As we enter the second quarter of 2024, a new dating scene movement has been developing and that is, the phenomenon of the Passport Bros .

But who are these Passport Bros? What do they do?

The Passport Bros are men from Western countries who simply have had enough of the dating scene in their country of origin (US, Canada, Australia and even Europe). According to them, they are tired of the games that women play these days. They are totally annoyed that women are very materialistic and don’t appreciate them and judge them based on their income.

It’s a known fact that the dating scene these days is very hard. Women are very independent and many of them are looking for a wealthy guy or someone who can advance their career or simply someone who can support them.

Most men are not really into this, they want a normal woman, someone genuine who would love them for who they are and who would appreciate them.

That’s why the Passport Bros movement has started. These Passport Bros men, grab their passport and travel to different countries to meet women, develop something serious and eventually bring them back to their country. Their main destinations are Thailand and the Philippines where women are very sweet, genuine, are good wives and love foreign men.

As a matter of fact, women in Asia prefer foreign men than a local guy.

The Passport Bros movement begun in 2023 but lately, more and more videos of these Western men travelling to Asia are popping on TikTok and Instagram left and right.

A website that speaks in detail about the Passport Bros, is . This website is actually a very well detailed guide that was written by 2 Passport Bros who explain very well which countries to visit, how to meet local women, where to stay, where to take dates and even on how to find employment in the assumption the Passport Bro is interested in living overseas rather than his country of origin.

If this whole Passport Bro subject relates to you, then visiting this site is highly recommended. It has all the necessary information to decide to pursue such trip and find love or a girlfriend overseas.


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