Negative and Positive Effects of Technology in Academic Life

Negative and Positive Effects of Technology in Academic Life

In the 21st century, technology has become an essential part of everyday life. Therefore, innovative technological progress in the classrooms and educational programs did not take much time, which raises the question of whether education and several courses are supported or hindered by technological innovations for students and learners or not.

Use of Technology in Education

Innovative developments show that, instead of understanding several books and many books in the library to complete the course work, students now have access to electronic books primarily through their computers, laptops, and tablets (and many other tools). Facts and figures, statistics and almost even everything by one click.  For this purpose, the Nursing Assignments Example serves as the academic guidance platform to promote education.

Role of Social Media in Education

This is due to the blessing of technology, however, the group work also becomes very easier and faster than ever, so students can communicate directly with their friends on Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram or any other social media in different ways. According to a study conducted by the Internet and the Pew, American Research Centre revealed that 95% of children over 12 use the Internet and 80% use places on the Internet such as Facebook, Twitter, and My Space.

Social Media and Its Advantages 

Just think of all the photos, Instagram posts and Facebook statistics you’ve seen today. Instead of focusing on one adventure or movement at a time, students and young people often perform multiple tasks aggressively, which can result in everything they produce drastically reducing the quality of large missions, it can do many additional things. The Internet would have a devastating influence on student academic performance. Interpersonal interactions are also addictive, which means that young people are not always willing to focus on their studies as they should and can cause physical, mental and emotional fatigue. Life on the Internet has also become an education ground for digital examination, which can have terrible negative consequences. However, this gives us the opportunity to communicate with people around the world, which is the constructive reason for the simplification, although this can certainly lead to a boycott if 38% of students cannot live 10 minutes without using an Electronic device.

Technology as a Learning Platform

Some people consider technology to be an alternative to teachers, since a common American student needs up to 40 minutes a day, only 5% of the teacher’s day. For example, personal computer processes teaching materials for the teacher and the Internet everywhere, which means that during planned training you can adapt everywhere with technology and not always in the classroom. Similarly, technology can provide scientists with an internal and external understanding of what they do in the classroom, and smart copies and codes can provide a deeper understanding of the idea. Similarly, the technology provides an advanced and effective evaluation system that allows inspectors to analyze the results of previous tests and perform internal and external evaluations of information to give teachers a more wasteful picture of how students understand what they are being taught.


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