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The sleeping bag is one of the essential kids accessories. The sleeping bag is a sleeping product that wraps the baby’s body and prevents the baby from being kicked during sleep. The task of caring for babies around the clock and caring for their sleep at night has become an unbearable burden for young mothers. As a sleeping product that can prevent babies from getting cold, baby sleeping bags came into being and are very popular among young parents. Because of the baby sleeping bag, there is no need to worry about the baby kicking the quilt in the middle of the night, and parents can sleep well. In fact, in addition to preventing babies from kicking the quilt and catching a cold, baby sleeping bags also have a good effect and can reduce the occurrence of sudden infant death syndrome. However, how to buy a good sleeping bag is very special. Different styles and characteristics are different, and the styles used by babies at each stage are different. In addition to the style, other factors need to be considered, such as warmth retention, comfort, convenience, use time, economy, etc. In order to help you better buy sleeping bags, I summarized my experience in wholesale kids accessories, to share with you how to choose baby sleeping bags.

Different styles of sleeping bags are suitable for children at different stages

    1. 0-3 Months Old Baby: Wrapped Sleeping Bag

      The wrapped sleeping bag can wrap the baby’s hands and hips, restore the baby’s feeling in the mother’s womb, relieve the startle reflex caused by the incomplete neurodevelopment of the newborn, and make the baby sleep more peacefully, which is especially suitable for newborns; this There are usually two ways to wear a sleeping bag. When you are not sleeping or after a full moon, you can change it to wear with your hands and hips outside. This allows the baby to move freely without affecting the baby’s growth and development.

    2. 6-12 Months Old Baby: Closed Sleeping Bag

      The closed sleeping bag refers to the type of sleeping bag with the lower part completely closed, including mushroom sleeping bag and gourd sleeping bag, etc. It is also the type that moms often buy. It has the advantages of strong warmth retention, anti-kicking, and convenient diaper changing.

    3. 6 Months-2 Years Old Baby: Split-leg Sleeping Bag

      The split-leg sleeping bag is actually like a relatively loose jumpsuit, seamlessly connected, will not leak air, warm and comfortable, and highly flexible. Whether the baby wants to kick, roll, or lie down, it will not be restricted. Meet the baby’s physiological characteristics.

  1. 2 Months-3 Years Old Baby: Growing Sleeping Bag

    The biggest advantage of the ever-growing sleeping bag is that it is multifunctional, detachable, comfortable and warm, and easy to change diapers. It can be used as a long-sleeved closed sleeping bag, or it can be broken down into a simple and convenient blanket. Disassemble and assemble sleeping bags with different functions. In addition, the sleeping bag is a growth type, has a long service life and is cost-effective. High-quality growth sleeping bags can actually last two to three years.

Attention when buying:

  • Sleeping bag style selection:

    It is strongly recommended to choose a sleeping bag with a bottom seal. If the baby’s calves are exposed, it is easy to kick the quilt off the frozen baby. The opened zipper is not easy to unfold, there is a gap between the buttons or buttons, and the baby’s feet will stick out from the middle, especially the buttons will be kicked open.

  • The thickness of the sleeping bag:

    There are baby sleeping bags on the market that are suitable for spring and autumn, and some are suitable for winter. When choosing a sleeping bag, you must consider the climate where you are located, and then consider what physique your baby belongs to before deciding on the thickness of the sleeping bag to buy.

  • The color of the sleeping bag:

    Considering the unsafe factors in fabric printing and dyeing, it is recommended that everyone try to choose a sleeping bag with white or light monochrome lining. Avoid unnecessary pollution as much as possible.

  • Sleeping bag workmanship:

    When choosing a sleeping bag, in addition to looking at the sleeping bag’s logo, pay special attention to the design of some small parts, such as whether the two ends of the zipper are protected, and make sure that it will not scratch the baby’s skin.

  • Sleeping bag size:

    Of course, sleeping bags suitable for babies are the best. From an economic point of view, a longer sleeping bag is better. A high-quality sleeping bag can be used many times in winter without any problems. The extended sleeping bag can be adjusted appropriately according to the size of the baby, which is very economical.

  • A number of sleeping bags:

    2-3 are enough to hold a baby. Most mothers are willing to wear diapers on their babies at night. It is almost impossible for babies to wet the bed, so they can only be changed twice. If your baby is only a few months old, it is recommended that you choose a quilt-style sleeping bag and a vest-style sleeping bag.

  • Washing of folding sleeping bags:

    No matter what kind of sleeping bag you choose, for your baby’s health, it is recommended that you wash the sleeping bag first after you buy it and dry it before giving it to your baby.

The sleeping bag is one of the essential accessories for children. It can not only prevent children from catching cold at night, but also reduce the chance of sudden infant death syndrome. Our wholesale kids accessories are very safe and reliable in terms of quality and price. If you are interested in our products, you are welcome to browse our website and find your favorite styles. The above is for everyone to share about the styles of the baby sleeping bag and the points that need to be paid attention to when buying. Thank you for reading, and sincerely wish you a suitable product.

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