Multivendor ECommerce Platform Right for Small Business?


An entrepreneur can get a lot of sales in a couple of minutes if he runs a multi-vendor ecommerce website. It is a great source to create a relationship with vendors who can get you good business. With the perfectly developed multi vendor marketplace platform you can accelerate your business development. There is a myth like only corporate businesses like Amazon, Flipkart, eBay can shine well in online business. But it is not true. Multi-vendor marketplace can bring unbelievable growth to small businesses. If properly used, the marketplace platform can get you good returns and you can gain high visibility.

How a multi-vendor marketplace platform can help a small business?

Less manpower – most of the operations like logistics and shipping, order processing, product data upgrade, and many more are done through automation. This requires less manual support and so you may not need additional manpower to handle things. Thus you can cut short your manpower expenses and can get returns with less manual work.

No office needed – today commercial buildings rents are high and it is very difficult for a small business to rent an office and to run the business. If you open a multi-vendor marketplace website, you may not have an office to function. All you need is a computer with internet connection. You can start your online store with minimum investment and can make good profit.

Quick launch – a multi-vendor marketplace website can be developed either by hiring a developer and building a customized platform or you can go with a readymade solution. If you are running a small business then you are recommended to go for a readymade solution. It is ready to launch a platform that will allow you to start selling products instantly and you can get profit at the initial stage itself. If you have enough money and time then you can go for customized development.

No inventory maintenance – when you own a multi vendor marketplace platform you need to get more vendors for your marketplace. Maintaining stock will not be your department and you can stay relaxed and just promote your marketplace platform that can bring more traffic to your multi-vendor marketplace website.

Select the revenue model that suits your business – multi-vendor marketplace software supports several revenue models that the admin can be benefited. One needs to analyze all the models and should combine the best models in his marketplace platform and should focus on increasing the revenue. Most multi-vendor marketplace platforms go well with commission models. You can set the commission slab and confirm with your vendors and can earn well.

Variety of products – when you add more vendors to your multi-vendor marketplace website, it means you are adding more products to your platform. Each vendor may sell his own products and the products can vary between vendors. When you have a variety of products in your platform it can attract more buyers and that will lead to increase in revenue.

What should be your contribution in making your multi-vendor marketplace platform successful?

So far you have understood how a multi-vendor marketplace platform will support a small business. But still from our side we need to contribute our efforts in developing the marketplace platform and make it recognized by the audience. Let us find out the ways how we can make the platform to be a successful one.

Promote your marketplace platform – although your multi-vendor marketplace website is built with search engine optimization, you need to put additional effort in promoting your platform. You can use all social media channels that can help you to get higher visibility. Select the social media platform that suits your audience and business and start running campaigns and even pay and run paid campaigns. You can have affiliate marketing for your multi-vendor marketplace software that can get you more visitors.

Analyze competitors – never underestimate your competitor. They are already in this business for years and they will have strong planning and strategy that can easily get the attention of the audience. You need to find out their offers and plans and should come out with the best plan that can attract the visitors to your platform easily. Always keep a track of your competitors and analyze all the events they conduct and do some study and research work.

Customer support – never fail to impress your customers as they are your brand ambassadors. Let your multi vendor ecommerce website provide best offers and discounts so that your customers will be satisfied and they will refer your marketplace platform to others. Through word-of-mouth you can get more visitors to your marketplace software. So always make your customers feel happy to shop in your marketplace platform.

Satisfy vendors – without vendors your marketplace platform can never be called as a multivendor platform. Satisfying vendors is one of the major tasks of any admin of the marketplace solution. You need to monitor the performance of the vendors and if any vendor is not performing then you need to motivate them by providing special offers and let them do sales and earn well through your marketplace platform. Only then they will stay and work with you. Else they will find some other multivendor marketplace platform and will leave your platform.

Secured payment gateways –the payment gateways that you integrate with your marketplace software should be familiar among buyers. Only then without any hesitation they will proceed to check out else they will abandon your site. Also your marketplace website should have HTTPS and should be integrated with SSL certification. Online users always have an aversion of paying online due to threats of hacking. Make them feel comfortable with your secured marketplace platform and do shopping without any fear.


If we take care of our role in maintaining the multi vendor marketplace software then without any doubt we can get the business that we expect. Keep your marketplace platform updated on a regular basis as many new advanced technologies are emerging in the market and people as well as your competitors are well aware of it. so you should always be on track and give your best in delivering a perfect marketplace solution to your customers.







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