Oracle introduces new updates to its Oracle Fusion scm & Manufacturing offering

oracle fusion scm

If situations happen fast, users could be ready with technologies which really boost sustainability and assist users in organising for excellence much further than your for another transition. Oracle Fusion Cloud SCM integrates your supply chain with a toolset of cloud business applications designed and developed to keep change initiatives. For more information on this adoptive technology definitely Oracle fusion cloud SCM training helps you a lot to make organizations functions more agile and resilient.

Do you know that most companies around the world use Oracle Fusion Cloud Supply Chain Management in their supply chain management? Oracle Fusion Could SCM helps the organisations to improve their supply chain operations, planning and execution processes across their whole business. It also provides a better customer experience. Oracle has added some new features to Oracle Fusion SCM to make it more efficient in business processes and functions. So to use this product, we must understand it.

Oracle Fusion Supply Chain Management (SCM) is a suite of applications that provides a flexible architecture, complete functional coverage, best-in-class capabilities, integrated and modular deployment. Oracle SCM enables the organizations to transform their operations and deliver operational excellence.   


Before learning about the new updates that Oracle introduces for its oracle fusion cloud SCM, we will explore what is oracle cloud SCM and its attractive features in a more detailed way.


Oracle Fusion SCM:

Oracle SCM (Supply Chain Management Cloud) is a cloud-based application built by Oracle. It unifies end-to-end business processes considering the changing supply chain needs of the modern enterprises.

It incorporates the digital supply chain with capabilities that include product innovation, strategic material sourcing, outsourced manufacturing, integrated logistics, Omni channel fulfillment, and integrated demand and supply planning, which makes Oracle SCM Cloud the most comprehensive SCM suite in the cloud. Oracle SCM Cloud allows to deploy functionality incrementally, with minimal risk, lower cost, and maximum flexibility—all with the benefit of ongoing functional innovation and operating a more sustainable supply chain.


Oracle fusion supply chain management virtually guarantees that the oracle fusion distributed order, oracle fusion global order promising and oracle fusion procurement are implemented quickly, smoothly, and successfully. Oracle Fusion SCM Modules can assist you in increasing the knowledge of the configuration options so that you really can make effective choices during the project implementation.


Oracle Cloud SCM is highly competitive in ERP supply chain management. Oracle transitioned to Cloud ERP application domains to entice small and medium-sized businesses. Because the business’s revenue increased significantly, Oracle was able to successfully implement the Oracle Fusion SCM applications.

Oracle Fusion is a combination of applications that are specially designed for medium and large scale businesses. Fusion applications can be integrated with each other and can offer efficiency in business operations and functions. Oracle Fusion applications could be used in any of the business areas like Customer relationship management, business process management, financial, procurement, human capital management, supply chain management and governance, risk and compliance. We can install and run Fusion applications in a company’s data centre or host and run it in a cloud computing environment. We can even access some of its features and capabilities from a tablet or smartphone. 

Supply chain management refers to the management of the products and services flow right from the beginning of developing a product to the consumption. It also involves the movement and storage of the raw material, which are involved in the work process, inventory and furnished goods. Its main aim is to relate and monitor the production, shipment and distribution of products and services. Supply chain management uses different approaches and strategies in every step of the process for viewing the complete chain and working efficiently.

Every step in the process aims to minimise the costs and helps the companies to enhance their performance while creating stakeholder and customer values. This process also can minimise the prices by avoiding unnecessary handling, movements and expenses. Oracle Fusion Supply Chain Management is a cloud-based product developed by Oracle.

It is used in managing supply and demand. It also manages the resources, demand and material requirements. It combines business processes taking into account the changing needs of the supply chain of modern enterprises. It allows the deployment of increasing features at low cost, with maximum flexibility and low risk. The key elements related to Oracle Fusion cloud SCM are manufacturing, inventory, cost management, order management, planning, global order promising, pricing, shipping execution and product management.


Now we will explore the Oracle cloud SCM benefits. They are:


  • Helps in Optimizing the business performance: With adaptable and robust supply chain planning, manufacturing, and implementation, you can keep improving prediction accuracy, cooperation, and end-to-end accessibility. Incorporated, technological advancements which assist you adjust to different circumstances will allow you to increase operational efficiency even when lowering costs.

  • Perform excellently with intelligence: Utilize user experience, organisational, machine, and demand planning to forecast trends, model contexts, and successfully implement. Accelerate technology, modify plans and strategies more rapidly, lead to the expansion, and integrate supply chain implementation to keep up with change.

