Prepare the following 4 things before starting to create a blog

In my opinion, being a blogger is not a fun profession. I say this because I know that many bloggers I know have become extraordinary people, some are already writers, some are entrepreneurs with incomes far exceeding the income of 90% of the Indonesian population.

Am I a successful blogger too? We’re on our way, Ayoo. The spirit must stay on fire.

Enough of the intro, we continue with the material that we will discuss on this occasion, namely what preparations must be prepared before starting to create a blog. Yes, the material this time is still for beginner Bloggers, a continuation of some of the previous Blogging materials. On Appac Media I want to make blogging material series, hopefully it can be a guide for anyone who wants to learn to create a blog.

Preparation Before Starting to Create a Blog

Prepare the following 4 things before creating a blog, because whatever the target you want to achieve, if our preparation is good, it will produce something extraordinary.

Select the Blog Platform to be used

There are two platforms that are well-known and most widely used throughout the world, namely, Google’s free blog publication, and WordPress from the Automatic company We have discussed the advantages and disadvantages of each of these blogger platforms in the previous post, namely ” Choose WordPress or Blogger? “, I suggest reading it first for those who haven’t.

What Is Your Purpose To Create A Blog?

Blogging must have a clear purpose, the most common goal is that your blog must have benefits for yourself and others. Otherwise, your time is too valuable for you to waste. Leave this page, do something else that is more useful and has a clear purpose.

If your goal is business , then you start in the right way. If your goal is to share something useful, there are millions of people who I might be helped by what you give. The goal is to learn blogging? Blog is both learned and practiced. Make sure you have a goal before starting a blog.

Title, Theme and Content

This is the most important point in my opinion. Before creating a blog, make sure you already have an overview of the Blog Title that will be used, and what you will fill in with the blog that you will create.

In the post 7 Mistakes of Beginner bloggers , I have discussed a little about, skills, fields or hobbies that are occupied. Blog material should be in accordance with these 3 things, so that you can produce a blog with quality content. It can be guaranteed, your Blogging process will also be much more fun, because discussing your hobby, explaining material that is in accordance with the field you are in, with the skills you have.

Prepare Time

Maybe you think this is excessive, but I say, this blogging will take up a lot of your time, especially for beginner Bloggers. Schedule a special time for blogging, so that your other affairs are not interrupted.

Blogging is usually made by personalities, but if you can do it as a team, it will be a lot of fun, and will likely produce a good blog too. Finally, if you have anything to ask or discuss, please leave a comment, or you can contact me, making friend, right .


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