Planning To Launch An On-demand Multi Services App? Here Are The Key Takeaways

On-demand Multi Services App

Well, hello! We have been acquainted with online services over the years, and it has become an integral part of our busy lifestyles. While there are many applications that offer individual services like food delivery, bill payment, grocery delivery, what if there is a single app that provides all types of services? It would be of utmost benefit to users, as they don’t have to switch over different applications. Also, as a business provider, you should consider solving the real-time problems of users. Therefore, the multi services apps are beneficial for both provider and users.

Let us unearth this topic on multi services apps by looking at the significance, revenue models, and factors to note down before developing the multi services app.

Determinants To Consider Before Developing The Multi Services Apps

  • Research On Target Audience

Knowing your potential audience is the first step before rolling out your services. You must analyze whether your services will be useful to your target audience. In this context, customer preference may vary from region to region or country to country. For example, in some regions, ride-hailing services may be in demand, whereas in other regions, delivery services may be in great demand. Therefore, it is important to know the services that are in demand among potential customers.

  • Pick A Business Model

Once you have done your research on the target audience, you must then choose a business model. What does a business model infer? Business model refers to how you frame your business which includes your value propositions, target market, competitive advantage, resources, revenue streams, and of course, the resources. Some of the general types of business models include

  • Subscription model – Where the users will pay to access the service or the product based on monthly or yearly subscriptions.
  • Freemium model – Here, customers can use certain features of the app for free, yet some features can be accessed only after paying the subscription fees.
  • Aggregated model – The aggregated business model is common in multi services business, where multiple sellers or service providers come together under a single platform and offer the services.
  • Choose The Sources Of Revenue

Deciding on the sources of revenue for your business is another important factor to consider. Some crucial sources of revenue include subscription fees, commission fees, app listings, in-app advertising, etc.,

Multi services App Development

As we have covered all the preliminary stages in setting up a business, it’s time for app development. Developing an app for providing multiple services is not a simple task. The app must be sturdy enough to accommodate all the services and offer uninterrupted functionalities throughout. Therefore, you must pour the utmost attention to developing the app.

If developing an app for multiple services is your concern, then the Gojek clone comes as a saviour. Gojek is one of the early pioneers in multi services apps. Gojek Clone is simply a replica of Gojek, where the app is mounted with similar features. Another crucial perk of clone app development is the ability to custom-build the app. Yes, you can decide the features, UI/UX of the app so as to stick with your user’s preferences.

What Is The App Package Of Gojek Clone?

  • Android app for users and service providers.
  • iOS app for users and service providers.
  • Android and iOS apps for delivery persons/drivers.
  • Admin Panel.
  • Website

Some Award-winning Features Of The Multi Services App

Getting along with the trend is inevitable, especially for businesses. To stand out from the rivalries, it is important to keep pace with the trend and offer services accordingly. One of the latest trends that are making rounds is on-demand delivery services. Users find on-demand services as the most beneficial for accomplishing their needs.

To sort out the purpose of delivering services the Gojke-like apps are developed by most of the businesses. What is so special about the app? The app can serve several deliveries and other services like food delivery, beauty services, grocery delivery, etc. Well, you have to know the features of the app.

Schedule services – Users can schedule services according to their convenient timings. For example, if a user wants to avail of a food delivery service, he/she can mention the time of delivery.

Live tracking – Be it users or drivers; Both can track each other’s locations through the live tracking feature so that there will be transparency in knowing the locations.

Live navigation – To help the drivers in finding the shortest route to the customer’s location, the live navigation feature comes in handy. Drivers can turn on the live navigation feature on their app and start driving towards the customer’s location.

Accept or Reject requests – When a customer requests for a service, it is the service provider who decides whether to accept or reject the request. 

Service history – Service providers can keep a check on the number of service requests received, processed, and rejected using the service history feature.

Order tracking – Not only users but the service providers can also track orders. Yes, after dispatching the orders, service providers can track orders to confirm whether they reach customers on time.

Geofencing – To provide security to drivers, Geofencing is highly useful. It will keep tracking the location of the driver so as to assure the safety of the driver.

In-app wallet – Every time a user avails of service, he/she has to make the payment by choosing the payment mode. To cut off this hassle, users can make use of the in-app payment wallet. Whenever a user avails of service, the concerned amount will be deducted from the wallet.

In-app chat/call – While the app contains these many useful features, why not the chat/call facility? Users can make use of the chat/call feature to converse with the service provider or the driver.


I hope that you have got a clear understanding of Gojek clone app development. In the forthcoming years, multi services apps will gain popularity as they have a huge demand among users. As said earlier, concentrate on your target audience so that you can provide services accordingly. Also, it is highly important to upgrade your services according to the current trends. All the best!


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