  • Outstanding customer experience: Satisfy the customers by supplying perfect orders and the first service with an ensure the effectiveness for sales, service, and supply chain management. With interpersonal, mobile, and internet connectivity available anywhere at time and from any location, you can intend, work, and collaborate more effectively.


Now we will discuss the Oracle new updates to its Oracle fusion Cloud SCM in detail.


Oracle introduces new updates to its Oracle Fusion Cloud Supply Chain & Manufacturing.


Oracle officially revealed new logistics activities within Oracle Fusion Cloud Supply Chain & Manufacturing to help companies in enhancing the speed of their global supply chains (SCM). Oracle Transportation Management (OTM) and Oracle Global Trade Management (GTM), both components of Oracle Cloud SCM, have been updated to assist consumers lower costs, produce greater decisions, and boost sales.


Oracle Fusion Cloud Supply Chain & Manufacturing (SCM) offering, that also attaches shippers’ supply chains with an effort and compliance of cloud business applications, had also obtained new updates. Rick Jewell, the senior vice president of Oracle Application development said that ours is a competent, robust, cloud platform that delivers good results with continuous updates as well. These emerging technologies in Oracle Cloud SCM will enable our clients to adapt to situations more efficiently and effectively, focus entirely on shifting new markets, organize seamless activities, and travel longer economic activity.


Here are the new updates to the Oracle fusion cloud SCM are:


  • For distinct business sectors, new manufacturing work schedules promote manufacturing plant throughput and resource usage. With drag-and-drop abilities, real-time predictive analysis to supervise project delivery, and actual work order synchronization with Oracle Manufacturing, this component assists clients in managing work schedules.

  • New Order Management Capabilities: Boost Oracle Order Management users’ efficiency and customer experience by moving on with other activities whereas huge orders are placed in the context, in order to support the implementation of fast and secure credit card transactions.

  • New Procurement Capabilities: Modernize and streamline the supply chain process of new auction pre-bidding functionalities which assist providers in preparing future for agreements; professional agreement factors which enhance service agreement integrity of data; and broadened sales orders management of the supply chain that help users in much more efficiently.

  • Demands for Routine Maintenance via the Oracle Help Desk: Enhance openness and resource upkeep by allowing any staff member to disclose facility and asset-related repairs inconsistencies rapidly and effortlessly.

  • Lot Split, Merge, and Translation Services: To reach alliance support needs, encourage clients to divide heaps into smaller groups, combine smaller lots into one large lot, and start moving units to a new bunch (translate) utilizing REST and file-based data import (FBDI).

  • Users will be able to observe key features of their resources and obtain a comprehensive view of their manufacturing line outcome.


Oracle also introduced new logistics operations to Oracle Cloud SCM aimed at assisting shippers in planning, adapting to disruptions, and exceeding customer expectations, such as:


  • Assist customers in accurately forecasting commute times, lowering the costs affiliated with unscheduled delays, and increasing operational efficiencies.

  • Implement feature-based machine learning on OTM information to verify insights and anticipate transit times for scheduled deliveries to increase the accuracy and cost reductions. Furthermore, drivers could now finish a delivery using the Oracle IoT Fleet Monitoring mobile app.

  • Clients can decrease costs and simplify shipments by using IoT sensor-based surveillance to track hardware, trailers, and containers, as well as check the status of the cargo or inventory being transported, thanks to out-of-the-box integration between OTM and Oracle IoT Intelligent Apps.

  • Ensures maximum profitability and competitive advantage. Consumers using this function to meet the criteria goods toward worldwide trade deals in place to bolster client sales orders and internal audit order processes.

Oracle SCM has received new updates aimed at assisting shippers in improving global supply chain efficiencies.


Oracle ministry announced that the new features are for Oracle Fusion Cloud Global SCM subsets Oracle Transportation Management (OTM) and Oracle Global Trade Management and are aimed at assisting shipping companies in reducing costs, making proper planning choices, and improving user experience.


Companies throughout all business sectors are reinventing their supply chains to concentrate on adaptability and endure prospective disruptions and we want to assist our clients in this effort. Clients can now accept secure and robust supply chains to keep business functioning properly thanks to improvements to Oracle Transportation Management and Oracle Global Trade Management.


According to the Oracle executive, the most significant advantages of these improvements for shippers are improved communication, productivity, and computerized business intelligence.

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