Neelum Valley Tour Packages

Neelum Valley Tour packages

Neelum Valley Tour packages:

Neelum Valley, uniquely designed as an arch shape, is another beautiful tourist destination in northern Pakistan. Its unique beds, flowering waterfalls, sapphire lakes, and lush green mountains are, to put it mildly, amazing. Many area attractions include pastures and hills, ancient wooden stations, lake resorts, the ruins of ancient temples, the remains of ancient universities, and hiking.

Visit the entire valley and see everything that is with our group that will take you from Islamabad to the Kiran Valley. To fully experience the life of Kashmir, stay in a charming country house, or enjoy a romantic getaway in the Neelum Valley with your loved one. Our packages also allow you to combine two layers into one.

Pakistan Travel Guide Tour packages:

Pakistan Travel Guide offers the most luxurious and affordable Azad Kashmir tourism packages from Rawalpindi and Islamabad. Many ask if we are offering Neelam Azad Kashmir from Karachi to Neelum Valley, and we confirm that we are now offering these Neelum Valley Tour packages in 2020. In addition to these picturesque points, it is also rich in history with many beautiful places, such as Azad Kashmir Neelum Valley.

Neelum Valley Tour in 2020 Cheap packages:

Tourism in Azad Kashmir has a major impact on our tourism industry to promote the tourism culture in Pakistan. We offer various tour packages in Azad Kashmir’s Neelam Valley 2020 at the invitation of travelers who want to explore AJK Tourism in the Neelam Valley of Pakistan. We have Pakistani travel packages in AJK Tourism Neelam Valley, ranging from an economical tour package to a luxury travel package of 3 days and two nights basic package.

The best attractions in the Neelum Valley:

The Nilam Valley, one of the neighborhoods of Azad Kashmir, is a great place for Pakistan. This place is famous for its panoramas and beautiful views, which have proven to attract a lot of tourists.

Due to its flowing nature, the sapphire river is also popular for trout fishing. Due to the expand the number of tourists in the summer, the number of accommodation places in the area has increased. Neelum is a place you should include in your Pakistan travel package.

Here are some options that make your trip worth visiting the Neelum Valley:

Dhani Noseri waterfall

Dhani Noeseri is 33 km from Muzaffarabad and is known as the highest waterfall in the Neelum Valley. The best time tour this waterfall is from March to June when the water is in full swing. Its height is about 15 meters, which surprises tourists with its charming landscapes.

Kutton Jagran Resort

It is a beautiful resort for tourists who want to relax in a place surrounded by lush green mountains and the sound of flowing water. The resort is 10 km from the Jagran Valley and is easily accessible.

Kundal Shahi

It is another picturesque waterfall located 70 km from Muzaffarabad. The place is famous for its uniqueness, as Guglana Nohla collides with the river Neelum. There are many hotels available for tourist convenience.


Shard and Nardi, the two mountains are named after the princess, known for her charming appearance. The whole place is covered with many dense forests and hills. Boat enthusiasts can also ride here. There area lot of facilities in the area, such as hotels, post offices, and markets.

Pakistan Travel Guide offering cheap Neelum valley tour packages in Pakistan with comfort as well. Be safe be a comfort, and be happy with Pakistan Travel Guide.


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