Newly Extended Kitchen? 8 Decorations To Incorporate


Have you just finished having a kitchen extension? You might know the different benefits of having home extensions such as it adds value to your property, you’ll have more space, and you can decorate it the way you like.

But the extension doesn’t end after the renovation itself because you still need to add a few more decorations so that everything will come together as if there was no dust covering your house for the past weeks.

In keeping with your decoration period, you should also decide the theme of your kitchen. Of course, if you already have it painted dark or contemporary-style, it’s decided. However, if the overall paint is neutral, then you can still add playful pieces.


Need some ideas that will help you improve and add personality to your newly-extended kitchen? Then you shouldn’t hesitate to read the list below!

1. Add some more chairs

Don’t let your island kitchen be alone. Instead, add a couple of bar stools that you can use if you want to spend some time in the kitchen.

The trick in choosing the right bar stools for your kitchen is that you should base the main material of the stools with the kitchen surrounding. For instance, if you have hardwood floors then go for stools made of wood.

Meanwhile, if your countertop and floors are made of tiles, you can choose stools that are made of steel. However, you should also think about the colour you’ll pick.

Shopping for barstools is a therapeutic idea, especially after having home extensions. It’s the time when you’re not stressed anymore so it’s enjoyable to stroll around the samples.

2. Display your special plates

Do you have a set of china dishes or any other plates you’re not planning to use unless celebrities or the royal family visit your home? Then instead of hiding them elsewhere, you should just display them.

Just like your other favourite things in your new kitchen, your special plates deserve to be seen. You can place them on an open shelf, but you can also keep them in a cabinet with glass doors. But another way to make use of their designs is to display them on a glass shelf beside your island counter.


3. Hang the pans or have a rack

Don’t be afraid to expose your pots and pans, especially if they’re new! So why not hang them on your ceiling or any other place in your kitchen?

Since pans and pots take a lot of space, it’s best if you use them as decorations. With that, your cabinets and drawers will now have another purpose. Imagine the other kitchen tools you can fit inside them that will make your kitchen look more clutter-free.

On the other hand, if you’re not a fan of hanging pots and pans, you can also have a rack that can prevent your cookware from making noise whenever you get one.

4. Add a pop-up colour

As mentioned before, if you have neutral or white paint on your new kitchen, you might need something to make the place look more lively. You can try adding some appliances, fixtures, and kitchen tools that have brighter colours.

Imagine having an all-white kitchen with a hint of the primary or your favourite colours. Isn’t it relaxing to have breakfast on a white countertop while sitting on a yellow bar stool?

On the other hand, you can also enjoy a neutral-coloured space with a touch of copper, gold, or silver.


5. Include some cookbooks

Do you still have the old cookbooks you first bought when you decided to try cooking? You may also have some old recipes from your grandmother kept in an album. Whether they’re old or new, your cookbooks should be displayed so that you can easily access them.

You can either have a shelf or just use big jars as makeshift bookends. Anyway, you can be as creative as you are because it’s nice to capture your personality even when it comes to minor details.

6. Don’t forget some herbs

If you love incorporating fresh herbs into your cooking, then you can include a designated rack or an open shelf where you can place your herbal plants. However, you should still take care of them based on their needs like bringing them outside to absorb sunlight.

Another good thing about having some herbal plants in your kitchen is not only because they can clean the air, but they also give off pleasant smells. For instance, if you have some basil, mint, and cilantro, your kitchen will often smell fresh and clean even without an air freshener.


7. Go for a bottle storage

Instead of keeping the bottles of wine, and other alcoholic beverages in a cabinet, you can create designated bottle storage. You can place a rack near the bar, or even have a bar trolley so you can easily have access to drinks.

On the other hand, if your bottles are non-alcoholic, a rack is also a great choice. But you can also use an open shelf as the storage for your bottles.

It’s important to include bottle storage in your initial home extension plan if you have a lot of bottles to store.

8. Select the best hanging lights

The hanging lights you see in the kitchen ceiling are also called pendant lights. They come in many different shapes and sizes. But aside from the kitchen, you can also see pendant lights in the dining area or living room.

When choosing the pendant light for your newly-extended kitchen, make sure that you consider its overall look. For instance, if you have a neutral-theme kitchen, and you want to maintain it that way, you can add pendant lights with rattan or wood designs.

Meanwhile, aside from choosing the design, you should also consider the colour of the lights. But nowadays, lights can be customised according to your needs, although they might cost a bit more.


Need more decors? It’s time to go shopping! Nothing’s more exciting than decorating home extensions, especially if it’s your favourite room. So don’t forget to share with us the must-have piece you bought for your new kitchen by commenting below.


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