Office 365 Backup Tool to Backup Office 365 Mailbox

The vital benefit that Office 365 provides is the dynamic & collaborative environment for users. In simpler terms, it offers multiple advanced capabilities in a cloud-based environment while offering the best possible safety measures and data protection. But what instances force the user to look for taking backup of their Office 365 data.

Let’s look at some options to backup O365 emails through third-party Office 365 backup tools and conventional methods.

Microsoft Built-In Backup Solution

Microsoft Office 365 slightly differs from its on-premises version in terms of backup. Although, Office 365 offers safety against accidentally deleted data. Microsoft makes it possible to recover only within 93 days (Retention Period). There is no such inbuilt backup tool, and no one can utilize the already existing tool for the centralized backup.

As you have checked about the limitation of the Office 365 manual backup solution, all should look towards the third-party Office 365 backup solution. Keep reading this write-up to learn more details about the Office 365 backup tool, which facilitates users to timely schedule backup of their Office 365 mailboxes without any limitation.

Office 365 Backup

Third-party Office 365 Backup Tool

This software allows taking the backup of multiple mailboxes of a user’s Office 365 accounts. Although bundles of software exist in this niche, but Shoviv Office 365 backup & restore tool outclass all such software due to its advanced capabilities. The tool supports the backup of multiple mailboxes and enables the creation/running of more than one backup job concurrently. Using the tool, users can take the Office 365 backup into the PST file format.

You can even set the backup according to the given time frame (Daily, Weekly, and Monthly). More of its useful features are as follows:

  • The software offers better performance and ease of all its functions due to the better user interface. Both novices, as well as technocrats, will not find any hindrance while taking backup.
  • It offers the advanced incremental backup option, which takes the backup process to the next level. This feature enables to resume of the interrupted backup process while restricting duplicity.
  • Using all functionality is more accessible, and no technical skill or knowledge is required to utilize this software.
  • This tool also possesses the feature of backup only the required data. If you do not want the backup of complete Office 365, you can exclude a particular data using the filter option.
  • Users can also restore the backup file into the Office 365 account while maintaining data integrity.
  • The software also facilitates users with the complete backup process report after the end of the backup.


As the organization’s data grows up, the need for a backup solution increases. Office 365 does not have any proper native tool to back up their data, so relying on a third-party Office 365 backup tool becomes obvious. One of them we have discussed in this blog, you can start looking at its free demo version to test the working capabilities.


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