NEET PG Exam 2021 Details and MD MS Admission Procedure

neet-pg-exam 2021

What is MS?

MD admission, requires NEET-PG entrance exam. PG medical course after MBBS moves you towards, the specialization in Doctor of medicine and surgery. With required eligibility score in NEET-PG entrance exam, students can enroll in MD and PG diploma courses.

MCC counselling is important for the students to have. As, students should be ready about what subjects they are going to choose for their Post-Graduation.

Eligibility criteria for MD Admission:

  • For MD Admission students need to have minimum 50% of score in Physics, Chemistry and Biology.
  • Students also must have qualified score in NEET-PG within the academic very in which they are applying in the university.
  • MD is conducted for 3 years for any particular specialization.

MD MS, PG degree programs takes student skills ahead. Students can also go for the government hospitals as a doctor or a private health firms. Doctor of Medicine and medical PG admission is one of the most recognized Post Graduation degree that is being pursued after completing MBBS, with the other being MS.

Advantages of MD Admission:

  • MD admission increases the chances of getting a perfect job as compared to the graduation degree courses.
  • MD course lead students to be at great level consultants or manager in reputed companies and private firms.
  • MD admission immense the students with great opportunities.
  • Doctor of Medicine allows them to earn an average initial salary of 3 – 6 lakhs, which completely depends on the individual’s field.

MCC counselling (Medical Counselling Committee) students need to register on the official website. Than can choose what type of counselling you want and can understand more about what courses you need to do and pursue for the PG degree.

Even students can also apply for MS Admission after qualifying CSIR/UGC NET exam. Students should be aware about these kind of information that’s why they should have NEET-PG counselling.

Step by Step Process: NEET PG Couselling 2021


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