Payment Gateway Thailand

If you require a payment gateway available in Thailand, then you are at the right place. Amald has been supporting merchants from South East Asia consisting of countries such as the Philippines, Laos, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Thailand with payment gateways and international merchant accounts. The main benefit of working with Amald is that the merchants get the chance to receive payments from customers in multiple countries using different currencies. It refers to Thailand-based businesses that can easily receive payments from several parts of the world consisting of the US, Europe, and many more. Amald is glad to offer payment gateway solutions in Thailand.

Features Of the Best Payment Gateway Available In Thailand


Before accepting the merchant account contract. You must consider the following features that will assist you in identifying the payment gateway company which is delivering the best deal.

  • Lower prices for credit card transactions. In any scenario, you should not be paying extremely high transaction fees. Whereas, most payment gateway providers and third-party payment processors charge high MDR which refers to Merchant Discount Rate.
  • Quick Settlement to Thailand Merchant Account. Despite some high-risk merchants, most businesses should be able to get quick payments from the payment service providers.
  • Fewer Documents Required. Online payment service providers in Thailand should require fewer documents to activate your payment gateway platform. Whereas, sometimes payment providers may ask for additional documents to verify several details.
  • Multi-currency acceptance. Thailand tempts a huge number of customers around the world. Most travelers prefer to make their living arrangements before arriving in Thailand. However, they like to pay in their native currency. If you have a business in Thailand and you prefer to receive online payments in your merchant account. Then your payment gateway provider should allow you to accept payments in various currencies.

High-Risk Payment Gateway Available in Thailand


As in every other country, merchants from Thailand may also be labeled as high-risk merchants. These businesses need a specific payment gateway and which is called a high-risk payment gateway. However, it is expected to get applications to be refused by domestic payment service providers if the merchant belongs to a high-risk industry such as:


  1. Travel
  2. Forex Binary
  3. Cryptocurrency
  4. Pharmacy
  5. Online Dating
  6. Tech Support
  7. Forex Coaching and Training
  8. Immigration Consultancy
  9. Nutraceuticals
  10. Herbal
  11. Hotels
  12. Spa


As we know, there are many high-risk payment gateway providers available in Thailand. Amald functions with a large number of payment service providers. Some of them are not interested in analyzing your application. So, if you have valid documents and do not attract generally high credit risk. Then there is a big chance to initiate receiving credit cards, debit cards, ACH, and other alternate payment methods from other parts of the world faster.

Credit Card Processing In Thailand


Provide more wings to your Thai business. And receive online payments via credit card processing easily. Let us explore your business requirements, and find the lowest prices for your industry type. We do not approach local credit card processors only but we also approach global processors that can assist you in decreasing your transaction fees and a monthly charge of the account.

High-Risk Credit Card Processing In Thailand


There are a lot of complications in high-risk credit card processing in Thailand. Because most of the local payment processing companies clearly say a no to merchants of high-risk industries. Only some payment service providers have the facilities to provide high-risk processing to Thailand-based merchants.

Do not worry, fill out an online application form for a merchant account and we will contact you very soon.

Moreover, eCommerce credit card processing in Thailand. Most eCommerce websites in Thailand are searching for selling products or services to customers globally. Amald is experienced in providing payment services to eCommerce merchants. We will be glad to add services to Thailand-based businesses.








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