PRINCE2 Project Management Glasgow

PRINCE2 Foundation training glasgow

PRINCE2 Project Management Glasgow

 What is Project Management

Project Management is a discipline in which a working and approved plan is focused on the achievement of a task or objective, to create a functional plan to achieve the objective. It takes into consideration the requirements, constraints, targets and resources to provide a method of cost-effective control, assurance of availability, quality, schedule and profitability. As outlined on a PRINCE2 Foundation training glasgow.

Project Management defines itself in the concept of general management on a large or small scale. Project management is about initiating, planning, leading or controlling progress by defining and directing human resources, building a organization and making the resources available. A plan is prepared to accomplish a particular objective. A good project manager makes sure that the necessary resources are available at the right time, put together the best of a number of resources, and then directs progress and makes adjustments as circumstances necessitate.

All steps in a project process should be completed in an orderly and planned manner. Good project management ensures that required resources are available, the skills necessary are available and the process is controlled to accomplish objectives.

Business project management employs various tools to obtain information on project time, costs, and to supervise all phases during the planned project schedule.  Good project operations require the use of reliable data and communication.  The data is a fundamental element in planning, management and control of operations in a client project. Surprisingly, very few people applying PM can explain the actual nature of PM and, if they have, they are highly unlikely to be able to use it.

Projectweb, the project management information website, has provided an overview of the basic standards that organizations use in at least fifty of the leading PM consultancies and companies and it has given examples of best practice.  Project web is able to blend its practice with a knowledge network that is the largest in the world, and has found the included discussion about project management frequently based on ten articles that address the typical and most important questions about PM.

Projectweb also provide online training not only to project managers but to many other community participants in PM. Increasingly the ethics and beliefs that shape the practice of PM are being challenged, but its core values are not. PM is messy, unstructured, and can cause problems with documentation, quality, costs, and time.  The methodology is diverse but the underlying language is standard practice of CLP.

Many business people want to learn the trade, yet many are not due to a variety of reasons.  Probably the biggest reason for not adopting PM is a lack of interest.  Most people are curious about something other than project management, and when PM comes up they see it as a total waste of time.  Some people continue to believe that they can do project management without PM because they have the skills to do so.  This inability to understand PM’s method and required prerequisites seems to be at least partly responsible for the continuing drumbeat that its reputation is Franchising.

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