One of the Best Pilgrimage Spot in India – Chardham

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We all have heard about the pilgrimage spot in India as Chardham and are also aware of its religious importance. As the name suggests, four places are considered in the Chardham of India very important for the Hindus. If you are planning a family visit, you must plan for the best pilgrimage spot and Chardham is no lesser. All the old people will love to go to the chardham yatra tour package from delhi and you will get many blessings of theirs. The names of these Chardham are Puri, Rameshwaram, Dwarka, and Badrinath.


Puri is one of the locations of Chardham and is situated in the east direction of Odisha. It is one of the oldest cities in the state and the Eastern region of India. It is particularly known for the deity of goddess Subhadra who was the sister of Lord Krishna and she is worshipped along with her brothers who were Lord Bala Bhadra and Lord Jagannath. The temple was built almost a thousand years ago and it was built by Rajyatritiyaanang Bheem Deva and Raja Choda Ganga Deva. This place is of Hai religious importance for the Hindus and the Jains.


Rameshwaram is located in the south direction of India. It is in the state of Tamil Nadu and is one very important spot of Chardham. Its exact location is in the Gulf of Mannar which is at the tip of the Indian peninsula. It is believed this place was where Lord Ram came and built a bridge called Ram Setu along with Lord Lakshman, Lord Hanuman, and other devotees to reach his wife Sita who had been kidnapped by Ravan. This Bridge was built with the help of radioactive material which is highly important and it can be used for the generation of electricity for many years. You will find the temple of Lord Ram over here and also one of the famous 12 Jyotirlingas.


Dwarka is the next location of Chardham and it is situated in the western part of India in Gujarat. Its exact location is at the Confluence of Gomti River and the Arabian Sea. One very important fact associated with the temple of Dwarka is that it has been submitted by the seawater 6 times and there that has caused serious damage to the temple.


This is the 4th spot of Chardham and it is also considered highly sacred. It is situated in Uttarakhand in the Garhwal Hills. It is located on the banks of river Alaknanda between the mountain ranges of Nar and Narayan. It is also in the shadow of a peak called Neelkanth. This Neelkanth peak is 6,560 meters high. This is one of the spots where you can also visit Bhim Kund, Charan Paduka, Mata Murti, Vyas gufa, mana, mukh of the Saraswati River, etc. All these tourist spots fall in the range of 3 kilometers of Badrinath. Along with the Chardham yatra tour, you can also enjoy Delhi one day tour package.


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