Power Transformers – Know How To Purchase One

Transformer Manufacturing Company in India
Transformer Manufacturing Company in India

A power transformer is an electrical element used for generating and transforming high voltages rated above 2000 MVA. It transforms voltage from one circuit to one or more alternative current systems without changing its frequency but of different voltage and current values. Power transformers are designed for step-up and step-down application in high voltage areas ensuring maximum efficiency up to 100%. It is a static device operating based on the principle of electromagnetic induction and an alternating current (AC) supply. Ettgroups is one of the best Transformer Manufacturing Company in India.

Power Transformers enable spectacular applications in power distribution centers, power generation plants, and different industries. As the function is quite technical, the buyer should know the basics of technical efficiency as the color and design have no major role to play with. Let’s discuss important factors to keep in mind while purchasing a Power Transformer.

  1. Efficiency – A Standard Factor

The standard of a transformer is denoted by its efficient function avoiding any kind of loss. Its construction and function should be designed in a perfect manner that can avoid any kind of loss i.e. load losses or no load. Even if there is no equipment or load, a certain magnetizing current should be there to enable the core function. The function of the power transformer gets affected if a certain current or energy loss is evident. The resistance due to winding can cause certain transformer losses when the loads are varying. Therefore effective design, manufacturing, and function determine the standard of the power transformer.

  1. Defined Primary and Secondary Level 

Before making a decision, you must be aware of the HV and LV levels of the power transformer. They are designed for step-up and step-down voltages, so check your requirement and understand the voltage ratios of the min and max sides. The difference in ratio affects the price of the power transformers.

  1. Total MVA of All Loads 

If you are buying a power transformer for a power plant or industry, you must be aware of the total MVA of all loads. Keep in mind the capacity, size, and nature of the equipment to which the power transformer would supply voltage.

3 . Capacity And Size of Power Transformer 

Along with the capacity and size of the instrument, consider the capacity and size of the power transformer also. The transformer’s capacity should be of a higher size to assure a buffer and minimize the risk of overloading. For example, if you want a power transformer with a capacity of 8.5MVA, You should purchase one with 9 MVA or any other nearby higher standard for a safe side.

  1. Current Density

Current density means current flowing through a unit cross-sectional area per unit time. Checking current density is very important as both the primary and the secondary windings should have the same current density. As per your requirements, the current density can be specified by checking the star or delta connections, windings, etc.

  1. Impedance 

Impedance is defined as the drop of voltage due to leakage resistance and winding resistance, denoted by percentage. Try to opt for the power transformers with a lower impedance percentage that will minimize the current fault that happens in the function.

  1. The Winding Of The Power Transformer

The key to increasing or decreasing the voltage levels is the primary and secondary windings of power transformers. The windings should be of the best quality, if not they don’t function well. The best quality windings are built with multi-layers of wire coils that are double enameled. To check the quality of winding, count the number of coils required for step-up or step-down of the voltages.

  1. Protection

The protection means of power transformers are very important. For instance, if there are sudden or frequent voltage fluctuations, then the equipment associated with the transformer and its components will get damaged very early. Air cells, explosion vents, silica gel, alarm trip contracts, LAs, or circuit breakers have to be used to manage such voltage spikes, moisture, fire, and other functions.

The basic efficiency of Power transformers should be highly reliable. They should operate effectively even in the case of maximum load capacity. If they cannot operate effectively their function breaks down showing bad effects and such transforms can work longer. If the efficiency of a transformer decreases so your investment in purchasing gets wasted. Be sure that you buy an efficient Power Transformer from the best power transformer manufacturers.

Although the market has a wide range of power transformers, the recommendation is to buy from an authentic and known company like Electro-Tech Transmission Pvt. Ltd. Electro-Tech is one of the leading transformer manufacturers focused on delivering quality both in terms of products and services. A smart decision would help you to enjoy your purchase and ensure efficiency – Get Now or visit https://ettgroups.in/


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