Phases of Interior Design Process: Are You Doing it Right?

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A while ago, near our infamous water cooler, one of my colleagues exclaimed, “I’m all in with innovation in construction but what’s a room without some beauty, texture and space?” It got me thinking. She was right. A home, without a personal sense of style is well… just a house. Your place must be the right mix of function and style. Whether it’s your apartment or your corporate office or your industrial plant, it is important to maintain the atmosphere of your space. This is where Interior fit out company in London process comes into play. Let’s try and understand what this is and what different phases lead to excellent interiors.

These processes are:

1-Strategic Planning Phase

2-Conceptual Development Phase

3-Design Development Phase

 Strategic Planning Phase:

Our first step when we take up an interior design drafting services project is to inspect the job site and do a walkthrough. Unlike construction, interior design a very personal affair. To get into the shoes of your client, it is imperative that you get to know them.Our experts learn about your family, your pets, the kind of things you like doing, the surroundings of your house and the way you like things in your house. In order for us to create a personal design for you and your family, we need to learn as much as we can about you.

Don’t take it the wrong way. We only care so much to give you a beautiful living space, not too much to creep you out! *No eerie music in the background and this is the essence of the Strategic Planning Phase. Mutually deciding on ideas which bring your vision to life! Other than this, your budget and goals are also key features in deciding which design to go with. In a nutshell, we aspire to give you a design which is per your taste without burning a hole in your pocket.

Conceptual Development Phase:

During the conceptual development, we try to add functionality to your space. The era of the 90’s and 80’s property is gone – most properties built during this time have either been renovated or have been brought down to create new structures in their place.

The modern client is favoring open spaces – meaning there’s going to be several awkward open spaces left for drafting experts to resolve. During the conceptual development phase, spaces are made functional so that they blend in well with the overall style.

Salient Features of Conceptual Development Phase:

1-Ideas are converted into sketches.

2-The illustrations include basic site plans, simple elevations, new floor plans to make use of blank spaces and rough sections.

3-These are sent to client for review.

4-Design is finalized after approval.

Design Development Phase:

You see, once you approve the design, we’re all set to let our creative juices flow. The Interior fit out company in london development phase is all about adding details to your design. The idea is to create a fusion of your approve design with your architectural style. Say your house is a Mid-Century Modern. What kind of style detail would accentuate the furnishing? How do you hide the HVAC better? There are multiple questions that need a lot of thought and our designers are literally experts in doing so. The same goes for Transitional Styles, Pacific-Northwest Styles, Modern-Rustic or Minimalistic structures.



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