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Pharmacy Career- Marwadi University

A career in pharmacy can pave the way for you to begin in the healthcare sector. The healthcare sector is growing immensely across the globe, and it’s apparent that the growth of the pharmaceutical industry is linked directly to the healthcare sector.

Aspirants interested in building a career in the medical field but do not want to become a medical professional have a pharmacy education as a perfect option. A pharmacy career is about developing and distributing medicines needed to treat patients.

Many people believe that a pharmacy career is nothing but a gateway for aspirants to work in medical stores, hospital, clinic pharmacies or chemist shops. However, a pharmacy career goes much beyond these job roles, considering the advancements and growing trends in pharmacy.

All in all, the significance of pharmacy education is pretty high, owing to its demand in manufacturing medicines to cure diseases. Undoubtedly, with the extension in the pharmaceutical industry, the career opportunities and options for higher studies are outpacing immensely.


Why Choose a Career in the Field of Pharmacy? 

Pharmacy course has been the most sought-after by students having science (PCB) background. The pharmacy career is a much lucrative one and here are some reasons why:

  • Since pharmacy education is industry-oriented and includes practical application, the career opportunities in the field are extensive.
  • Pharmacy course graduates research extensively to manufacture new drugs, check their quality and get employment in R&D, medical marketing, hospitals etc.
  • Pharmacists work as a connection between medical practitioners and patients. Doctors and medical professionals need pharmacists concerning medicines for patients and other related aspects, so pharmacists are an integral part of the healthcare sector.
  • As always said, a pharmacy career is recession-proof. No matter what, there’s always going to be a job for a pharmacist because people fall ill, and they need medicines to recover.
  • A pharmacy degree can also help you work in the regulatory bodies as a drug inspector or drug controller of a state in India.
  • Anyway, pharmacists are in demand at any hour of the day, so to maintain a work-life balance, a pharmacist can work flexibly based on convenience, as the business will be there any time of the day.


How to Become a Pharmacist in India?

To become a pharmacist in India, you need to study a pharmacy course from a recognized university in India. For getting admission to a pharmacy course, the course eligibility is that the students need to complete 10+2 classes with physics, chemistry and biology as their core subjects.

On completion of class 12th, students can opt for any of the below-stated undergraduate pharmacy courses:

  1. Bachelor of Pharmacy
  2. Doctor of Pharmacy
  3. Diploma in Pharmacy


Out of these three courses, the most popular undergraduate course that most students opt for is Bachelor of Pharmacy (B. Pharma).

To become a successful pharmacist, study Bachelor of Pharmacy course from the best pharmacy college like Marwadi University that offers exceptional placement opportunities and advanced education under PhD faculties, using a hands-on learning approach and through high-tech labs.


What You Will Study in a Pharmacy Course? 

The undergraduate pharmacy courses are prepared to develop well-trained professionals in the pharma industry. Generally, in the pharmacy course, students learn about pharmaceutical engineering, drugs & medicines, usage and risks of medicines, medicinal chemistry, pharmacology, etc. They also learn how to develop medicines, conduct tests for quality checks, and maintain laboratory standards.

Upon completion of a pharmacy course, students can start their careers by taking a job in the private or public sector, and they can also consider being self-employed. Moreover, those who wish to upgrade their knowledge further in the field of pharmacy can opt for higher studies. No matter what you choose, there are unlimited opportunities open for you in the pharmacy career.


Scope of Pharmacy: 

Students have now progressed beyond the realm of traditional choices like MBBS or BDS and have started to consider pharmacy as a lucrative career option, given the career prospects field offers. Plus, in the Covid-19 time, wherein almost every business got a hit, the pharma sector continues to grow tremendously.

Moreover, with scientists relying more on new technology to predict health issues, the pharma sector has also started to shift towards becoming technology-driven. The career options in pharmacy are moving towards data analysis, technology-based research, market intelligence, computational and management roles now.

With an impeccable technological transition in every aspect of our life, the career scope in the pharma sector seems to be thriving because the whole healthcare sector is also moving towards the technology-driven operation.


