Move Windows Live Mail to New PC Using Manual Method

move windows live mail to new pc

Today, upgrading to a new pc is normal practice. The most difficult component of this action, is handling emails especially for desktop email clients. Due to the procedure’ intricacy, moving emails across computers can be challenging. Windows Live Mail users claim that this is the problem they are experiencing. Many people are curious to find out how to move Windows Live Mail to new PC. If you’re one of those folks, this piece offers the answers you’re hoping for.

There are various techniques that may be taken to convert Windows Live Mail and then save them to another machine. Unfortunately, not each of the offered solutions will be suitable for everyone. Exporting Windows Live Mail to another device may necessitate a variety of alternative techniques, each with its own set of steps. If you want to complete your assignment fast, you might find the ideas offered below useful.

How to Move Windows Live Mail to New PC? The Best Manual Approach

  1. Open Windows Live Mail on your new pc and go to the “Home” tab prior to actually hitting the “Sign In” button.
  2. Simply insert both your Windows Live username and password. This is the exact same Windows Live Username that you used on your prior computer.
  3. Click the “OK” button to log in. sending emails, addresses, and calendars without human intervention This solution only works with emails, contacts, and calendars hosted by Microsoft or Windows Live.

Remember: If you have numerous Windows Live Mail accounts on your old computer, you must migrate the email and contact information for each of the accounts separately.

Export Windows Live Mail Emails Manually to Another Machine

  1. Windows Live Messages needs a directory on your prior computer’s drive in order to import mail. Launch File Explorer by hitting “Ctrl-E,” then pick “Desktop” from the Preferences menu, then select the “Home” tab, and choose “New folder” from the list that displays.
  2. Choose the “File” option in Windows Live Mail, then “Export email,” and lastly “Email messages.”
  3. To pick the file format, pick “Microsoft Windows Live Mail” from the drop-down selection that displays. Then, select “Next” and “Browse.”
  4. Simply select all of the mail folders from Windows Live Mail that you wish to export, then click “Next” to complete the file transfer procedure to another computer. When the export is finished, select the “Finish” button.
  5. Easily plug an external hard disk or a USB flash drive. Transfer the exported email folder from the pc to an external hard disk or USB key. After you’ve completed uploading the files, disconnect the device and reconnect it to the new pc.
  6. Browse to the “File” menu in Windows Live Mail on your new machine and select “Import messages.”
  7. Choose “Windows Live Mail” from the list of file types, then click “Next,” then “Browse,” and navigate to the folder containing the emails to be exported.
  8. To move Windows Live Mail to new PC, select “Next” and then “Finish.”

The preceding section gives an overview of the two basic methods for moving messages from Windows Live Mail to another device. The procedures are manual, but they take time, and Windows Live Mail is the sole client that allows you to view your exported emails.

As a result, if you want a more acceptable method for copying messages from Windows Live Mail to another machine and opening them with other programs, you should have a look at the strategy offered below.

The Professional Way to Export Windows Live Mail to Another Computer

Using a Windows Live Mail Converter is the most productive and time-saving option for transferring emails from one system to another using Windows Live Mail. It is a tool that is entirely dedicated to Windows Live Mail and can transfer your data to a number of formats, including Html, Hotmail, Outlook, MBOX, and many others. As a result, users are not required to use your WLM account in order to view your WLM data on a new pc; rather, you are free to use your WLM files with any different account that you establish on your new pc.

The app provides only a few simple steps to transfer Windows Live Mail to another computer. We recommend that you follow all of the procedures outlined below so that you do not encounter any issues while using the program.

Step-by-step Guide to Export Microsoft Live Mail to Your New PC

  1. You may move Windows Live Mail to new PC by downloading, installing, and then launching the software on another computer.
  2. After launching the application, pick Open Windows Live Mail Accounts or Folder from the Open tab’s relevant drop-down menu.
  3. You may choose which WLM Folders to migrate by going to them and picking them.
  4. After you have submitted all WLM files to the program, you will be able to inspect the data before it is transformed.
  5. Now, under the Export menu, select the type of storage you wish to utilize. Select the PST as the saving option from the drop-down box if you wish to export Windows Live Mail to Outlook.
  6. You may choose the location of the extracted data by selecting the Browse button and browsing to a directory of your choice. Simply pressing the Save button will move Windows Live Mail to the destination computer.

After converting each file, you would be able to transfer your data to another computer using the USB stick.

Note: If you wish to store your WLM on the cloud server, for example, to export Windows Live Mail to Yahoo, choose the IMAP saving option from the drop-down menu. After that, you’ll be requested to provide your username and password before you can click the “Save” button.

Find Out More Information Regarding the Professional Approach

  1. Using the WLM transfer application, you may move Windows Live Mail to new PC in bulk.
  2. It can also export contact from Windows Live Mail and restore them on another PC.
  3. It allows you to examine WLM emails before transferring them to another account or PC.
  4. The hex ad raw mode included in the tool allows you to do a thorough study of Windows Live mail.
  5. It contains a search tool that allows you to find any specific property in a easiest way. You may find any specific Text or emails. You may set date range and apply email field to find any specific email.
  6. When you move folders in Windows Live Mail, you have over 25 different saving options to select from.
  7. It is compatible with Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, and any previous Windows version.


We have provided you with a number of practical techniques to move Windows Live Mail to new PC. You can use the manual method, which requires you to go through a number of steps and only allows you to open WLM files if you are signed into your WLM account. Also, you may use the automatic method, which requires only a few simple steps and allows you to convert Windows Live Mail to Windows 10 Mail as well as a range of other email accounts. You are free to analyze both of the techniques outlined above and choose the one that best meets your requirements.

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