Practice Fusion EMR Review; & All About this Software

Practice Fusion EMR Software

Founded in 2005, Practice Fusion offers a cloud-based unified health recording solution for smaller, specialized health clinics to handle a number of tasks, such as scheduling, charting, labs and imaging, e-prescribing, revenue cycle management, and more. This platform ensures streamlined clinical workflows and paperless service delivery for the needs of healthcare experts, small practices, academic institutions, legal medical groups, and non-profit organizations across the United States. Practice Fusion EMR Reviews confirm that the software allows medical practices to boost efficiency and overall revenue. 

This ambulatory solution delivers care to over 5 million patients each month. It connects providers, patients, and data within a single platform to ensure better healthcare access to patients. In addition to this, the software comes with a suite of integrated features and can help practices qualify for CMS incentives, as Practice Fusion is fully certified. 

About Practice Fusion

The EHR solutions come with a suite of integrated features, including patient scheduling, charting, e-prescribing, imaging and lab integration, a self-service portal, etc. Users can access support via phone calls, email, or live chat. Practice Fusion additionally has an in-built learning center.

The platform offers Health IT solutions across multiple specialty practices, such as dermatology, cardiology, internal medicine, mental health, physical therapy, and many more. Users can have full access to records, charting, and appointments during a patient encounter via their iPad app.

Reasonably priced at $149 per provider, per month, Practice Fusion EMR Software helps your medical facility integrate patient records with laboratories, electronically prescribed controlled substances, and meet regulations. It allows you to get the support you need for hidden or extra charges. On top of this, the vendor’s expert support team stands ready to help you with any training issues during the implementation phase.

Practice Fusion EMR Features

Practice Fusion is neck-to-neck with the industry’s most comprehensive features that enable users to improve the quality of care and achieve value-driven patient engagement. 

  • E-Prescribing

The e-prescription functionality of this software allows patients to order and send prescriptions, manage pharmacy communication and medical orders electronically, and request prescription refills for recurring medications using a two-click prescription refill tool. 

  • Scheduling

It offers easy scheduling to let patients manage their appointments online, including automatic reminders for upcoming appointments and automated recurring visits. 

  • Patient Portal

Practice Fusion offers a robust patient portal that enables patients to look at their health records and view lab results at any time. They can also access population health information and education materials to better understand their health and treatment. 

  • Practice Administration

You can consolidate custom reports and tasks, as well as refer patients electronically with their complete medical records. Users who booked Practice Fusion EMR Demo vouch for the fact that it lets users communicate via secure messaging and fulfilled Meaningful Use standards or use HIPAA compliant faxes. 

  • Templates for Charts

It allows its users to minimize data re-entry in the system with a library of customizable templates and shortcuts built by other healthcare providers. 

  • Billing and Payment

Practice Fusion offers comprehensive billing tools so that patients can receive billing statements and update payment information, while providers can create superbills by automatically gathering information from chart notes. 

  • Quality Initiatives

It provides users necessary tools they need to earn incentives from value-based reimbursement programs like Medicaid Promoting Interoperability and MIPS. 

  • Charting

The software offers specialty-specific templates, efficient charting options, automatic favorite lists to enable physicians to search for diagnosis codes by keywords to track their patient’s health data and monitor treatment progress. 

  • Labs and Imaging

Reviews of Practice Fusion EMR suggest that it supports integration with hundreds of labs like Quest and LabCorp as well as imaging services, such as CT scan, X-ray, and ultrasound. 

Overview of Benefits: Practice Fusion EMR Reviews

Looking through the user reviewers, we found the following benefits of this EMR product:

