Planning to Propose? 5 Marriage Proposals on TV Shows to Get Inspiration from


Whether you’re asking your special someone to marry you in an intimate or public setting, you still need to think about what to do. Aside from that, there are lots of things to consider before you get down on one knee, and ask the biggest question of all time. Some of the factors to consider are timing, readiness, and how to do it.

However, if you’re down to the planning and preparation stage, you’ll need some inspiration to make it more meaningful. Sure, it’ll be as awesome as it can be since you love each other, but making the right move is also nice.


So before you buy an Argyle diamond engagement ring, and ask your partner to marry you, check the list below for inspirations!

1. Monica and Chandler

None of the six friends’ engagements were as romantic as the engagement of Monica and Chandler. This kind of proposal will help you if ever your plans didn’t work at first. Most especially if you already have an Argyle diamond engagement ring.

So, Chandler already got the ring, and he’s planning to propose to Monica on their dinner date. The others were also excited and even wished Chandler good luck before they leave the apartment. He’s planning to do it after the champagne glasses have been filled. And instead of proposing a toast, he’ll propose for a wedding.

Unfortunately, when Chandler is about to start, Monica’s ex-boyfriend, Richard, walks into the restaurant. What’s even worse is that after seeing Monica that night, Richards visits her at work and confesses that he’s still in love with her.  He also wants to marry her, and have kids with her.

Meanwhile, Chandler talks to Monica about how he probably won’t ever get married. Things went crazy, and Chandlers thinks he messed everything up. Fortunately, when he entered their apartment where Monica is standing surrounded by candles.

2. Cece and Schmidt

Although this one’s a bit impulsive since Schmidt just knew that Cece is still in love with him, it’s like they’ve been working on it for a long time.

Cece and Schmidt realise they still both love each other. It happened even after a roller-coaster kind of relationship and an attempt for a clean break. Although before they accept that they can’t move on, Schmidt tries to throw away all the stuff that reminds him of Cece. When he realises he still can’t let go, he even has to pay a bigger amount just to get all the stuff back.

Meanwhile, Cece also wants to move on so she climbs a mountain alone. When she reaches the peak, that’s when she knew she has to tell Schmidt what she feels.

Both of them want to find each other but end up meeting at the door of the loft. When Cece tells Schmidt about her feelings, he also starts to say great things about their past. And before you knew it, he proposed!

The most romantic part about this proposal is that Schmidt has the bill he put on his “douchebag jar” when he said he’ll marry Cece when they first met. It really covers up for not having an Argyle diamond engagement ring.

3. Robin and Barney

If you’re the risky type of couple, then you can get some tips on Barney’s playbook. It’s consists of 15 steps where he tells Robin that they’re not for each other. As the steps get higher, Robin realises that she wants to be with Barney.

Further, even after Taed told Robin that Barney’s getting engaged with Patrice, she goes after them just to tell Barney how she feels. When she reached the rooftop, she finds the last page of Barney’s playbook which is where everything that happened for the past weeks is written.

The setting confuses Robin, especially when she sees Barney. Fortunately, everything turns great when Barney asked her to turn the last page over where the last step of the playbook is written. And the last step says, “Hope she says yes”.

When she looks at Barney, he’s already down on one knee and then proposes.


4. Lorelai and Luke

Do you ever wonder what it feels like to just look at your partner while they talk, and realise how much you wanted to be with them for the rest of your lives?

Lorelai and Luke’s engagement may not involve romantic candles, or sweet music (they don’t even have something to toast with), but it’s a precious moment.

It happened when Lorelai went to Luke’s diner to get some coffee. She then started to rant about Rory dropping out of Yale, and how her parents didn’t back her up in convincing Rory to go back to school.

After Lorelai explained everything, Luke then came up with some ridiculous ideas that involve guarding Rory every single day. Although these ideas make Lorelai smiles, she continues listening to Luke. When she’s not responding anymore, Luke asks her, “What?”. Then Lorelai suddenly asks Luke if he wants to marry her.

5. Amy and Jake

Halloween heist was declared as a part of the yearly tradition of the 99th precint. This time, they need to have the cummerbund which has the engraved words, “Amazing Human/Genius” at midnight. People who are involved in the heist have their plans to get the cummerbund.

At first, Jake and Charles work together but Charles betrayed Jake. Then, he finds out that Charles teamed up with Rosa and Terry. They hide the cummerbund, and when Hold thought he has it, Amy swooped in and hides the cummerbund in a safe.

Jake finds out what Amy’s hiding so he proceeds to confuse everyone with “Handmaids” walking in circles. After that, Amy thinks she still has the cummerbund, but it was already gone. She followed Jake into the file room only to find out that Jake doesn’t have the cummerbund.

Instead, Jake has another cummerbund with the words, “Amy Santiago, will you marry me?” engraved on it. At first, Amy thinks it’s part of the heist but Jake tells her it’s real while kneeling, and holding a ring. Do you think it’s an Argyle diamond engagement ring?

Kidding aside, it’s great to see a couple like Jake and Amy who enjoy playing around but can still get as serious as they can be. Maybe this is the kind of proposal you would like to consider.


You should start binge-watching these TV series to get the whole feeling, and if you want to know more about each proposal. It’ll be perfect for this holiday season, plus you can also watch them with your soon-to-be fiancé. Don’t forget to let us know which one inspires you the most by leaving a comment below!


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