No Sound Coming From Your TV? Here’s What The Problem May Be And How It Can Be Fixed  

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No Sound Coming From Your TV? Here’s What The Problem May Be And How It Can Be Fixed

There may be a number of reasons why the picture is clear but the sound is not. Check to verify whether the TV is on mute or low sound before concluding it is a broken speaker. Check to see if there are any headphones linked to the rear if that is acceptable. If your TV is linked to a receiver or surround sound system, make sure that it is turned on; otherwise, your TV won’t have any sound. Verify the connections of each cable to ensure they are all secure. See if there is sound on any further channels. If there is still no sound, it is likely that your TV’s circuit board or speakers are malfunctioning, and it has to be checked by a certified TV repair service in Pune

Sitting down to watch your favourite programme only to discover that the built-in TV speakers are no longer functional may be quite aggravating. Fortunately, there are a variety of diagnostic steps you may take to try to figure out why your television’s speakers stopped working. Try out these feasible solutions to get your TV’s audio back on if you’re wondering what to do when it has no sound right now.

One of the below-listed options can help you correct the issue. Not every one of them needs to be tried.

Causes of TV Sound Issues and Potential Fixes

Unfortunately, finding out that your television is silent is a rather typical issue. Don’t panic; there are a lot of possible explanations, and the most of them are straightforward problems that you can take care of on your own.

The different potential causes of TV sound issues are listed here, along with some simple fixes.

Before you start freaking out, keep a close check on the volume level. It can seem like a small factor in TV sound issues. Many individuals neglect to increase the TV’s volume and occasionally even leave it muted.

Checking the volume level and making sure it is both on and unmuted are the first and most crucial steps to do when a TV sound issue arises.

Look into your set-top box

You might also need to check the volume of the set-top box, also known as a cable box. If your TV is attached to one, to make sure it isn’t muted or turned down. Make sure the wires are correctly linked to the appropriate video input on your television for set-top boxes connected through an Audio/Video (A/V) connection.

TV cables that aren’t secured

Unsecured television wires may possibly be the cause of your TV’s silence. It’s possible that someone unintentionally severed the external speaker’s connector cord.

It’s possible that someone unintentionally severed a plug cord from the external speaker unit, preventing your TV from producing any sound. If any of the TV set cables are broken, you can buy a replacement cable.

Therefore, if your TV isn’t producing any sound, you should examine the cables to make sure. They are all attached and that none of them are cut, disconnected, or loose.

Damaged signal source

Another possible reason for TV sound issues is this. The TV signal’s source needs to be powerful and louder than 20 dB. By choosing Settings > Support > Self-diagnosis and then Signal Information, you can always fix this problem. Check the TV’s signal. It can be the answer to your TV sound problem.

Mainboard components are broken

The capacity of the TV to create sound will probably be impacted. If any of the mainboard components have a malfunction. The motherboard, often known as the mainboard, is similar to the spine of a television set.

Even though it can be challenging to identify a problem with the mainboard right away. If it is confirmed to be the cause, it is advised to purchase the necessary parts. However, this kind of repair typically falls outside the purview of a TV repair service in Pune. Knowledge and necessitates professional assistance. The TV sound would undoubtedly improve as a result.

Software for television

This is one additional reason a TV could not be making any sound. It’s possible that the driver or software is outdated. Which might impact some or all channels. Check to see if your TV software is up to date, and if not, update it as soon as you can. If your TV is online, you may update the software automatically or manually using a USB flash drive.

Broadcast an analogue signal

If your television has the analogue broadcast capability, you can think about tuning it to the analogue broadcast to check for noise. Simply check alternative reasons, such as playback content or connected appliances for sound, if there is any noise at all and it is coming from the television.

If there is no sound, you must continue and look for other problems with your television.

Verify your television’s MTS settings

The MTS settings of your television, notably whether they are set to MAIN or STEREO, are another issue to pay attention to. If there is just one speaker or the level is extremely low. The television is either not set to STEREO or may not be able to broadcast the signals generated by the STEREO settings. You might need to swap out or modify the source device to fix the sound problem.

Unplug all of the TV’s cables momentarily, then restart the TV

If your TV isn’t making any sound, you might be able to fix the problem temporarily by removing the linked cords. The television’s short-term memory is temporarily reset, which also helps with a few other problems.

Issue with input selection

Make that the input is adjusted correctly and that there are no wired or wireless headsets attached to the television. For instance, if Aux is chosen, the TV may not be able to make any noises.

Reset the TV to its default settings

If you reset your television to its factory settings, the sound will very certainly be restored even though all of your customised settings will be erased. To finish your restore factory settings, hold down the menu button for approximately 10 seconds.

Then, just follow the on-screen directions. If you’re trying to fix a TV sound issue, this should ideally be your last option.


You must choose whether to fix the TV or buy a new one if your testing reveals that the TV is the source of the issue. It is difficult to justify fixing any TV sets that aren’t brand-new and at the highest end because a replacement is typically less expensive than the repair. Especially with TV costs continually decreasing to unexpectedly low levels. However, based on how old your TV set is, you could still be covered by warranty and eligible to receive a new TV at no cost.

Did you intend to throw out that TV and waste your hard-earned cash? Or did you hire a repair company to fix it? Save yourself some frustration and try to learn how to deal with TVs without sound.

I really hope the preceding methods assist you in fixing the issue. Please feel free to contact TV repair service provider if you have any queries regarding the repair service for your television.


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