Career Options after a Pharmacy Course: 

You can look forward to a lot of career opportunities after completing the pharmacy course. The three ways to move ahead in the pharma sector are:

  • Higher Education
  • Go for a Job
  • Self-employment


Higher Education:  

One of the best options is to add to your existing education in pharmacy by going for higher study. There are a good number of popular postgraduate courses that you can pursue in the field of pharmacy.


Popular Postgraduate Courses to Study after Pharmacy:

  • Master of Pharmacy
  • MBA in Pharmaceutical Management
  • MSc in Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  • PGDM in Drug Store Management
  • PGDM in Clinical Trial Management
  • Pharm D

There are several other pharmacy courses you can consider based on your choice and preferences.


Job Opportunities after Pharmacy Course: 

Indian Pharmaceutical Industry is the greatest dispenser of generic drugs, and nearly half of the generic drug demand globally is met by India. Also, the Covid-19 era has raised the need for pharmaceutical professionals highly. Some job opportunities that graduates can pick from after completing the pharmacy course are:

  • Pharmacist
  • Scientist
  • Research Officer
  • Drug Inspector
  • Science Writer
  • Drug Therapist
  • Clinical Research Associate
  • Quality Control Associate


Become Self-Employed:

Students willing to start something of their own can set up a drugstore. As India is a hub for generic drugs, the scope and earnings both are immense here. Post completion of your pharmacy course, you can:

  • Be a drug store owner
  • Start a drug manufacturing unit
  • Become a wholesale supplier for drugs


What are Some Pharmacy Trends for 2021 & Beyond? 

The unlikely occurrence of Covid-19 has brought significant changes in the pharmaceutical industry. The pharma sector is beholding a boundless revamp, as new technologies are being involved in drug discovery and vaccine composition. The new and upcoming technologies, investments, growing pharma start-ups etc., are expanding pharma industry trends for 2021 and upcoming years.


Pharma Trends for 2021 and Ahead: 

Artificial Intelligence for Advanced Drug Discovery

Research and development are a cornerstone for the pharma industry, and implementing AI in the pharma sector would be worthwhile. AI will boost R&D, support the development of advanced drugs, save time and sources and provide affordable medicines to patients. AI will help find drug molecules, form compounds and help the process of synthesizing molecules efficiently.


Automation in Pharma Supply Chain

Covid-19 has highlighted the need for a quick and productive supply chain for medicines, vaccines and oxygen support. So, implementing automation in the pharma supply chain is much-needed. The application of automation in the pharma industry will be free from flaws, flexible, adaptable, cost-effective, and ensure smooth distribution of life-saving medicines and medical supplies.


Growing Digitization

Digitization was already happening in the pharmaceutical industry, although the Covid-19 pandemic expedited it. Digitization helped the government to keep track records of public health data & vaccine drives and maintain the healthcare facilities of the nation effectively. Moreover, the leading pharma companies have already started to gear their employees with digital tools that support access over classified data.


Beyond the Pill

With growing technology, people have started to seek using health remedies that go beyond the standard pill. The ”beyond the pill” approach got its emphasis through smart wearables, trackers and health-based applications that monitor and enhance the overall body health of the patient every day. Since these health-centric tech innovations attract customers and investors, the companies have their eyes on medically-driven solutions curated by pharma companies.


Renewing the Manufacturing Procedure

Growing demand for improved and affordable medication in the market has compelled pharmaceutical companies to make modifications in their manufacturing processes. Many pharma companies have begun to apply 3D printers and bioprinters for tissue engineering, organ engineering and regenerative medicine, which created a great influence in revolutionizing the manufacturing processes of the sector.


Patient-Centric Healthcare

Now, with the coronavirus pandemic, the pharma sector has become aware of the need for patient-focused healthcare. Because of the severity of symptoms amongst covid-19 patients, it came to the light of medical professionals that for every person having the same disease might not require the same treatment. The treatment will vary based on the symptoms of the patient. Thus, one can notice a shift towards patient-centric healthcare since the pandemic. It will be very Promising trend for 2021 and beyond.

As witnessed, it is one of the most promising and growing fields to pursue your career in. You have access to innumerable career opportunities in the pharmaceutical industry. Plus, you get the chance to serve society and enhance the lives of people, which is a wondrous thing in itself!


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