Most Popular MBA Entrance Exams in India

Most Popular MBA Entrance Exams in India

MBA has always been the most opted program and it is becoming popular day by day. When it comes to talking about choosing a career every parent wants their child to go for 2-3 options such as engineering, Management, IAS, PCS, and so on.  It is very surprising to see how well students are attracted to MBA. MBA is one of the courses that the students can learn after graduation. MBA course amplify the career of the student at a high volume. Know days most students are more interested in opting for the MBA degree also the students that are now working professionals and wanting to kick-start their career with better career opportunities and better job positions are also choosing the card of Masters of Business Administration degree as their foremost mostly chosen degree. 

After experiencing the corporate culture and realizing how much of a hassle it is to work as an employee, people are now wanting to see themselves either as an Entrepreneur or as a Manager. Either of those MBA degrees is helpful. But to gain the degree with hoping for better career opportunities one has to go with some of the entrance examinations that will lead you towards the best university for MBA and then more career opportunities. 

To gain admittance to an Masters of Business Administration program, one must write an entrance exam. Academic b-schools, particularly if you want to be able to gain a seat in the IIMs and Ivy League universities, are much sought after. to overachieve oneself Exams like CAT, GMAT, XAT, MAT, CMAT, and NMAT are required for entrance into a university. The Entrance tests also received the government’s permission via AICTE. Any MBA graduate does not only have the possibility of earning more but is likely to earn a better salary. It is not necessary to provide the enrollment requirements for business school entry, but it provides some assistance with career progression.

Most Popular MBA Entrance Exam

List of Masters of Business Administration Entrance Examination

  1. CAT Entrance Examination
  2. XAT Entrance Examination
  3. GMAT Entrance Examination
  4. CMAT Entrance Examination
  5. MAT Entrance Examination
  6. ATMA Entrance Examination
  7. NMAT Entrance Examination
  8. SNAP Entrance Examination
  9. IIFT Entrance Examination
  10. IRMA Entrance Examination
  11. MICAT Entrance Examination

Let us discuss these examinations in detail of how these exams are conducted and what you need to study as well as the fee structure and eligibility criteria before going for such examinations. 

  • CAT Entrance Examination
  • CAT Full Form: Common Admission Test
    CAT Eligibility: By graduation, it is likely that students will be 50% confident and 45% uncertain. They are still eligible to apply at the end of their final year.
  • CAT Exam Pattern: The test is entirely paperless which is  three hours long, but each section is made up of three segments of three hours, resulting in a total of six hours of time.
  • The entrance exam most often used by MBA and MBA programme schools in India is the Indian MPH-ExpandGMAT
  • CAT Exam Syllabus:

1.Quantitative Ability

  1. Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension
  2. Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning
  • CAT Exam Date: Tentatively in the month of November(last week) or December(first week). Please refer to the official website.
    CAT Exam Fee: 1800/- for General, 900/- for Reserved
    CAT official website:
  • XAT Entrance Exam 

XAT Full Form: Xavier Aptitude Test

Conducting Institute: Xavier School of Management

XAT Eligibility: According to the school’s requirements, candidates with any kind of degree may apply. They are still eligible to apply at the end of their final year.

 XAT Exam Pattern: Teacher preparation time is three and a half hours prior to each exam. the exam is composed of two sections: 1. essay and 2. quantitative section These recordings begin two hours and twenty minutes into the future and continue for two hours and twenty minutes.

Often for, mostly, extremely, it’s recommended that the CAT business schools administer XAT to first year MBA students for a more holistic assessment of their school applicants’ skillset.

 XAT Exam Syllabus:

Part I:

  1. Quantitative Ability
  2. English Language & Logical Reasoning
  3. Decision Making

Part II:

  1. GK
  2. Essay Writing

XAT Exam Date: January 2020. (Please check the official website).

XAT Exam Fee: 1700/-

XAT official website:

  • GMAT Entrance Exam 

GMAT Full Form: Graduate Management Aptitude Test

Conducting Institute: GMAC

GMAT Eligibility- A quality university education is needed. The age limit is 18 and up.

GMAT Exam Pattern: The test has 4 parts. 2 groups have half an hour, whilst the others have 75 minutes total hours were 3:30 minutes This test layout is special. It is dynamic testing If the first one answers correctly, the next stage of questions gets easier. Harder questions have higher grades.

GMAT Exam Syllabus:

  1. Analytical Writing Assessment
  2. Integrated Reasoning
  3. Quantitative Aptitude
  4. Verbal Reasoning

GMAT Exam Date:

GMAT Exam Fee: 15000 to 16000/-

GMAT official website:

  • MAT Entrance Exam

MAT Full Form: Management Aptitude Test

Conducting Institute: All India Management Association (AIMA)

MAT Eligibility: Any Graduate from recognized university can apply for the examination.

MAT Exam Pattern: Offline and online Students take a two-and-and-a-half-hour exam it has 5 parts, with each segment having 200 questions any segment has 30 minutes.

 MAT Exam Syllabus:

  1. Language Comprehension
  2. Mathematical Skills
  3. Data Analysis
  4. Intelligence & Critical Reasoning
  5. Indian & Global Environment

MAT Exam Dates: Feb, May, Sep, Dec-2020. For exam dates please refer to the official website.

MAT Exam Fee: 1550

MAT official website:

  • CMAT Entrance Exam

CMAT Full Form: Common Management Admission Test

Conducting Institute: AICTE

CMAT Eligibility: Any applicants and a bachelor’s degree with a grade point average of 50% will apply. Additionally, students who have completed their senior year can still apply.

 CMAT Exam Pattern-Exam length: 3 hours 25 questions in each of multiple choice If you get a correct answer, you get 4 marks; if you get it wrong, you lose 1. 

CMAT Exam Syllabus:

  1. Logical Reasoning
  2. Language Comprehension
  3. Quantitative Techniques
  4. Data Interpretation
  5. General Awareness

CMAT Exam Date: January 2020

CMAT Exam Fee: 1400/- for General. 700/- for Female and Reserved.

CMAT official website:

  • MICAT Entrance Exam

MICAT Full Form: MICA Admission Test

Conducting Institute: MICA Ahmedabad

MICAT Eligibility: The evaluation of those who have already graduated from recognized business schools like the CAT, MAT, and GMAT includes those who have already participated in these tests.

 MICAT Exam Pattern: Exam duration is 2 hours 45 minutes. Decisions should be made to suit an agenda.

 MICAT Exam Syllabus:

  1. Verbal Ability
  2. Quantitative Ability
  3. General Awareness
  4. Divergent and Convergent Thinking
  5. Essay/Story Writing
  6. Psychometric

MICAT Exam Date: Please refer to the official website.

MICAT Exam Fee: 1985/-

MICAT official website:

Conclusion of Most Popular MBA Entrance Exams

Here we have tried to mention some of the detailed information about the top examinations we have in the program of higher education in management that is MBA. We all know that Masters of Business Administration is a 2-year post-graduate degree in which one can enhance its business as well as management skills. Distance MBA is a good opportunity for those students who want to get the degree of the MBA but don’t have time to take regular classes because of some circumstances. By successfully clearing this examination one definitely gets world-class options of the universities to take admission and the university will lead them to more high position career opportunities in top MNCs and also abroad. 

There are many specific posts where students can apply after completing the distance MBA course that is listed below besides that students can open their own business by applying the strategies and can thrive in the path of career:-

  • Brand Manager
  • Human Resource Manager
  • Equity Research Analyst
  • Digital Marketing Manager
  • Marketing Manager

The aim of writing this blog is to spread correct information about the top MBA examinations. 


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