Mother’s Day Gift Ideas 2021 – A Guide to Gifts for Mom

The opportunity day to express your love to mom, Mother’s Day, is almost here. This blog guide will take you through the best Mother’s Day Gift Ideas.

History of Mother’s Day

We all have been buying Mother’s Day gifts for celebrating Mother’s Day for so long but does anyone know the history behind this day and why was it first celebrated? Well, it is difficult to say because several theories suggest the origination of Mother’s Day. According to the most common theory, this day was first celebrated by Greeks to congratulate their Goddesses but it has been evolved over the centuries.

Celebration with Mother’s Day Gifts

Different cultures celebrate Mother’s Day differently. For example, people of Thailand celebrate Mother’s Day in August on the occasion of their current queen’s birthday. However, most of the world celebrates Mother’s Day by showering their mother with gifts and love.

When the majority of people buy Mother’s Day gifts every year on the same day, it is obvious to run out of ideas. So we have come up with several unique Mother’s Day gift ideas for you.

  • A Photo Frame

If you are looking for something unique to gift to your mother on Mother’s Day, you may want to consider gifting her a framed photo. This gift is not unique but also very thoughtful. All you have to do is find a picture of your mom either alone or with you or someone very close to her heart, could be your father or anyone from your Grand Parents.

She will love receiving a frame of that picture as a gift from her child. This will let your love be known to her. You can even order a customized photo frame online from platforms that offer Mother’s Day gifts delivery in India.

  • A Netflix or Amazon Prime Subscription

Gone are the days when you had to sit in front of the TV at a certain time to watch a movie. Our mothers have a lot of responsibilities on their shoulders so they don’t get two, three consecutive hours to spare just for a movie.

But does this mean she has lost the right to entertainment? Absolutely not. Get her a Netflix or Amazon Prime subscription which will allow her to watch her desired movie or TV series whenever she has time and continues right from where she left off.

  • Jewelry

There is not a single gift more delicate than jewelry. Plus point, women love jewelry a lot and they value it. Growing up, you might have seen your mother carefully storing her jewelry only because she does not want it to get lost or tarnished.

Gift your mom a set of bangles or a really beautiful and delicate necklace that goes well with a lot of her outfits. She will keep your gift close to her heart and it will make her Mother’s Day super special.

You can find beautiful jewelry online as well. So if you cannot take out enough time to go to the market, you can order her gift online. There are many online businesses offering Mother’s Day gifts same-day delivery. This way, you will not have to pre-order the gift.

  • Flowers for your Mom

Have you ever come across a woman who does not like flowers? Maybe it is about their attractive and vibrant colors or their fragrance but every woman likes flowers  as a gift.

Other than that, flowers are a perfect gift for every occasion. You can send flowers to someone if you want to express your love, condolences, happiness, or apologies. Similarly, you can gift your mom a bunch of the best flowers for Mother’s Day to make her day a hundred times more special.

  • A Mother’s Day Cake

Although there should not be any reason to savor the taste of a cake, every occasion is incomplete until it is celebrated with a cake. Another best Mother’s Day gifts idea is to buy a Mother’s Day cake for your mother of her favorite flavor.

You can also try baking a cake for her. Even if you don’t know how to bake, there are several cake recipes available over the internet. Simply follow the instructions and bake a scrumptious cake for your mother. Knowing that you baked a cake exclusively for her, will make her feel very special indeed.

  • “Reasons Why I Love You” Jar

There is nothing more special than knowing someone put a lot of effort into making you happy. This is why DIY gifts are so popular and much loved by people. A jar filled with reasons why you love your mom is a great idea for a DIY gift.

Just cut out some chits from different colored papers and write down one reason why you love your mother on each of them. Fold these chits nicely and put them in a transparent jar.

  • A Saree

Sarees have been the most favorite traditional dress of Indian women since the beginning. Even if your mother does not wear saree regularly, she most probably wears them on special occasions. Also, women’s love for new clothes is infinite. She will love that you got her a saree and will not be able to wait to wear it.

There are several types of sarees that you may want to look into before you decide which type of saree you want to buy for her as a unique mother’s day gift.

  • A Handbag

Again, women’s obsession with fashion accessories is endless. They may have hundreds of handbags, yet they can always make room for one more. Handbags are also very useful for women since they have to carry essential stuff with them wherever they go.

However, good quality handbags are not available in the market at cheaper rates so as selfless as the mothers are, they think twice before spending a big amount on themselves. If you will gift your mother a nice handbag, she will be delighted and love you for it.

To conclude, our mothers always take care of us and ensure our happiness in every matter. Mother’s Day comes only once a year so make sure to make your mom feel special and loved by gifting her any of these items as a unique Mother’s Day Gift.


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