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Primavera P6 Professional Project Management from Oracle is the leading planning and scheduling software. Whether your next project is a multi-billion dollar infrastructure project or simple commercial or residential construction, P6 PPM is the answer. Many companies use Primavera P6 PPM in their project specifications because they know it is a leader in project planning and management.

Project managers and planners

P6 PPM gives today’s project managers and planners what they value most: control. P6 Professional Project Management, the recognized standard for powerful project management software, is designed to handle large, highly complex, multi-layered projects. It can organize projects with up to 100,000 tasks and offers unlimited resources and unlimited target plans. Large amounts of data require sophisticated, yet highly flexible organizational tools that allow activities, projects, and resources to be organized, filtered, and sorted in different ways (Oracle).

P6 Professional

P6 Professional is the ideal project management software for organizations that need to manage one or more projects simultaneously, with support for multi-user access within a department or across the organization. The software can be installed standalone or networked.

P6 Professional is installed

Whether P6 Professional is installed standalone or networked, you can maintain control of your projects. With P6 PPM, you can clearly define team responsibilities by assigning tasks to each subcontractor. Compare your time budget with actual costs and work perform and get independent cost estimates for completion. With unlimited baselines, you can track what has changed at each step. Create an unlimited number of scenarios to explore alternative project options. Best of all, P6 Professional’s unique Claim Digger technology allows you to compare schedules from month to month. P6 PPM gives you the control you need to deliver your project on time from start to finish.

Primavera P6 Professional design

Primavera P6 Professional design so you can start working, planning, and scheduling right away. With simple, intuitive navigation, you can start planning, scheduling, and controlling your project faster than you ever thought possible. To get the most out of your project and your investment, combine P6 PPM with one of our project management training courses. We now also offer online training to make it easier for you and your team. By creating an online training course, we reduce your costs, increase your time and give you almost total control.

Project management solutions

We have offices in Celebration (Florida), Houston (Texas), New Orleans, Los Angeles, and Seattle (USA). We offer comprehensive project management solutions and have been providing trusted project management solutions to leading companies across the country since 1985. Our services include.
Research – helping clients understand what they need.
Installation – installing the software
Implementation – integrating the software with other systems.
Training – teaching users how to use the software.
Support – supporting the software and users.

Festival and concert season

Festival and concert season are upon us. Spring brings good weather and a host of music festivals of all kinds. Among them is Europe’s festival of festivals, a favorite of music lovers, Primavera Sound. From May 28-30, Barcelona’s Parc del Forum will be the unbeatable place where music, sun, and sea come together at this year’s Primavera Sound festival.

Primavera Sound is the unforgettable

On May 29th and 30th, the Parc del Forum of Barcelona will be the unbeatable place where music, sun, and sea come together to make Primavera Sound the unforgettable music festival of the year. In addition, it presents an exceptional lineup.

The British band The Horrors returns

One of the stars of this edition is Neil Young. Firstly, Other highlights include Ezra Furman & the Harpoons, who play rock with folk and punk influences. From Catalonia come to El Guild and the DJ of the well-known music blog 20JazzFunkGreats. Another band worth mentioning is The Faith Healers, who return to the stage. The British band The Horrors returns with a new style that will give a lot to talk about. Also, Maika Makovski will present her latest work. The great Tokyo Sex Destruction together with Gregg Foreman, former leader of The De.


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