  • It increases practice revenue without sacrificing the quality of care by using automatic favorite lists and templates to speed up patient visits. 
  • Its patient portal makes it easier for patients to access their health records and personal information, keep in touch with their healthcare provider, and save data entry time. 
  • The templates offered by the system are saved in an inbuilt library that enables medical professionals to easily retrieve them. 
  • Reviews of Practice Fusion EMR confirm that it engages patients actively throughout their treatment process by letting them create custom health plans and exchange messages with physicians online using the patient portal feature. 
  • It offers quick implementation with minimal disruption. Users can get a free trial and learn the solution themselves. They can also receive one-on-one EHR training to personalize the software. 
  • Users just have to log in from a web browser to get started. It does not require implementation or set up fee. Practice Fusion is an ONC- ATCB certified platform that provides flexible solutions such as a customizable templates gallery, compliance tracking, handwriting recognition, and many more.
  • Practice Fusion meets multiple certification requirements, including Meaningful Use, ICD-10 codes, ONC, and HIPAA. It provides automatic updates and continuously monitors the healthcare industry for any changes. 
  • Practice Fusion Cons:  They don’t offer any customized training or implementation for this price. Practices are required to create and customize their own templates based on pre-recorded videos provided in the in-built library.

Top 5 reasons to invest in Practice Fusion EMR

Practice Fusion EMR Reviews suggest that this platform helps users to streamline their day-to-day tasks. It also enables them to get rid of many unnecessary aspects to significantly boost the productivity of a healthcare practice. Here is why you should consider investing in this EMR product:

  • Increased Productivity and Efficiency

This software lets its users increase revenue without sacrificing quality care by offering automatic favorite lists and custom templates to speed up patient visits. 

  • More Accurate Treatment and Diagnosis

Users who tested Practice Fusion EMR Demo reveal that it offers health analytics to help users recognize patient patterns and also recommends relevant treatment options leading to improved quality of patient care. You can document medical information electronically and be less susceptible to legibility and handwriting errors. 

  • Patient Engagement

You can improve patient engagement throughout the treatment process as the software enables patients to exchange messages with physicians, view their medical history, and create personalized health plans online via the patient portal feature. 

  • Risk-Free Implementation

The software offers a free trial to help you ensure risk-free implementation. Practice Fusion EMR Reviews confirm that the implementation is quick and with minimal disruption. You can learn the system yourself or even receive one-on-one EHR training to customize the software. 

  • Full Certification

This platform efficiently meets certification requirements, such as Meaningful Use, ICD-10 codes, HIPAA, and ONC. It provides automatic updates and keeps monitoring the medical history for any changes.

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A Unified Practice Management System 

It provides a comprehensive practice management system that organizes patient information before, during, and after the visit. It lets you:

Simplify your billing

  • You can submit more accurate claims with this ICD-10 certified platform that does not require you to get any extra medical billing software. 
  • It also allows you to verify insurance eligibility. Electronically and records patient copays in your EHR system before, during, or after the visit. 

Consolidate your to-do list

  • You can stay on top of your practice by managing unsigned documents, orders, results, and more in a centralized location. 
  • Users who booked Practice Fusion EMR Demo suggest that it allows users to manage their practice’s superbill and claim statuses, track staff activity, review medication orders, and more. 


User feedback studied from multiple online resources indicates that some of the product limitations include:

  • Most users while mentioning support felt that the customer service is unresponsive and inefficient. 
  • They also complained about downtime and frequent glitches. 
  • Some users also noted that the software lacks features for manipulating billing and charts. While referring to this aspect, they suggested it requires updates in terms of tools and features. 

Practice Fusion EMR Cost Details

The pricing plan for Practice Fusion EHR starts at $149 per provider per month. There is a free version. Practice Fusion offers a free trial.

Practice Fusion Suite Support

Phone: it offers phone support at (415) 346-7700 or toll-free at (844) 903-7567, Monday through Friday.

Tickets: you can open a ticket from the homepage of the help center. Their support staff responds within one hour for critical issues and the same day for non-critical issues.

Training: you can get training with the help of video tutorials, live webinars, release notes, and a help center.

Final Thoughts

Practice Fusion EMR Reviews confirm that this health recording solution offers ease of use and navigation. It ensures strong security for sensitive patient information to provide peace of mind to healthcare setups. However, infrequent updates have resulted in outdated features, while frequent glitches slow down the entire process for users. All in all, the product can be a good choice for smaller and independent practices.

Designed to serve smaller, independent practices, Practice Fusion EMR supports more than 30,000 healthcare facilities in the US. To learn more about why you should invest in this EHR product, you can book its demo version on FindEMR. So, Book & enjoy your Ride!


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