Office Party Ideas That’ll Have Everyone Buzzing for Weeks


Many office parties are so captivating that everyone talks about it for weeks and months. Some employees hash out about such parties even after leaving your company. It is quite a challenge for an organization to please and appease everyone at the event. No matter if it is a pre-holiday office party, the big Halloween bash, or the Independence Day celebration – you need to plan something that tickles everyone at the party, that too, in the pre-defined budget.

Apparently, organizations cannot avoid these events and occasions, as they want their employees to offload their work-related stress and relax and enjoy some moments of fun. These activities supposedly fasten an individual’s creativity and innovative thinking apart from boosting productivity.

If you have been tasked to organize a fun-filled, engaging office party next month, here are some of the epic party ideas you can consider –

  1. Trivia Night for Party–

A night or evening dedicated to nothing but trivial talks! Such events can be organized once every year or quarter. The day of the event could be your company’s foundation day or the birthday of boss or super boss. It could also be the last Friday of the quarter.

To engage each employee in the event, prepare a list of trivial questions related to the company, bosses and managers, general knowledge, IQ, and news affairs. Shoot these questions through emails or through portable PA system. The winner would be the one who answers most questions correctly.

And the winner should receive a special gift from the company, which could be anything – such a paid day off or some holiday package.

  1. Last Decade’s Fashion Parade –

For your upcoming office party, you can ask individuals, teams, or departments in your office to dress up in something from last decade’s fashion trend. This is going to be an exciting party and everyone would love to be a part of it.

Use retro lights to decorate your office for the occasion. To add some activity to the party, call people up on the stage, and ask them to perform something funny, such as comic acts, hand/magic tricks, etc. This could also be a singing, dancing, or standup comedy competition.

You can have such events every month, possibly on the first or last Fridays.

  1. Karaoke Fest –

Karaoke is everyone’s favorite. Rent karaoke equipment; place some balloons and decorative ribbons all over your office walls; and the office is now ready for the party.

Such events can be organized once or twice every month, though the frequency depends entirely on your budget and organization’s event calendar.

Owner, CEO, bosses, (a few) clients, managers, workers and assistants – everyone performs at the event and the winner surely takes home a beautiful, personalized gift. This will be an energetic event and a great employee engagement activity.

You can turn the karaoke fests into themed parties as well, by setting a festival- or occasion-inspired dress code.

  1. A Mini Food Festival for office party–

You can organize a small yet happening food festival within your office premises. Set the day of the event, and encourage your employees to bring popular home-cooked foods popular in their community.

This way, you will get to taste tens of varieties of food from different cultures. And there will be no expenses on you. However, organizing a potluck event like this will require you to extend your office’s lunch hours and arrange for beverages.

You will also be required to reward and recognize the best dish at the office event. You can plan such events weekly.

  1. Office’s Got Talent –

As the name may suggest, it would be a small-scale, in-office version of America’s Got Talent! Keep everything same – there will be performers displaying their jaw-dropping talent of music, dance and creative talent.

And there will be judges too, who will judge and declare the winner the same day without any emotional drama as shown on the popular reality show. The winner gets loads of appreciation along with a personalized gift.

  1. Bake Off –

Say back off to workplace stress and pave way for some creativity with – Bake Off Gala. Invite applications from your employees to participate in the ultimate baking championship.

The event can go for several weeks, but it should not be longer than a month. The winner of each round goes to the next level and in the fourth week, you decide the winner.

  1. Office Tours to the Woods for Party –

This is going to be the most memorable office event for your employees. And it could be your chance to celebrate your foundation day or big project win.

You can take this opportunity to appreciate teams and individuals through Rewards and Recognition programs in this event.

Book a luxury bus and take all your employees to a nearby jungle resort away from work stress and busy city lifestyle.

And The Party Should End with…

The very idea of organizing office parties and employee engagement activities is to make your teams and employees feel that you care for them and understand that you don’t want them to just work.

To finish off each event you organize, have plans for rewards. Don’t hesitate to offer unique gifts as a reward.

Some of the popular gift ideas for office events are – water bottles, gadgets, fitness equipment, eco-friendly products, t-shirts, cigars, smoking pipes, and wine bottles.

Do give your gifts a touch of personalization with custom labels and stickers.

For all the events you organize, excluding potluck, foods and drinks should be provided from office.

Bottom Line –

To conclude, here are a few tips and tricks to help you organize an office event that not only engages employees but also helps improve their productivity and that everyone will buzz for weeks –

  • Plan activities and book /order your requirements early.
  • Think from employee wellbeing standpoint.
  • Get fresh and theme-based decoration for every party.
  • Engage some employees and engage them in planning too.
  • Have a separate budget for drinks. And also, set a limit for drinking.
  • Send a list of do’s, don’ts, and etiquettes for the party through emails.

You should consider every event an opportunity to recognize and reward deserving employees and make it an occasion special for them.


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