldiers as opposed to bulky robots. Fortunately, these vibrant individuals possess a wide range of distinctive skills. You may, for instance, use Mirage to disguise oneself and make holograms or Wraith to move between realities. Additionally, effective communication methods maintain team cohesion.

Thanks to its continuous competitions, Apex Legends has maintained its incredible momentum. View the highly substantial prize pools for forthcoming events by looking at the schedule(Opens in a new window).

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

A rich history of multiplayer first-person shooter games, including the original Counter-Strike and Counter-Strike: Source, served as the foundation for Valve’s Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s (CS: GO) 2012 release. Due in part to its well-established core gameplay and vibrant community, the fast-paced PC game still mostly competes well with more contemporary games years later.

However, CS: GO’s visuals are deteriorating and it lacks Overwatch’s depth of theme. However, many people like CS: GO’s straightforward gameplay and very competitive esports scene, which includes the Eleague Major, a contest with a $1 million prize.

Dota 2

Easy to learn, difficult to master This expression often use, particularly in the gaming industry. Defense of the Ancients 2 (Dota 2), one of the most well-known multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) games on the world, best embodies the maxim.

In this free-to-play MOBA, your goal is to choose one of the more than 100 playable Heroes and use their special skills, playing techniques, and other qualities to support your team’s victory.

If you’re ready to learn the ropes, the MOBA genre may be confusing to fans who are inexperienced with the play mechanics, but the yearly Dota 2 International features astronomical pay pots (more than $30 million!) and fierce rivalry that make the game an esport worth watching.

Dragon Ball FighterZ

The Dragon Ball series is one of the few anime franchises that naturally adapt to the fighting game format, along with Fist of the Northstar and Jo Jo’s Bizarre Adventure. The main focus of Akira Toriyama’s manga-turned-anime-turned-game series is buff monkey men, humans, aliens, and androids throwing blows in true earth-shattering conflicts that span numerous seasons, movies, and generations of characters.

The most recent video game in the series, Dragon Ball FighterZ, foregoes the arena brawling style of the Xenoverse games in favor of 3 vs. 3 tag-team combat on a 2D plane. One of the many factors holding Dragon Ball FighterZ up as one of the most exciting esports games is the gameplay change. Anyone looking for Super Saiyan pleasures may hop into this game because to its stunning design, fierce fighting, and simple control mechanism.

The anime fighter has a larger competitive environment thanks to Bandai Namco’s Dragon Ball FighterZ World Tour in addition to competing at Evo.


The battle royale game to beat is Fortnite. In fact, Epic Games said in early 2020 that a Travis Scott concert in-game helped Fortnite reach a record-breaking 12.3 million concurrent gamers during one session. The popularity of Fortnite is over the roof.

With easy gaming types, vibrant and outrageous visuals, and a top-notch building system, Fortnite has a lot going for it. Although the experience is hampered by clunky combat and the existence of microtransactions, lovers of the genre should still give it a try since it is a free-to-play title. Almost every platform that plays video games has the game.

Kyle “Bugha” Giersdorf, 16, won $3 million from a $30 million prize pool in the 2019 Fortnite World Cup.

The King of Fighters XIV

One of the greatest competitive fighting games available is SNK’s most recent installment in the venerable The King of Fighters series. It’s not the most attractive fighter in town, and it seldom tops Evo.

As exciting to watch as fighters with more notoriety, KOFXIV’s rich combo system, team-based action, large 58-person roster, variety of special attacks, supers, and offensive, defensive, and mobility choices all work together to create this. To be true, those same characteristics make KOFXIV a little challenging to master, but if you put in the effort, the results are very fulfilling.

Even though KOFXIV isn’t a core Evo game, the SNK World Championship series nevertheless provides support for it.

League of Legends

The finest MOBA game available is League of Legends, a free-to-play, multiplayer online battle arena game by Riot Games. Role playing, tower defense, and real-time strategy are all incorporated into its gameplay. Setting it apart from the countless cookie-cutter MOBAs that have saturated the market.

One of League of Legends’ strengths is how approachable it is. It does not imply the game lacks challenging fundamental gameplay components. League of Legends, which excels above MOBA games like Dota 2 and Heroes of the Storm. The epitome of how skillshots, cooldowns, special abilities, and equipment interact.

Riot Games sponsors the game in esports with the League of Legends Championship Series. The prize fund for the competition exceeds $2 million.

Mortal Kombat 11

The next Mortal Kombat game from NetherRealm Studios is much more than just the bloody cracks. Severed spines, and blood spurts that made the franchise famous. Mortal Kombat 11, the story-driven follow-up to Mortal Kombat X. It pits characters against one another in the past to change the course of the present.

The playability of the mercenaries, ninjas, gods, and monsters has improved thanks to new attacking. Defensive mechanisms as well as improved animation. As a consequence, Mortal Kombat 11 is a great starting place for those new to the series (or those who have fallen out of the habit).

Through its Mortal Kombat Pro Series esports program, NetherRealm Studios promotes Mortal Kombat 11.

Rocket League

One of the few sports games that connect to a real-life league. It gets a ton of esports adoration 2015’s unexpecte smash.

Rocket League is an absolute rush because to its fast-paced, car-based gameplay, powerful impacts. And spectacular shots on goal, particularly when played by pros. Just wait till you see someone with exceptional talents drive up a wall. Flip off of it, and score from center field if you thought your last-second goal was amazing.

The top players in the world do astounding feats during the Rocket League Championship Series. The most recent contest had a prize fund of $1 million.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is a fighting game with just as much competitive worth as any other. Despite Nintendo’s best efforts to claim otherwise.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is the largest and greatest illustration of a “platform fighter”. With its gameplay mechanics fusing mobility and battle in novel ways. When Ganondorf is unable to leap back onto the stage, his devastating assaults are of little use. Keeping up with everything gets difficult due to the enormous cast of diverse characters and the fast-paced conflicts.

Nintendo does often fund Super Smash Bros. Ultimate competitions, despite the fact that the corporation still prefers to keep the competitive scene at a distance. However, even if that funding stops, the grassroots scene will continue to thrive for years to come. Join them, then. Everybody is present!

Esports is a huge industry, and hundreds of eager competitors are fighting for a piece of the action. See the review of the Geometry Dash series for additional information on running games.

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