NFTs- the headline-grabbing tokens EVER

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NFTs- the headline-grabbing tokens EVER

The world is still amazed by the inception of NFTs, and experts state that trend is here to stay for a long time. The most spoken tokens of the 21st century have been sold for millions at the modern-day auction houses, aka NFT Marketplaces. NFTs changed the lives of many budding and experienced content creators during the pandemic. In the current scenario, they are seen as pure bliss to individuals from various backgrounds.

Actually, what are NFTs?

Generally, NFTs are considered digital files that act as digital proof to certify the ownership of assets, including arts, images, audio, etc. They live on a blockchain, a distributed public ledger that records all major transactions. NFTs and blockchain technology afford real-time opportunities for original content creators to monetize their digital assets. Investors and creators have amassed astonishing testimonies as they can change their lives once for all.

Impact of NFTs in the business sectors

Since NFTs are all over the internet world, many individuals express their interest in exploring more about them to become productive. The digital sensation, not only benefits creators and collectors but also many BIG-NAME companies. Many top countries express their interest in stepping into the NFT space to develop their business. India is one of those nations that want to use this ongoing NFT saga. The trend has just kick-started in India, and there are a lot more in stock for us to witness in the coming days.

Why do businesses make use of NFTs?

Many business brands seek the NFT trend to take their business to the next stage of progression. The main business benefits of NFTs are given below:

  • Has the potential to create unique brand experiences
  • Create interest in your product or brand
  • Seen as a better revenue-generating option
  • Increases brand awareness
  • Encourages interaction

M&M Is All Set To March Into The NFT Universe This March!!!

The latest news dominating the internet world is Mahindra & Mahindra, a famous Indian Automobile giant that came up with the big announcement of their debut into the NFT space with its first-ever tranche of tokens to be based on Thar – the premium sports utility vehicle of the company. The auction is set to kick off on 29 March 2022 on “Mahindra Gallery” – the firm’s marketplace platform.

Noble Reason Behind The NFT Launch

The IT arm of Mahindra Group added that these NFTs would be released in collaboration with Tech Mahindra. The firm added that the money obtained from the auction would be going towards the project “Nanhi Kali” to support the education of underprivileged girl children in India. The winners of the closeout will be invited to Mahindra Adventure’s off-road Driver Training Academy or to the new state-of-the-art Mahindra SUV Proving Track to witness the thrill of 4×4 motoring.

Veejay Nakra, the CEO of the Automotive Division of Mahindra and Mahindra, said that the launch of NFTs is another step for the company to leverage the next frontier of digital marketing. He also added that with this launch, they would be able to provide a new set of experiences to their customers, build communities for their brands, and boost brand awareness among the public.

The company considers the launch a pride moment, and it is the first Indian Automotive OEM to march into the NFT space with the launch of its 1st tranche of tokens. The firm states that their first NFT offerings from Mahindra will be based on the Thar SUV and launched in collaboration with Tech Mahindra. The officials say that this launch will be extra-special as the partakers of the auction will be getting a unique chance to get hold of the first-ever NFTs of Mahindra Thar.

Closing Thoughts

NFTs have transformed as an unmatchable innovation since 2021, and their growth can move even further in the coming days. Without a doubt, NFTs have created a huge impact in the business world. Non-Fungible Tokens allow businesses to develop a digital proof of ownership and are capable of creating a one-of-a-kind experience for their customers.

We have just witnessed a glimpse of NFTs, and their real impact is to unfold over the coming years. Some view NFTs as a futuristic path-changer, whereas some view them as just a bubble.

Even with such mixed reactions, NFTs never stop their mission of offering massive profits to their users. The time is now for top businesses to elevate their business standards with NFTs.


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